Doug Jung does double duty in Star Trek Beyond. He not only co-wrote the script with Simon Pegg, but he plays the brief but important role of Ben, Sulu’s partner, and the co-parent of their young daughter, in the sci-fi adventure. Prior to Beyond, the New Jersey native counted among his credits the TV shows So Weird, Dark Blue (which he also co-created and produced) and Banshee, as well as the film Confidence. Another big-screen project, The God Particle, will be produced by J.J. Abrams. recently talked with Jung about his love of Trek, collaborating on Beyond with Pegg, portraying Ben and more. Here’s what he had to say:

How much did you know about Trek and its history before heading into Beyond?

Doug Jung at fan event

I, like a lot of people, grew up watching Trek on repeats on WPIX in New Jersey. And I'd always been a fan. I also, though, was able to revisit it, which is the great thing about Star Trek, which is I grew up watching The Original Series. I probably didn't get that much of what was going on as far as the layers in it. And then as a Next Generation fan, I understood that a lot more. And then to revisit The Original Series when you're older is amazing because you just start to see all these things that you missed as a little kid. That's one of the unique things about Star Trek, which is you go back, and every time I go back and look at an original thing I'm like, “Oh, let's take that in the context of history,” or “Let's take that idea, that philosophical idea they're playing around with.” It's some really interesting stuff. So, to me, it was like I had two Star Trek lives, one where I just kind of sat there late at night past my bedtime watching this weird, cool show as a little kid, and then as someone more adult looking back and really respecting the writing and what they were trying to do. 

What's at the heart of the story you're telling with Beyond?

For me, it's a couple things. One of the things I find most interesting about Star Trek and what we hopefully did with this, is kind of address Roddenberry's vision of this utopian world and ask those questions that he brought up in the '60s when he thought of it. But how do we look at those things now? Can a utopian world exist? Should it exist? Is it even good for the greater thing? What does the Federation stand for and is that necessarily something that realistically everybody would want?  Those questions, to me, were interesting thematic things to talk about first and try to ingrain into the characters and the story. The other thing, which is less of a lofty idea, was I just wanted to spend time with these characters and see them and evolve them in a way that we hadn't really seen in the last couple movies. We're introduced to them and a lot of the relationships were inferred and based upon collective history over the last 50 years. But on screen to see them paired up in certain ways, or just to really understand what their friendships and their relationships are about, that, to me, was really, really, really exciting to do. 

What sort of collaborative process did you have with Simon Pegg?

Doug Jung and Simon Pegg

Well, we were joined at the hip at times, physically, and a lot of times metaphorically. But we met for the first time with Justin, and when I say meet, Simon was in London working on Mission Impossible 5, so we weren't able to meet until a little bit after, but we talked about everything. There were times where we talked about everything with a bunch of people. And there were times where it was just he and I going through things. Simon's great. He's just as smart and charming as you imagine him to be. It was cool. He was just a great partner to have and a great person to lean on when I was feeling unsure about things or whatever. It was a really amazing process. 

What scene in the movie works best for you -- and why?

There are a couple for me that work the best. There are actually three that I think work the best. I'll go chronologically here. One is Kirk's conversation with Bones in the officers' mess on the Enterprise. And it works the best for me because you get to see what their relationship is. You see it. You understand that Bones has grown into this real confidante for Kirk, not just the other side of the triumvirate. And you see that they have a really deep understanding of each other. It works on another level because it was harkening back to the conversation they had in Wrath of Khan. It's nice to kind of show that. I also think it was a nice character set-up for Kirk and introducing his issues in the movie. The other one that I thought worked great was pretty much every Bones/Spock scene. I just loved those. I loved writing them. Bones/Spock, I just thought they were great. The two of them, Karl and Zachary, are just great in those characters and the way they played off each other was phenomenal. 

And the third scene?

The other one that I thought worked really well… (POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILER AHEAD) It's funny, it's a minor scene, when they're reunited on the Franklin and Spock is talking about using the necklace to track their location and Bones is saying, "You have a radioactive piece of jewelry." To me, in that group dynamic, it was a moment where they're doing everything that you expect the Enterprise crew to do, which is problem solve collectively. But it's just injected with so much personality and humor that I just wanted to be with them.

