Kevin Gill’s Psychopathic Records Departure Explained By KG & Psychopathic Records

The Juggalo world is in another online debate hysteria due to a response Psychopathic Records gave in regards  to why professional wrestling sports commentator  Kevin Gill departed the label that runs beneath the streets. So we decided to write about both sides of the  story, from Kevin Gill’s point of view and Psychopathic Records‘ point of view. On the evening off Wednesday October, 14th via Psychopathic Records official patreon  account, Billy Bill, Jumpsteady and the Insane Clown Posse did an over  3 hour live Q&A for the fans hosted by Chris Hansen of NBC’s “To Catch A Predator.” In the middle of the 3 hour mark, a fan submitted a question in regards to “Why Kevin Gill left Psychopathic Records?” Insane Clown Posse kicked off the answer with Kevin Gill being “a cool ass dude” and that  they didn’t believe Kevin had a negative side because of his consistent positive mental attitude (PMA) he displayed all the time. Thus when Psychopathic Records  heard anything negative about Kevin Gill, they just shrugged it off as haters talking shit.  Jumpsteady then went into a detailed story behind Kevin Gill allegedly snapping at the 2018 Gathering of the Juggalos in Thornville, Ohio due to an incident involving a golf cart. The incident supposedly occurred between a Psychopathic Records employee named Dean, whom Jumpsteady said, “…is the coolest motherfucker, calm and never yells.”

According to Jumpsteady, a big named artist (that wasn’t mentioned by name) was in need of a golf cart, and Dean ended up having to use a golf cart  that was assigned to Kevin Gill.  Later in the day KG allegedly  needed the golf cart to get to the events he was supposed to host, and kept radioing in Dean over and over asking where his cart was. This allegedly led into a fight between Dean and Kevin Gill.  Both Insane Clown  Posse and Jumpsteady stated “they ever knew Kevin Gill to get angry” and were very surprised about both Dean and Kevin Gill getting  into a fight over a golf cart. They spoke to both Dean and Kevin Gill about the incident to calm the situation. But apparently that didn’t calm the matters. Kevin Gill allegedly stayed upset the rest of the weekend. This led to a bunch of independent wrestlers  telling Psychopathic Records a long list of negative incidents that occurred between KG and them, specifically focusing on JCW icon  2 Tuff Tony. Still confused by the situation, Jumpsteady and Violent  J both  personally called Kevin Gill, and because KG refused to acknowledge any past issues, Psychopathic Records cut ties with him.  Even after stating this to Chris Hansen, ICP and Jumpsteady mentioned that Kevin Gill was level 10 cool for twenty years.

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Now onto Kevin Gill’s side of his Psychopathic Records departure story. An interview with KG was conducted over a month before Psychopathic Records even did the Q&A Chris Hansen. It’s  published in the Underground Nation Magazine inside their pressed cover story with (HED) P.E., for their  September 2020 issue.  They of course asked him about the story behind why he left Psychopathic Records and were given a huge backstory!

You were part of many Psychopathic Record events, especially Juggalo Championship Wrestling. You were also considered to be officially affiliated with the label that runs beneath the streets. What happened between you and PSY?

KG: Yeah Man, it was an honor and a thrill to work alongside Joe (Violent J) and Joey (Shaggy 2 Dope) and to be guests in their homes, and to be invited to their weddings, and to be considered in the inner circle of friends. I learned a lot from them, and I think to some extent they might have learned a few things from me along the way. We were always talking about ideas to take the business of JCW to the next level, or to help Psychopathic Break into the new era of the music business and retain their throne as kinds of the underground, kings of DIY, kings of FUCK YOU, and kings of making something out of nothing, We also talked just as much about life and whatever was going on with us at the time. I represented Psychopathic records and JCW proudly, and I didn’t take it lightly. Honor and loyalty is job one. Over the years I got to do more and more with the guys, and there was a fairly steady stream of turnover among their staff, but I just kept my eye on the ball, did the right thing, and put the company and the brand first, every time. Many times over the years, I was fortunate enough to receive several job offers to widely expand my role and have me bring some of the magic I was part of bringing to life with JCW to the label itself… At the end of the day it’s all about Psychopathic, and Psychopathic is all about ICP, and that’s how it should be. My thought was the better ICP is doing, and the better Psychopathic is doing, the more likely it is we can continue to run these amazing wrestling events.

