It’s hard to believe this wonderful show is coming to an end. It’s quite heartbreaking considering that this is the best season between all of the seasons with Hell finally coming to Earth. Also, what a big surprise to find out that innocent and sweet Anne has been the one to fear all these seasons. It’s hard to believe after all these seasons of Anne wanting to save the world and the people… she is the one to destroy it by letting hell loose. I guess it’s true… Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Have some Mercy

After frantically searching for Dorcas, one of Mercy’s girls tells Isaac that Mercy has the little girl, but he must go to the brothel alone to retrieve her. He does this and finds Hawthorne and Mercy working together. Mercy releases Dorcas once Isaac is captured. They plan for his murder but is stopped when a crowd forms around the brothel demanding for Isaac’s safe return.

Things don’t look too good for Mercy. Honestly, she should have just left Isaac alone in Knocker’s Hole and moved with Hawthorne into the city. She should leave one of her girls to be in charge of the brothel, while she has a happy life with Hawthorne. It could have been so easy, but NOPE. Mercy wanted her revenge, but it may cost her and Hawthorne their lives.

There’s something about Mary

Mary wakes up weak from the Marburg spell and crawls to the door to Hell. She plans on guarding it with her life to prevent it from ever opening. Cotton arrives to tell her that John still loves her and reveals that Tituba is a traitor – after finding out an angel can only kill an angel, thus, she was working with the devil. Later on, Mary sees Tituba’s cat and chases after it. Tituba arrives to open the door, but is stopped by Mary who kills the cat. Tituba has the upper hand and reveals the true reason why she wanted revenge. She and her people were enslaved by the people of Salem. She didn’t just want revenge against Mary – she wanted it against all of the white people and colonization. My mind was blown when this was revealed because not many shows will showcase colonization and white privilege and I’m so glad that this series did. Tituba represents those who are tired of the establishment and what the Puritans and the white man have done to her people. Sebastian shows up and confronts Mary on the truth about John Alden. He tells her he was pretending to be John and that John does not truly love her.

The return of Thomas Dinley

We finally got to see more of Marilyn Manson’s Thomas Dinley. After the battle between the Sentinel, John visits Thomas to get stitched up. John notices Thomas is nervous and figures out he’s working with the Devil. John subdues Thomas and demands answers, which Thomas gives easily due to fear of death. John tries to stop the clock containing the red amber, but cannot due to it being bewitched. Sebastian arrives and doesn’t want to stop the clock.

I’m a little disappointed in how much of a sissy Thomas Dinley is. Manson is the master of the night and he deserves to have his character kill more people. Or at least, attempt to kill more people. I just expected more from his character, but we do have one episode left. So hopefully, we have Thomas Dinley do one more kill.

The loss of innocence

After a drunken night at Mercy’s brothel, Cotton finds Gloriana, who doesn’t remember him at all. She tells him the last thing she remembers is a woman with red hair helping her. Cotton realizes it’s Anne and confronts her about it and learns she also took Gloriana’s [and his] child. She attempts to kill Cotton, only to be saved by Sebastian and then locked up.

I understand Anne’s wrath. The man she loves and gave her virginity too was shady and still loved another woman. I mean, I’d be upset too. We all would. In all honesty, what I love about Anne is that we watched her grow and become her own person. She may have done horrible things, but she did it for a purpose that doesn’t seem villainous. It’s wrong, but I can’t help but feel bad for her. She lost both her parents who hid her secret. The man she loved was trying to destroy her kind. Her husband could have left her alone to be with another woman. As bad as Anne had become, I still felt pity for her and everything she had gone through.

The whole Sebastian and Anne relationship is really wrong, but I am not surprised of those kinds of relationships in the past – family inbreeding. It’s gross, but I don’t blame Anne. There is a man who is complimenting her and wanting her. She doesn’t feel alone anymore. She has finally found her place among people who understand her, especially being shunned away from the one man she loved. This is why she opened the door to hell.

When she opens the door, the corpse of Little John, which had been sewed up by Tituba, walks towards Mary and smiles. Man, they did a great job on Oliver Bell’s makeup. He truly looks like an evil kid from Children of the Corn. I have no idea what to expect from the season finale, but I do hope justice is served.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, or to be precise last year, we saw the release of Star Wars Battlefront. We’ve seen a fair amount of DLC content set around the original trilogy and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The latest update not only adds a new map from the recently released Rogue One: A Star Wars Story film, but also what is probably the best post-release content for any game which is exclusively made for the PlayStation VR.