Whose voice came most naturally when you were sitting down to write?

I had the easiest time with Bones and Spock. But I also found Kirk sort of came to me pretty easily. It's hard to say. I feel like there was a mind meld with Simon and I. Sometimes, literally, he'd start one piece of the dialogue and I'd be like, "Oh, and then he says this." You know what I mean? But it certainly helped to have Simon because he knew the characters and the actors so well. 

How did you end up playing Sulu's partner?

From what I remember, we were in Dubai. The first scene we shot, which is not the first scene that I'm in, but the first scene with him we're shooting the next day. They had cast an actor in Dubai and it's very hard to cast there locally because there's not a big pool of actors. And for some reason that actor had fallen out. So Justin and Lindsey Weber, who is the executive producer, were saying, "We're kind of in a jam. You know the part. Cho is cool with it. Would you do it?" And I was really self-conscious about being on camera because all of those guys are much better looking and thinner than me. But I thought the way we were going to do it was really going to be interesting and I was really proud to have done it because all of us were so enamored with that idea and really thought it was right and it felt good to do. It was nice to be able to contribute to it in another way. 

What was it like for you when people went ballistic over the first trailer and then the news of additional shooting?

I was not worried about the teaser. I wasn't a huge fan of the teaser, but I knew that the movie had so much more. To me, I felt like it was an awkward first step. But I also had, and it's probably a stupid way to go, but I wasn't so worried because I knew that if people's expectations were low, they were going to put a more substantial trailer out there which was going to change everybody's thoughts, which is exactly what they did. I thought the second trailer was really the movie.

And when the outcries came up about reshoots, to anybody who really knows how movies are made in this day and age, reshoots are more or less built into the budget and it has nothing to do with missing the mark or quality control or anything like that. It can. But it can also just mean fine-tuning or we found something that needs to be brought up more, or, for whatever billions of reasons that are out there, it just didn't work that day. So that never really concerned me. I was never really worried about either two of those issues. 

How did you enjoy sitting in a theater and watching the finished movie?

Doug Jung Beyond World Premiere SDCC

You know what? I have to say, and you're the first person I'm saying this to, I haven't seen the fully rendered version yet. I'm going to see it at Comic-Con, at the premiere, and I cannot wait to see it on IMAX. It's going to be amazing. I've seen versions of it with temp stuff. But I also bought tickets for opening weekend where I'm going to go and just sit in a theater with a live paying audience because I don't think anything beats that experience.  

How open are you to the possibility of doing the next movie?

I would be at Paramount's gates at 8 o'clock in the morning waiting for them to open. 

Last question. Can you confirm that your character's name in this is Ben?

We gave him the name of Ben. It's never referred to in the movie, but that's how we referred to him in the script. So, I’m Ben.


Star Trek Beyond opens July 22. 

from Star Trek Latest News

Fancy the cool Survival Jackets you saw in Star Trek Beyond? Well, ANOVOS soon will offer their high-end version of it, with the product created using reference and measurements taken from the original screen-used Beyond production assets. The identical style fabrics have been custom dyed to match the distinctive quilted panels seen in the Beyond garment. The jacket’s abrasion panels feature a rubberized texture pattern and the Starfleet arrowhead insignia badge and hardware are replicated in cast rubber and finished in silver.

Star Trek Beyond Survival Jacket

The jacket will be priced at $575.00 USD, and will come in sizes Small through 2XL. ANOVOS will offer flexible payment plan options.

Jose Salcedo, CEO of ANOVOS; Maegen Hensley, Director of Soft Goods Productions; and Steve Fronzcek and John Cooley, of the ANOVOS Product Design Team, recently talked to in detail about the Survival Jacket. Here's what they had to say:

ANOVOS has offered jackets in the past, including the Captain Picard "Darmok" jacket, the "Archer" jacket from Star Trek: Enterprise, and uniform pieces from Deep Space Nine and Voyager. How did production of the Star Trek Beyond Survival Jacket compare to these previous releases?