My girlfriend Barbara has been there with me since Striving For Togetherness records, and she wasn’t so big on moving to Detroit. I had been working for a company in Australia, and I felt like you don’t need to be somewhere physically to get results as long you have a team that’s on the ball. So me being in San Francisco and them wanting me in Detroit was something that would come up from time to time, and we negotiated a bunch of times to try to make it happen but it never came to pass.. I continued to give 200 percent to everything, and work from California and go wherever I was needed for events or projects. When I first started working behind the scenes on wrestling at The Gathering, and I got to work with George who is now well known as the co-founder of Majik Ninja Entertainment, but back then he was a core contributor to Psychopathic Records and he was very very very involved in running the Gathering Of The Juggalos for a number of years. We both came up from underneath so to speak, so we faced many of the same challenges, and we would work together to solve the problems and make everything good for all parties. As George climbed the ladder, he continued to be great to work with, and each year, each event was a little smoother than the one before it, and i knew that I could count on him, and he could count on me. Teamwork makes the dreamwork! We also had an incredible stage manager named Sam who really cared, He would go the extra yard to overcome all obstacles, even if he shouldn’t have any obstacles to overcome. During this time we had multiple people with attention for detail all cooperating and communicating to make magic happen. If I fucked up, George noticed and fixed it. If George left his backpack somewhere, I noticed it, found him, and returned it to him immediately, If Sam fucked up, which I don’t think he ever did, we would figure out how to make it happen. We would discuss stuff that went wrong, and then we would take steps to prevent the same problem from happening at the next event. Our Goals We were All The Same: Do The Best Job Possible, deliver the best show possible, and overcome the obstacles and have each others backs. Then times changed and George left with Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox and joined forces with other talents and business people to form Majik Ninja Entertainment, and this created an opportunity for Joe’s brother Rob to come back and takeover running the gathering from George and crew… I thought this was incredible as Rob founded and essentially created the Gathering before taking a long hiatus from the company. I had worked with him a bit on the set of Big Money Rustlas, and I thought he was one of the smartest, and most dedicated people I had worked with. So i continued to work with Rob the way I had worked with George, and other than the fact that Rob would often call me up to tell me he didn’t like wrestling anymore, and didn’t think Juggalo’s liked wrestling either, everything was largely the same. Except the wrestling budget would be cut each year, with the promise that next year would be better, we just need to take a step back this year., No Problem! I would call in favors and do everything I could do to deliver the same quality event with a diverse mix of top talent who can deliver in the ring, without the audience realizing that the budget was being reduced constantly. After all, we are a team, and if there is an obstacle to be overcome, we can do it together. Often times I would be asked to reduce costs and talent AFTER talent was booked and confirmed, and show budget was agreed to internally and locked in, which is problematic on several levels, especially the issue is a recurring one.