Star Wars Battlefront VR Mission is a Virtual Reality game that puts you in the cockpit of an X-Wing, as you navigate through an asteroid field, and quickly find yourself in a battle against waves of TIE fighters, and even face off against an Imperial Star Destroyer. Development of the Star Wars VR Experience was given to Criterion, which honestly did an amazing job making this. While I’ve had the chance to try various titles on the PS VR in the last two years, nothing has really ever immersed me as much as this title.

Once you’ve taken flight, everything is pretty straightforward as you and a team of three AI-controlled X-Wing pilots take off on a rescue mission. The game quickly helps you adjust to the controls as you travel through an asteroid field where you can freely dodge, roll and blast asteroids. The experience and sensations of being able to look in every direction and seeing something different is a huge plus. Looking to your left and right you see the vast depth of space and debris, the wings of your X-Wing, and even your partner droid who makes the occasional chirping noises.

It’s one thing I really appreciated in this game. In other titles the emphasis on speed and movement might get you a little dizzy. It’s a bit slower paced compared to other titles I’ve played including EVE Valkyrie, but it just feels right especially with the controls.

If you own a copy of Star Wars Battlefront on the PlayStation 4 (physically or digitally), the VR Mission is a free download. You don’t even need the season pass to access it. It’s a great addition to the PS VR library of exclusive titles and something I hope we see more of.

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It looks like Star Trek: Discovery has found their Vulcan.

But, not just any Vulcan. CBS has announced actor James Frain has been cast as Sarek. Yes, Spock’s dad. Star Trek Discovery is set a decade before the original series, which makes sense since Sarek will be played by Frain.

Production on the series begins next week in Toronto, but may not premiere until next May 2018, according to Variety. The series was originally supposed to premiere in January 2018.

Frain, who typically plays villain roles (True Blood, Gotham, Agent Carter, Orphan Black), will join Sonequa Martin-Green (The Walking Dead), Anthony Rapp (RENT), and Doug Jones (The Strain), Michelle Yeoh, Chris Obi, Shazad Latif, and Mary Chieffo on set next week.

Star Wars Discovery will premiere on CBS, with subsequent episodes released exclusively on CBS All-Access.

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Following on the heels of their popular Star Trek: The Original Series Titans 3" blindbox wave, Titan Merchandise has introduced the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D in the new Star Trek Titans: The Next Generation – The “Make It So" Collection. Characters featured include Captain Picard, Riker (with beard), Worf, Data, Troi, La Forge, Dr. Crusher, Yar, Wesley Crusher, Q, Tomalak, Gul Madred, Gowron and Locutus.

Each figure is 3” blind-boxed and certain pieces come with a character-specific accessory. As a bonus, there are two hidden chase figures for fans to hunt and collect. Look for the Star Trek Titans: The Next Generation – The “Make It So" Collection at a store near you.

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HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returns this February! And, in anticipation for the return of John Oliver, HBO has released a promo for the fourth season… and it’s hilarious. The promo features some stars of HBO’s other hit series Silicon Valley and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Last Week Tonight returns to HBO Sunday, February 12th at 11:00pm.

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James Frain will play Sarek, Spock's father, on Star Trek: Discovery, it was announced today by CBS Television Studios, which also confirmed that production on Discovery will begin next week in Toronto. Sarek, a formidable Vulcan, is a beloved character who appeared throughout the Star Trek franchise, from The Original Series to several of the TOS features and from Star Trek: The Next Generation to Star Trek (2009).

Star Trek Discovery James Frain Sarek

A respected British actor, Frain's many film and television credits include Prime Suspect, Elizabeth, Hilary and Jackie, The Tudors, FlashForward, True Blood and Tron Legacy. More recently, he played Leet Brannis on Agent Carter, Ferdinand on Orphan Black, and Theo Galavan/Azrael on Gotham

Frain joins the previously announced cast members Michelle Yeoh, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Chris Obi, Shazad Latif and Mary Chieffo. Star Trek: Discovery is coming to CBS All Access in 2017, following the premiere on the CBS Television Network, and will be distributed concurrently on Netflix in 188 countries and through Bell Media in Canada.

from Star Trek Latest News

The Nintendo Switch news continues as Bandai Namco Entertainment sent out a press release confirming that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch. It won’t just be Xenoverse 2. It’s also revealed that Tales of and Taiko Drum Master will be released in North America with titles currently in development.