Jose Salcedo: Each jacket has its own level of complexity and this one was no different. Our Picard Jacket was about how to create a garment using screen used elements while still being functional in the real world. The Archer Jacket was all about where to implement creative elements from the Star Trek Universe in a real functional jacket. The Star Trek Beyond Survival Jacket is about venturing into a style of garment that we had never encountered -- coupled with new materials. The complexity found in the survival jacket was further compounded in having to combine hard parts with exotic fabrics. The end result is nothing short of amazing. We were able take what we learned from our previous Star Trek jackets to engineer a way to make this Beyond costume a real world garment, while maintaining a high level of quality and accuracy to the original. I really think people are going to like this jacket for not only the way it looks, but its also surprisingly comfortable to wear.

The Survival Jacket appears fairly complex, with multiple textures, layers and details that contrast the streamlined look of most Starfleet uniforms. What challenges did you face while recreating this unique costume piece?

Star Trek Beyond Survival Jacket

Maegen Hensley: You are right. The Survival Jacket appears fairly complex, but it's actually very highly complex. Not only were we sourcing over seven different fabrics used for this jacket ranging from a cotton duck to polyester to china silk, but we had fabric that was screen printed as well as a specialty vinyl for the pipping. The original jacket also utilized mixed media elements including rubber, plastic, and metal. We feel our attention to detail for this piece was extremely high and the fit is perfect. Even though this ornate costume stands in contrasts to the typically understated look of Starfleet's uniforms, fans will see after the movie that it fits within the context of the story. The greatest feature of the Survival Jacket though is its diversity. It can be worn as a everyday jacket, not just a costume piece.

The design of the Survival Jacket makes it appears to be quite functional. Are there any special features that ANOVOS has included?

Steve Fronzcek and John Cooley: If the Survival Jacket appears functional it is because it's design cleverly ties directly to its purpose in the story. It's designed to be something a Starfleet member would wear in a dangerous situation and so it's meant to comfortably protect the wearer in a multitude of environments. It can be worn by itself -- but as we see in the film when it's worn with the pants, boots and environmental equipment belt, it can provide warmth or cooling as needed, in addition to a few other systems that were implied by Star Trek Beyond's costume designer, Sanja Hays. The design of the jacket is so well thought out and executed that there was little else that we could add to the design, except --  this jacket wasn't going to have the benefit of being worn with the ensemble's equipment belt and, knowing that one needs a place to stow their communicator or mobile phone, we added a pocket to the interior of the jacket. That's all the help this coat needed from us. This is easily our favorite costume from Star Trek Beyond and we can't wait to see it worn right here on Earth.

from Star Trek Latest News

Earn Doctor Chaotica in “They Came From the Holodeck Part 2!”

The dastardly deeds of space-villain Doctor Chaotica are once again being unleashed upon the galaxy, and the entire Alpha Quadrant needs your help, Captain!

Grab your ray gun and head to the holodeck for an encore edition of “The Came from the Holodeck!” Doctor Chaotica is again set to wreak his havoc, and only you can stop him.



Just like the last time this evil genius escaped into the Star Trek Timelines universe, you’ll need to complete Federation Faction Missions to end Doctor Chaotica’s reign of terror and restore order and justice to the Galaxy. By successfully completing these Federation Faction Missions during the event, you’ll earn Victory Points which count toward rewards and leaderboard rankings. In keeping with featured characters Doctor Chaotica, Queen Arachnia and Captain Proton, any version of Janeway or Paris used on a Federation Faction Mission during the event will receive a skill bonus, as will Chaotica himself.

An event pack will be released where players can obtain Chaotica, Arachnia and Captain Proton. Players should head to the Time Portal to obtain the pack and prepare for the event.

While ranked rewards are given out based on your leaderboard position at the end of an event, threshold rewards are given as you complete milestones by earning more and more victory points. These rewards include training programs, transmissions, crew, equipment, credits and merits. As you reach higher and higher thresholds, your rewards will become more rare as well. Diligent Captains can even end up with Super Rare (four-star) crew and training programs.

Quickly, Captains. The Fate of the Galaxy hangs in the balance - “They Came From the Holodeck” begins on 28 July at 12:00 ET (16:00 UTC).

Available now on the App Store and Google Play, Star Trek Timelines merges the characters, stories and settings from Star Trek: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. Gather your favorite heroes and even villains to build your dream crew, explore the galaxy and lead Starfleet through a crisis threatening the very fabric of time and space. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

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USAopoly's new game, Star Trek Panic, allows you to join the original crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, where your five-year mission will be to explore strange new worlds, encounter alien civilizations and... defend the ship. Players work together to carry out missions while keeping the U.S.S. Enterprise safe from enemy attacks. Complete five missions with the Enterprise intact and you win the game.