The years pass by, and we work as a team as far as I know, to deliver the goods. Rob has a military background and looked at the world and business more in tune with a soldier being in the army. Cool! I had a background in DIY punk rock and publicly traded companies, and tried to view the world and business through that combined perspective… Cool! Unique POV’s give us the best overview. Rob would often tell me at great length how much he thinks wrestling sucks, and that Juggalo’s don’t like wrestling. I would politely listen, and if I had a counterpoint like “did you see the crowd last Friday? Or did you hear the crowd yesterday?” I would offer it. it felt weird and counterproductive that he would always bring this up. But hey, we’re all people. We all have our flaws… It’s just kinda of like farting on my birthday cake. I’m delivering 100 percent of the advertised talent, despite obstacles being placed in front of me constantly and the ninja’s say the show is the best it’s ever been. I’m working hard to make it happen. I’m rising to the challenge, and Joe (Violent J) is thrilled with how it’s going. So I would also sometimes say, “Well Why are we having wrestling? Maybe we should look at something different with the space or timeslot?. Once in a while Rob would call me up with ideas he had for wrestling. He sure thinks about wrestling a lot, even though he does not like it. I always heard him out. He had one great foundation for an idea that I fleshed out a lot, that he would have been involved in that as a character and it would have been a wildly unique storyline and angle for wrestling that was way ahead of the curve, but then he stopped coming to the JCW wrestling events around that time without any explanation or rationale, so that didn’t happen. Other times he had ideas that were the type of ideas that someone who does not like wrestling since Early attitude era would have. Not a knock. All my wrestling knowledge plus $5 gets me a cup of Starbucks.

I would always listen and see if there was something I could extract from the idea to try to incorporate the spirit of his idea. Other times it was stuff that would not work in the ring or would result in a terrible match. But it always was odd, because wrestling was 100 percent taken care of. More than it had ever been. Yet now that was not a drain on resources for people in the office, they seemingly had more time to be involved in aspects they weren’t needed. In the beginning there would be issues with talent flights, with names being spelled wrong and date of birth being wrong, and that sounds small, but it’s the different between getting on the flight or not, and it costs money out of my budget to change it when it’s wrong. So I took over handling booking all the travel for anyone to do with wrestling, and we stopped having issues with travel, and it took something off other people’s to do list. There would be issues with hotels and airport pickups, so I took over those for anything to do with wrestling, and there was no longer any issues on those fronts. There would be no graphics for some of the events, or graphics would be provided with errors, and I was told it would be impossible to make any changes to fix/update them, so I eventually took that over too and started working with a great designer called West Ghost Design. And we would have flyers, digital posters, individual match graphics and etc. The only aspect I was not permitted to handle or be responsible for was the physical ring, the lights, the sound, and “the production”. Over time this problem grew in scope each year, but each year less than nothing would be done to change it. This grows really old over time. On the flipside Rob is a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons and Card and Dice games… I don’t care about Role Playing Games or Dice or card games or any of that personally. Not my thing. Don’t care about it, and never saw the huge segment of the fandom that was clamoring for this stuff, But I know Rob loves them, so I never once disparaged them or brought up how heavily some of this stuff was being featured vs how much demand there was for it. Plus, why do that? That’ your thing. You love it, and the boss is cool with you doing it, so more power to you! It’s the same boss that’s entrusted me to deliver and maintain JCW, so different strokes for different folks. Whatever tickles your pickle! Two way street, right? I even flew myself in to support his game based con and host the main stage because I knew how much this event and the games meant to him. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. I wanted to be there to support my brother Rob. Rob had a lot on his plate, and worked day and night, 24 hours a day seven days a week to make the gathering happen when he took it over. He worked like no one I’ve ever seen. I supported him 100 percent. I just ran wrestling.. I’m like the mayor of a small city. He’s the governor of the state. He did his thing, and anything I could to do help him i would, including making lists of prospective musical artists, providing feedback on artists, and calling friends to see a deal can be worked out or getting him in touch with certain artists. If i saw something in the news, or online, or there was a buzz or topic amongst fans might need addressing or should be brought to managements attention, I would do so. Sometimes weird stuff would happen, where I would see some random person post on Facebook and it would hit my timeline. So If I saw stuff that had to do with people stealing from the event or it’s organizers I would forward it to Rob and Billy with an FYI. After all, Rob would go through the talent lists in the days before the events as years went on, scrutinizing each performer and asking if they were really needed for the show, and seeing who I would cut from the show, because in a way these people were getting free tickets to The Gathering in a sense by being booked to perform. These people are booked to perform, they are confirmed to appear, and close to zero of them would be coming if they were not performing. There is no loss of ticket revenue because of the number of wrestlers appearing on 4 themed days of wrestling with different lineups. If we don’t have enough money for the wrestling budget, let’s tighten it up by preventing a few hundred people from getting walked in by a volunteer in exchange for money or people posting links to locations to sneak in to the event, scam tickets, or people planning to disrupt the gathering or etc. It’s not like the money is literally gonna go to my show budget in the case of less people sneaking in, , but the point is, we are a lean, mean machine and if money is tight, let’s do what we can do, to make the event as profitable as possible while delivering the best show possible, or if the info forwarded to you is non important to you, you can do nothing. It’s literally your festival, and this is an FYI because it wouldn’t be right for me to be aware of this, and not at least alert you to it.