The last time we saw a Tales of game released in North America on a Nintendo system was Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World back in 2009. It’s unknown if this is a new entry in the series of a port of another game.

Taiko Drum Master, known in Japan as Taiko no Tatsujin, is a popular arcade game in Japan. It has only seen one release in North America back in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, and it will return to the West after 13 years.

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Bomberman is back and he’s heading to the Nintendo Switch this March. Revealed by Konami after the conclusion of the Nintendo Switch presentation, Super Bomberman R will feature a story mode where you can play with a friend or face off against eight other players using the multiplayer mode, which takes advantage of the Switch’s ability to link up to eight systems together.

It’s nice to see Konami bringing back a great title, especially as it marks his 33rd anniversary.

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Ben Affleck will be starring in and directing the upcoming Batman film. Of course, this means many people and their moms are asking him about the status of the film. The director/actor has said before that he’s waiting on a good script before he proceeds with the project. It’s been reported that the film is going to hit theaters in 2018, and that means even more Batman questions for the filmmaker.

There’s a slight problem. Affleck is annoyed by all the Batman questions. I don’t blame him since he has been working on his recent movie, Live by Night, for two years, and nobody was excited to ask him about that.

“Oh my God. It’s such a pain in the ass,” said Affleck. “It’s like every time I mention Batman, it gets this huge clickbait. When I was doing this movie, it took me two years to get it together, but nobody ever asked me where’s Live by Night? They ask me, Batman, Batman, Batman. Batman is coming along. It’s going to be great. We’re going to make something really special. We’re going to take the time to make it right. We’re going to do it good, we’re going to do it the right away, and the fans are going to love it.”

Source: ET Canada

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Ask any Final Fantasy fan what was the most shocking scene in the whole series, and most will say the unfortunate death of Aerith at the hands of Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII. Her death came as a shock seeing as she was one of the main characters who was destined to save the planet and her death happened at the halfway point of the game, which was the end of Disc 1. Characters die all the time in video games, but rarely do main characters and usually their deaths are left toward the end of the game. And it isn’t the first time Square Enix, then Squaresoft, toyed with death with its main characters. Chrono Trigger had killed the character you play, though the story progresses to saving his life due to the time travel plot. Final Fantasy VII was different. Despite the countless rumors and unofficial means to continue with Aerith, she stayed dead.

Recently, Polygon had an article outlining details about the creation of Final Fantasy VII for its 20th Anniversary with dialogue between the creators of the game. Somewhere in the middle of the article is an exchange between Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase about Aerith’s death. Here’s the exchange:

Tetsuya Nomura- Did you know people have been coming up to me for years now and saying, “You killed Aerith!?”

Yoshinori Kitase [To Nomura:]- Are you trying to blame me for that? [Laughs]

Tetsuya Nomura- OK, so maybe I did kill Aerith. But if I hadn’t stopped you, in the second half of the game, you were planning to kill everyone off but the final three characters the player chooses!

Yoshinori Kitase- No way! I wrote that? Where?

Tetsuya Nomura- In the scene where they parachute into Midgar. You wanted everyone to die there!

Say what?! The original plan was to kill off all the main characters except the 3 that you choose to play? Now, that would’ve been intense seeing as you wouldn’t be able to switch to other characters and utilize their skills set. It would’ve been a game changer but ultimately would’ve taken away the impact of Aerith’s death, and Tetsuya Nomura agreed.

Tetsuya Nomura- The theme of Final Fantasy 7 was “life,” and we sacrificed Aerith in order to give weight and depth to that theme. Her death is a tragedy, but if we suddenly just killed off everyone else after that, it would dilute the meaning of her death.