Star Trek Panic is a cooperative, light strategy tower defense game based on the popular Castle Panic game. It can be played by one to six players and is recommended for ages 13 and up. It sells for $39.95 and is available now in the Star Trek Shop here at and at stores across the United States and Canada.

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As memorable as the action was on screen, Star Trek behind the scenes was just as remarkable. A Who’s Who of Star Trek producers, including Brannon Braga and Trevor Roth of Roddenberry Entertainment, are set for a panel during Star Trek: Mission New York. During their time on stage, the producers will talk about what it took to bring the franchise’s stories to life -- and where we go from here as Roth helps bring Star Trek: Discovery to life. Moderated by Jordan Hoffman, host of Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast, the producers panel will take place on Sunday, September 4th, on the Main Stage.

Brannon Braga

A three-day event, presented by CBS Consumer Products and ReedPop, ST:MNY will take place September 2-4, 2016, in Manhattan. ST:MNY will offer fans a mix of celebrity guests, real-world science figures, presentations, interactive exhibits, screenings, exclusive merchandise and more. Trek guests announced so far include William Shatner, Peter Weller, Alice Eve, Karl Urban, Brannon Braga, Walter Koenig, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, Terry Farrell, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Bruce Greenwood, Nana Visitor, Rene Auberjonois, Armin Shimerman, Cirroc Lofton, Anthony Montgomery, Connor Trinneer, John Billingsley, Dominic Keating, Robin Curtis, Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry, Dan Werthimer and Phil "The Bad Astronomer" Plait. They will all be on hand for talks, autographs and photo opportunities.

Trevor Roth

Werthimer is one of the real-world science guests, following Jeff Volosin (NASA TESS Project Manager at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) and Matt Ritsko (NASA TESS Deputy Project Manager for Resources at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center). Also on tap, as previously revealed: Hallmark will showcase their exhibitor exclusives and the FanBros, a/k/a the voice of the urban geek, will be in the house.

Adult and kids tickets are available now at pre-show prices, and they'll be sold by day and as part of a three-day specially priced package. Further information about ST:MNY – including additional guest announcements, hotel information and exhibitors – will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Keep an eye on for ongoing coverage, and also be sure to visit and the Star Trek: Mission New York social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

from Star Trek Latest News

WizKids/NECA will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 25 this month, and has the exclusive First Look at the ships in the upcoming expansion packs, concluding with the U.S.S. Venture.

The U.S.S. Venture is a Federation Galaxy-class Starship. It was part of a task force led by Admiral Hastur to reinforce Deep Space 9 and was a part of the Federation Alliance fleet that fought in the Chin’toka System.  

While the Galaxy-class Starship is most popularly associated with the U.S.S. Enterprise, the U.S.S. Venture is just as powerful. With a Primary Weapon Value of 4, 1 Agility, 5 Hull and 4 Shields this ship is almost identical to the Federation’s Flagship, the U.S.S. Enterprise. The U.S.S. Venture’s named ability adds +1 attack die anytime you attack a ship that is in the forward firing arc of another friendly ship. When working together with other ships in the fleet, the U.S.S. Venture will truly shine. The generic version of this ship loses one Shield, one Tech Upgrade Slot, and one Weapon Upgrade Slot, but gains a Crew Upgrade Slot compared to the named version.

Attack Wing Wave 25 U.S.S. Venture

The Captain in the U.S.S. Venture Expansion Pack is Donald Varley. A level 4 Captain, Donald Varley allows your ship to perform a Scan Action as a free Action each round. Being able to perform a Scan Action for free every round allows you to keep your standard action for a Target Lock, Battle Stations, or Evade Action.

Attack Wing Wave 25 U.S.S. Venture

Galaxy Wing Squadron is the Elite Talent inside this Expansion Pack. As an Action, you may discard this card to target all friendly Galaxy-class ships within Range 1-2. Target ships gain +1 Attack die this round. Once again proving to be a “team player,” the U.S.S. Venture using the Galaxy Wing Squadron Elite Talent is a great way to add attack dice to your fleet.