What we do from there is up to you, and fine with me. I believe The Gathering Of The Juggalos is a monumental and lifechanging event and quite frankly the value for the consumer is outstanding. No one produces a better festival with a smaller ticket price. NO ONE. So it seemed reasonable to have the fans support the event. Buy the ticket, take the ride. If you are broke, go ahead and sneak in. Enjoy the show. But that’s different from profiting off sneaking people in, or creating a path for hundreds of people to sneak in and harm the longevity of the event. Whenever I would forward something I saw online like this to Rob, he would call me up and grill me about it… “So You just HAPPENED TO SEE THIS ON FACEBOOK?” Yes. “So, out of all the stuff on Facebook, this just came to YOU somehow??” “You don’t KNOW this person?” “You have no connection to this person?” I would just say, Rob, it’s Facebook. I have 5000 friends.. If any one of those people LIKE or COMMENT on something, it COULD hit my timeline. It did. or it’s a post in a public group. I’m sending to you as an FYI. “So You just SAW this?” I’d be like “Rob, if there is any additional info you need, just let me know… All the info I have is there on the image. It’s a Facebook post of someone saying they are planning something which seems to go against your best interests…. I have nothing to do with it I don’t know the person. Why would I send you a heads up about someone stealing from you if I was involved in them doing that? I’m Just sending it along. If I can help you with this in anyway, please let me know. Sometimes he would seem interested in following up further on this own to look into some of the stuff I happened to see and send along. I always asked him one thing: “LEAVE MY NAME OUT OF IT.. I have nothing to do with this… It’s an FYI. I’m just trying to be a set of eyes for you. And pretty much every time without fail, he would immediately bring up my name to the person he was looking into. like he would literally say “WHY IS KEVIN GILL SENDING ME A SCREENSHOT OF YOU ON FB”… Like the issue is me somehow? I have nothing do with this person or whatever they are planning or maybe its a misunderstanding what they are posting and what they are doing,… But it’s not my jurisdiction. The first time he did this I was so shocked as Rob has ALWAYS been a super duper stand up guy. I talked to him about it and he apologized profusely and to me it was dead issue… He went on to do it to me again, while I was on speakerphone. So I just chalked it up to a character flaw of an overall awesome dude.. Like I said, who’s perfect?? I have spent tons of hours with Rob, having the best conversations about a myriad of topics, life, philosophy, festivals, music… He is a great dude in 90 percent of my dealings with him, and 98 percent of my dealings with him outside the Gathering. I’m just telling the story of my experiences in regard to leaving. Philosophically, the best way to illustrate the difference in perspective: Rob had some great people working for him at the Gathering that would put in crazy hours. He would put 4 people in a hotel room that cost $200 per night.. Everyone would be tired and not at their best when working marathon shifts in the sun.