Attack Wing Wave 25 U.S.S. Venture

The U.S.S. Venture is also formidable in terms of weaponry. Aside from the standard compliment of Photon Torpedoes, which can be fired at Range 2-3 with 5 attack dice converting 1 Battle Stations result into a Critical Hit, the U.S.S. Venture can also fire its primary weapon multiple times per round. Additional Phaser Arrays allows you to make an additional attack with your Primary Weapon at -2 attack dice after you attack with your primary weapon. Anything that allows you to attack more than once per round is very powerful and should see a lot of play in tournament settings. Keep in mind, there are plenty of other upgrades out there that increase your Primary Weapon Value and others that decrease the cost of Weapon Upgrades making this upgrade a must have when used in combination with those other upgrades.

Attack Wing Wave 25 U.S.S. Venture

Maneuverability and defensive capabilities are also crucial to a starship’s survival. Maximum Warp is Tech Upgrade that allows you to spend your ship Action to immediately perform an additional [Straight] Maneuver with a speed of 2 or less, if you just performed a [Straight] Maneuver this round. You also cannot perform any free Actions this round. Sometimes getting away from an enemy is even more important than being able to attack.

Attack Wing Wave 25 U.S.S. Venture

High-Capacity Deflector Shield Grid is there for when you can’t get away from that big attack. This Tech Upgrade allows you to negate up to 2 damage if you have at least 1 Active Shield. Being able to ignore damage without any kind of dice roll is something you will want to strongly consider to boost the survivability of your fleet.

Attack Wing Wave 25 U.S.S. Venture

Finally, Computer Core can fill a Crew or Weapon Upgrade Slot. Add 1 Tech Upgrade to your Upgrade Bar. As an Action, you may re-roll any 1 die this round.A smart player will be able to find all kinds of ways to benefit from an extra Tech Upgrade as well as being able to re-roll any 1 die.

Attack Wing Wave 25 U.S.S. Venture

The U.S.S. Venture Expansion Pack is a powerful tool for both Federation players and Star Trek: Attack Wing fans alike. The strong upgrades in this expansion pack will make it a must-have for players, while also providing a new and fun scenario mission “Galaxy Wing." Be sure to pick up your copy at your local game store.

Visit WizKids/NECA at for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing. And keep an eye on for more First Looks and previews, coming soon.

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Posted By joshed to SykoTrailers at 7/25/2016 05:39:00 PM

Couldn't make it to San Diego Comic-Con, but want to see the entire "Star Trek: Celebrating 50 Years" panel? It's not too late. Watch the panel - which features Bryan Fuller moderating the session with William Shatner, Jeri Ryan, Scott Bakula, Michael Dorn and Brent Spiner.


from Star Trek Latest News

Star Trek: Discovery creator and executive producer Bryan Fuller, in a new video, reveals how and why he chose to name the ship and upcoming series Discovery. 

Go to "Introducing the U.S.S. Discovery" to watch the test flight of the new hero ship. 

Star Trek: Discovery is coming to CBS All Access in January 2017, following the premiere on the CBS Television Network, and will be distributed concurrently on Netflix in 188 countries and through Bell Media in Canada. 

Follow Star Trek: Discovery at:








from Star Trek Latest News

As part of Star Trek's 50th celebration, the touring "50 Artists. 50 Years." exhibit made its debut at San Diego Comic-Com. Watch as Liz Kalodner of CBS Consumer Products guides viewers through the exhibit that attracted more than 12,000 visitors during San Diego Comic-Con.

For more information, visit the "50 Artists. 50 Years." tour schedule.

from Star Trek Latest News

Perhaps the most ubiquitous person at San Diego Comic-Con was Nichelle Nichols. That she's 83 years old and not that far removed from a stroke made her omnipresence that much more remarkable. 

Star Trek San Diego Comic-Con - Nichelle Nichols

Star Trek's legendary Uhura took the stage at the IMAX world premiere of Star Trek Beyond. Her appearance, which occurred pre-screening, elicited wild cheers from the adoring audience.

Star Trek San Diego Comic-Con - Nichelle Nichols

Nichols also beamed over to the Entertainment Earth booth for a signing. 