Wrestling was treated as a separate island, within the larger Gathering Of The Juggalos, or on tours. I would book the talent, make the matches, pay the talent, work with the DJ on the music (Much respect to the almighty DJ Clay) and i handled all the travel arrangements and details for the wrestling crew and some of the talent. So I would book my talent two to a room, at a $50 hotel, It wasn’t as nice as the 200 hotel, but it was 1500 feet away from it, and my talent/crew were reasonably comfortable and rested. To me, it’s the exact same money… I want my people rested. I don’t have any say on how anyone else does it that’s up to them. But i would bet you $100 that everyone of those 4+ people would have rather been in their own bed with one other person in the room, at a less nice hotel. Also, of course there were special headliner talents who I would put into a different hotel. As he crunched #’s on the budget it was like he would see what a professional cost, and figured out what a volunteer would cost, it seemed like for many positions the volunteer option was chosen. I get it. Every festival event has a crew of volunteers that help out, but that’s in addition to the pro staff, not as a replacement for them. And i think this slowly took some of the awesomeness off the event for me because professionalism declined. It was also around this time, where I noticed a lot of personal information about Insane Clown Posse and their personal lives started leaking online. Along with details of Psychopathic Records business practices. The curtain came back too much. You would see these super detailed accounts that people were writing in comments or on message boards, and some of it was incredibly accurate and the details were so correct that it would blow my mind that THE BIG PICTURE which is the ICP brand was not being protected and elevated. Some aspects of the mystique were compromised by this. Everyone has their ups and downs with life. Some people have heavier burdens to carry or deal with issues that require specialized help. None of us are in a position to judge, but all of us on the team should be on the same page to protect the brand, it’s players, and make sure the fans have the best experience possible. The curtain came back too much. To be fair, I also saw many totally fictional accounts posted online which were totally false and made up. But they only made the ones that were highly accurate and detailed standout to me even more. There was a recurring theme of an issue being identified.. Like, one year at the end of the gathering, the wrestling ring was broken. It needed to be fixed before the next gathering. I would raise the issue, follow up on it, and then get confirmation from the office that ring is now repaired and ready for the gathering, but then the ring would arrive at The Gathering and it was still broken and had never been repaired… And yes, it was super confirmed to me that it was done and A-OK. GOOD TO GO! Then I would have to move heaven and earth to get a welder to come to the woods in the middle of the night to weld a ring. Or DJ Clay was the heartbeat of JCW. He would rock the turntables in between matches and play the ring entrance music for all the wrestlers and it was high energy and very unique… Essential ingredient. Then suddenly DJ Clay would be booked by Rob to be appearing somewhere else at the Gathering during wrestling, and it’s like now we don’t have our DJ? Why? We need him. Everyone would agree this is no good. Let’s not have it happen next year. Then as next year gets rolling I would bring it up, then as the schedule came together I would point out that we shouldn’t double book DJ CLAY because we need him for wrestling… Everyone would agree, then the final schedule would drop, and Clay would be double booked, AND not able to DJ for wrestling at all. So that was weird for sure, but I just kept it moving. People are people… We are a team… But also, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing, and expecting different results. This is frustrating for me for sure, but like I said nobody and nothing is perfect. If we all work towards a solution and have each others backs, that’s all we can do. In the spring of 2018, I was drinking a beer at a concert in Oakland, Ca and I got a text message from one of my favorite people on the planet… Joe Bruce. AKA Violent J. He said he and Joey had just had a big meeting and they needed me to get on a flight in a few hours to meet with them in North Carolina where they were going to be playing the next day. I rushed out of the concert, much to the surprise of the band

I was supposed to interview that night, and went home threw a few things in a bag and went to the airport. I also had to cancel off a show I had that weekend, which I felt terrible about. But my friends needed me, and I am there. I had a mind-blowing multi-hour meeting on one of their Tour Busses with Joe and Joey and essentially it came down to, KG, we love you, we trust you, you understand us, you understand business, technology, and and you are a people person and we want you to become our partner. We want you to become the CEO of Psychopathic Records, replace our current CEO Billy Dail and help lead us to the future. We also need you brother. We know you don’t want to leave California and we’ve danced this dance before, but this is what we have for you: Let’s build the future together, and the only catch is, you have to leave California, and quit working in Independent Wrestling and on outside projects. “We want you on the ground with us In Detroit. We want you steering the ship. We sat down with Billy and Rob about this, and everyone is on board and excited.” I felt the same way I felt when I sat in Joe’s studio and he asked me to join the JCW commentary team. I was honored beyond words! I was sitting with my best friends, we’ve been around the world together, and they’ve been so good to me, and been my brothers through thick and thin. We often talked about decades ahead when we would be sitting on some porch somewhere old as fuck and reminiscing not just about all out past memories, but all our new memories. This was one of the most important decisions I ever had to make in my life. My love for Joe and Joey was unparalleled , my loyalty to them unquestionable My admiration for their creative body of work and the global brand they created but some would say they are not getting the most out of, considering how influential and groundbreaking they are. So let’s change that! Together.

I said Yes. I’ve put in over ten years working as a commentator for JCW and All Pro Wrestling and Game Changer Wrestling And West Coast Pro Wrestling, and Underground Wrestling Alliance and etc, and I was willing to walk away from that, and the great state of California to change the game again…..together. We shook hands and then they went to get ready for the show and i went to have drink and watch the show…Thinking about the magnitude of what was on the horizon and suddenly moving to Detroit. We met up after the show and talked for a few more hours about everything and started sketching out ideas and plans. Joe and I actually went back to Detroit i think the next day and went to Monday Night Raw. We had a big meeting planned in person or a few weeks later, but something terrible happened at a live event and it created a serious of issues that understandably caused that meeting be postponed day of. Joe and I continued to talk and text and sketch out the future in the hectic time that leads up to The Gathering Of The Juggalos! Next thing you know, it’s the Gathering, and I’m putting together wrestling on a budget that has been cut again, despite assurances it would absolutely not be cut this year. Again!!!!! Wrestling always had it’s own arena at The Gathering. And it was versatile as many events and etc, could happen from that ring or stage, in addition to being a wrestling arena. The bleachers would always have people just sitting in them chilling, whether there was something going on at that stage at the time or not. Rob has made the decision to remove the wrestling arena from The Gathering completely, and I was immediately concerned about the logistics of lighting and sound, as well as the personal required to set up and breakdown a ring in super short order. I understand the savings in not creating this arena, but it would seem reasonable that 1 percent of the money saved be put into the solution? I was assured a special team of stagehands/helpers were specifically hired and assigned to set up and breakdown the ring in the very short window of time we had available to us. I insisted on hiring my own guys, because any time you are promised staffing or manpower at The Gathering, you are not getting it. We had the same exact scenario the previous year. Resources are allocated for a time and place. Then they are not there, but it will be fixed for next year, or so they say. Rinse Repeat. There was also NO LIGHTS on the wrestling ring in the dark which was challenging, and seemed unnecessary… I felt like, if you want a wrestling show and you hire me to deliver you one, I’m gonna deliver the best possible show for the dollar that you can get period. I pushed numerous times that based on past experiences I was gonna just hire my own couple of crew people to be ring crew out of my own budget, , and was told it was totally redundant and not to do it… I would be wasting money. Billy heads up production, Rob heads up the event, Both have assured me that there is a small squad allocated and budgeted to essentially build and breakdown the ring every day. Don’t trip. We hear you. We didn’t follow through in the past. Not this Time. We got you 100 percent. It’s all good. Covered and smothered and chunked. Rob says in the past other people have not delivered, but this time it’s me PROMISING you it’s all taken care of. In the weeks leading up to my final Gathering, I contacted Rob and Billy asking them for the names of the stagehands and loaders who would be helping me. Because I knew in my heart they didn’t exist and were never arranged, but this is the game I am forced to play…. “Don’t Worry About it” is what I was told. Ok….