Star Trek San Diego Comic-Con - Nichelle Nichols

On Saturday, Nichols pulled up to the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts gallery, home of the "50 Artists. 50 Years." art exhibition to see the many pieces including a colorful Nick Walker piece entitled "Uhura."

Star Trek San Diego Comic-Con - Nichelle Nichols

Star Trek San Diego Comic-Con - Nichelle Nichols

Star Trek San Diego Comic-Con - Nichelle Nichols

And she wasn't done yet. Nichols then beamed down to the M-A-C station where she was met by a Starfleet away team for an escorted tour of the set. Visited each section, Nichols posed for photos with actress/singer Ariana Nova, the station's Uhura, who later called the moment one of the best of her life, as well as with the rest of the experience's Trek characters.

Star Trek San Diego Comic-Con - Nichelle Nichols

Star Trek San Diego Comic-Con - Nichelle Nichols

Star Trek San Diego Comic-Con - Nichelle Nichols

Star Trek San Diego Comic-Con - Nichelle Nichols

Star Trek San Diego Comic-Con - Nichelle Nichols

Speaking to about Trek's 50th anniversary and her weekend at Comic-Con, Nichols said, "I think it's fantastic, but I'm just not that old. Star Trek may be 50, but I'm 33... and I lie very well, don't I? But, to be here for the Beyond premiere and these signings and everything else, it means the world to me.

"You could say it's amazing, but it doesn't amaze me because the Star Trek fans have been there from the beginning -- and they're still there," Nichols continued. "They're fantastic. It's not just me. We're all here, and Star Trek is still here, because of the fans. They love us and the shows and the movies, and they really understand what Gene Roddenberry was doing when he created Star Trek and gave this great gift to all of us."

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Fans made early Saturday night an educational and entertaining San Diego Comic-Con experience by attending the panel Trek Talks: NASA and Star Trek Boldly Go. Moderated by Voyager's very own Robert Picardo, the panel featured the insights of Astronaut Kjell Lindgren, NASA Johnson Space Center; Bobak Ferdowsi, Flight Systems Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Amber Staughn, Astrophysicist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; and Jay Falker, Early Stage Portfolio Executive, Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters.

The panel opened with "A Message from the Captain: Science Fact and Science Fiction" featuring William Shatner.

"How did watching me inspire you?" Picardo joked as he kicked off the proceedings. 

Star Trek NASA Trek Talks SDCC - Bob Picardo

The group then discussed how Star Trek has influenced many of us to fall in love with the infinite possibilities of space exploration. Everyone agreed that the various Trek television series and films have also made an indelible, direct impact on NASA. In fact, many NASA scientists, engineers and astronauts cite Star Trek as inspiring them to pursue careers in their fields. Panel topics explored how NASA’s vision of the future mimics the world of Star Trek and considered where it differed, as well explored how some technologies depicted in the Star Trek world have become a reality in our own world.

Star Trek NASA Trek Talks SDCC - Kjell Lindgren

Asked if Star Trek or science fiction inspired his career path, Lindgren replied, "Absolutely.  I grew up on a steady diet of sci-fi."  

Star Trek NASA Trek Talks SDCC - Amber Staughn

Dr. Straughn noted that the forthcoming James Webb Space Telescope will be "100 times more powerful" than the Hubble Telescope.

Star Trek NASA Trek Talks SDCC - Bobak Ferdowsi

Ferdowsi pointed out that, "These icy worlds, moons of Jupiter, Saturn... We're sending Europa up there to look for signs of life." 

Star Trek NASA Trek Talks SDCC - Jay Falker

Meanwhile, Dr. Falker explained that he loved the study of what he termed "impossible" science. And he knows of what he speaks, having worked on two types of tractor beams. The next challenge? "A replicator." Dr. Ferdowsi got people thinking when he acknowledged an interesting challenge in the search for life in space: making sure it didn't originate on Earth. 

And Dr. Straughn believes that there's intelligent life beyond Earth, but feels that "we may not find it in our lifetime. The universe is vast!" Of course, that's probably not the worst thing, since that's precisely what Star Trek is all about. 

The panel ran out of time before a special video, "NASA on the Edge of Forever" could but played, but has it for all of the fans.


from Star Trek Latest News
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