Then when it’s time for the ring to be built, which is a very short time before the show, I’m told there will be no staff to build/setup/breakdown/move ring and stage, tonight, or any night of The Gathering. Yes, everyone swore up and down how this wouldn’t happen again. Now not only is there no help tonight (night one), but there will be no help for any of the next 3 nights. So now I have to scramble 60 minutes before showtime to get wrestlers that I can get to do it, and Sparkey Ballard and random friends of mine like Bryan Idol trying to handle this stuff with no notice/prep/etc. And Rob scheduled DJ Clay to be somewhere else. But, based on our conversations, he understood how important Clay was. So while I didn’t get to work with Clay, Rob got me a DJ to replace Clay. Cool! Many assurances that this guy is a good fit, This was in advance of the event. so I sent all the ring music to the DJ before I even left California and the match listings, with the understanding that we would need to meet up to go over everything and get our feel and timing down. He confirmed he got all the music, in advance, and he was good to go. Fast Forward a few hours before showtime: DJ communicates that contrary to him confirming to me in writing that he had everything and was good to go, he now says he has nothing, no music, no lineups, and he was not good to go. He also didn’t come at call time, because he was told to disregard the time that I personally told him to meet me for a walk through, and I had Clay there to show him all the tricks of the trade. So yeah, that’s a lot for me to deal with. I had to spend almost 90 minutes with him trying to get him to be able to play the wrestler entrance music. It’s just too much. Especially after overcoming the bullshit with the ring crew or lack there of. I love JCW, I love Juggalos, I love the Gathering! Lets do JCW right, or if you don’t want wrestling and aren’t gonna support it in anyway, let’s just not have it. Or let me bring my own ring and staff and light’s. I made it through the Gathering despite the obstacles and much thanks to some of the Wrestlers stepped up to deliver in the ring and behind the scenes and even to fans and everyone who helped us pull this off. There was other issues that factored in, but I definitely left The Gathering feeling bummed out and disappointed in how stuff was handled. I struggled with the idea of how something that runs every year for so many years is becoming harder to run each year, rather than easier. And I struggled with how I was treated and the lack of any accountability for anything. Why do I have to get results and deliver what I promise, if someone else doesn’t? It ain’t called Show Friends. or Show Fucks. It’s called Show Business… I’m here to do business. I’m here to produce a show. If someone is a friend or more than that and can deliver the goods in the workplace, that’s great. If being a friend or more means you can not fulfill you obligations, and no one is allowed to raise the issue, and if they do, nothing will ever change because of who your friends with or who you are fucking, then I don’t care who you are friends with, or who you are fucking. You are the weak link in the chain. And part of the problem. I also was like, “It’s now July, I’ve accepted a gig in Detroit in the spring and am planning on relocating”, but at the same time, I can’t get a ring crew or a functional DJ or a light no matter who guarantees it. Plus these ongoing issues need to be addressed, because Doing The Same Thing Over and Over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. It sometimes felt like the idea was to make it so wrestling wasn’t fresh or that it was so plagued by problems of mismanagement and miscommunication that we wouldn’t have to have wrestling anymore. But they hired the wrong guy to run wrestling if they wanted shows plagued by issues and no-shows. I was gonna overcome the obstacles placed in front of me with the help and support of the talent and the fans. And I was gonna make it a point to bring up what went wrong, who was responsible for what went wrong, and how we could ensure it would not happen again. During the time leading up to The Gathering, I used every ounce of influence I have in order to grant a request for Joe to get ICP booked for a particular event. Now I don’t have a lot of influence but on rare occasions when highly concentrated and the planets align it is effective. And I have acted as booking agent for ICP several tines for non music based, pro wrestling appearances, and they were always impeccable and delivered the goods and then some. Everyone they worked with through me was very happy with ICP. Through some friends I was able to get to the right people and worked out a deal that seemed impossible for a myriad of reasons, but I got it done. Happy to do it. Anything for my brother. The event went down after The Gathering I ended up not managing this event for ICP in person, as due to a change in schedule, they now had it covered and didn’t need me, despite me being advertised for the event, and there was some issues relating to their scheduled appearances and some of the agreed to terms that greatly strained all the relationships of mine that bent over backwards to make this ICP deal happen. So it broke my heart, but I was like it is what it is. No apologies or explanations were communicated. There are some things that are never gonna change, or they are not gonna change anytime soon. I felt like ICP had a done a lot for me, been brothers to me, gave me unprecedented memories and experiences. I put ICP over everything. They inspired me, they understand me, and they accept me and are great dudes. I’m proud to say I never lied to the guys, never stole from them, never manipulated their fans for personal gain, and never shit talked them behind their back. I love them, believe in them, and I’m a team player. That’s all i can really say. I’m also not a yes man. I’m not gonna shit on everything, but if someone has a really bad idea, or a super counterproductive strategy, it’s okay to massage and evolve the idea or the core concept into something that maximizes the idea and the potential upside. Whether I’m a friend, a supporting character, a behind the scenes contributor, a consultant, or a CEO. I’m never gonna turn a blind eye to impropriety, or incompetence because every lesson I’ve learned in my career hammers home that this how great teams fall to below average performance. I’m never gonna do the wrong thing because it’s easier. I’ll never stop looking at ways to innovate, improve, streamline and keep raising the bar for the benefit of the artist and the fan. Evolution is critical.. And Yes Men are not the people to build around or to reinvent the wheel. So there I was.. a lot of alarm bells were going off for me, and it felt like some people didn’t want someone coming in and bringing the company to the future, because they prefer it the way it is. And that’s that. It’s not my call, not my philosophy. My philosophy is to lead with integrity, loyalty, innovation and honor. I will give 100+ percent of myself whether it’s running social media for Psychopathic Records, or running Juggalo Championship Wrestling, to just kicking back and chopping it up. I don’t half step. I’m in or I’m out…. If we are a team, I have your back, and you have mine. Or we are not a team. It does not mean we can’t work together or we can’t do business, but it does mean we are not a true team, and that’s important to me when doing the the type of work that requires a lot of passion, and time and attention to detail.

It’s not a good balance if I am expected to be a team plater, fulfill my obligations, and have people’s back, but no one else is. I don’t think Rob understood my perspective at all, or if he did, he was not willing to step up and say “THIS CAN’T GO ON LIKE THIS.” or “We need to make a change for the better”. He just wanted me to pretend like whatever support they promised me would be there, despite the fact that we both knew it wouldn’t, and he wanted me not to make an issue of it when it went as I knew it would. Rinse and Repeat. You’re only as strong as your weakest link. No hard feelings, just philosophical differences I guess *Pauses* I needed to move forward with my life and career and trying to make a living, and put myself and my girl first, and I’m thankful to ICP for the time, memories, and experiences. I’m one of the very few people to be asked to be CEO of Psychopathic, and I’m on a short list of people who accepted I never thought it would end, and who knows, maybe it didn’t…. but I’m grateful for the run I had. It feels weird to be separated from some of the people I spent so much time with, but I would imagine it also feels weird to compromise integrity… All I have is my word, in a way that’s all many of us have. I never compromised on my word, I always delivered against the odds. And I’m “Still here, Sincere. After All These Fucking Years”. No scandals.. no stealing… No Lying, no inappropriate behavior. I’m proud of that. Juggalos gave so much to me in terms of energy and acceptance, and ICP inspired me tremendously to be the man I am today. I’ve been staying busy going all around the world with Game Changer Wrestling and in California with all the top companies, and I love seeing Juggalo’s in the mix. If it was up to me there would still be a Juggalo Championship Wrestling, and their would be wrestling at Psychopathic Events, and the JCW stuff would be on IWTV, and we would be part of huge “Gathering” type events for wrestling called “The Collective”, and letting the Juggalo World, and the non Juggalo world know that Juggalos are vital, important, and respected members of the underground community of wrestling. I hope that ultimately Insane Clown Posse makes the right decisions that benefit them and their families for years to come. In a perfect world, it would be for generations to come. I wish them nothing but the best.

And  that is all we have on this incident. We wish both Psychopathic Records and Kevin Gill nothing but the best!

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