In the clip I posted above, you can see clearly every main character jumping off the ship and into the city Midgar. With their original plan they would’ve killed 5 main characters in that scene, which could’ve been slowly as this scene played out or all at once. Although shocking, it wouldn’t have had the same impact as Aerith’s death since these would technically be “temporary deaths” since you can just replay the scene over and over with other characters. It’s great that they decided against it since a boss fight before the final allowed you to use all 8 characters in 3 sections. Your 3 main characters that you use ended up going up against Sephiroth at the end. And with the Final Fantasy VII Remake now in the works, who knows if they’ll dig this idea back up or not.

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Dear Reactorites, I apologize for my disappearance. I was lost in Ten-Towns selling scrimshaw to survive, alas I have returned to greet you with my long waited review of Dungeon & Dragons’ Storm King’s Thunder. In the memory of my preview post back in September, we finally had the opportunity to experience this adventure after a visit to the lands of mist where Strahd resides. No longer in Ravenloft, I shall recount my experiences with the complications introduced by the various giants assailing the Realms.

Let’s clear some things first…

In tradition to all my reviews, I would like to spend some time to throw down some factoids to inform newcomers to the space, as well as refreshers for those who are “in the know.” On the heels of Curse of Strahd, which had adventurers take a detour from the Forgotten Realms and visit the land of Ravenloft; Storm King’s Thunder is the sixth dedicated adventure from Wizards of the Coast. This is the first adventure since the First Edition of D&D where an adventure is dedicated to giants (this is the Fifth Edition of D&D), which gave the developers the opportunity to showcase the differences and culture. This deeper examination on a particular species within D&D is something that is reminiscent of details in Volo’s Guide to Monsters , which was released two months after this book.

Wizard of the Coast is focused on keeping the adventures and gameplay options as two separate books, similar to some of the previous editions. In the following sections, I’ll point out some of the pros and cons which have made this book enjoyable as much as something to be desired in other aspects.

What it’s not…

  • New Gameplay Options. To some degree, “Curse of Strahd” added a new gameplay option with the Tarokka Deck (which was used to randomize situations and imitate the bewildering power of the mists of Ravenloft). Sticking to their word, Wizards of the Coast has not introduced any new gameplay options. If anything, they’re saving their new options for Unearthed Arcana, which they have been publicly testing over the last year in varying pieces.
  • Fully Contained. There are ideas and incentives in the appendix and from the start, pointing out the ability to connect adventures from other D&D books or a DM’s homebrew idea. With this in mind, it has made early aspects of the adventure a bit lacking. The filler for this adventure is apparently at the front of the experience. Until you meet a particular Frost Giant, you are not doing a lot in the beginning to engage the main story.
    • Level 1-11? At best, things pick up around level 5 and carry forward from there. This opens up the early parts for other adventures to hook into this one, as you will find suggestions in the Appendix on how to hook other 5th Edition adventure modules.
  • Enriching. While it does provide a fair amount of setting material in the early part of the book, it does require a bit more work from the DM to enrich the experience further within the adventure, especially with something as significant as the Ordning. Perhaps pulling up lore from Chapter 3, diving into “Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide”, or backtrack through religion, history, and lore from the supplements of previous editions. Some adventures do a fair job at informing DMs of relevant facts and material in the current timeline like Out of the Abyss in the post-War of the Spider-Queen era, although the issue with Out of the Abyss was that their pieces of lore and materials were scattered throughout the adventure rather than loading it in the front or in the Appendix.

What it does well…

  • Organization. Whether it’s the tables, the Adventure Flowchart (which I’ve seen done in New World of Darkness stories), or the understanding of the north’s culture and involved factions, this module totally wins at being an improvement on previous modules’ setup materials. While not perfect, it provides the DM with enough pieces in the right places instead of flipping all over the place trying to make sense and anticipate the chaos of details that only appear further down the line. Not every DM reads through the sections and memorizes it, so the benefit of the book being organized is an immense aide for DMs of various approached to building and research for their game.
  • Expands on the northern Sword Coast. A region mostly covered by R.A. Salvatore’s fiction with the famed Drizzt Do’Urden, the book covers more on what is touched upon in Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. However, this should have been put in that Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, which I felt was very thin compared to the robust Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting in D&D 3rd Edition.
  • Dynamic. What this book does with the spaces and flaws that certain people point out is an opportunity to mine, mix, and match, various hooks and intentions with the other supplements. The two types of parties and DMs in D&D are those who like theme park gameplay (which is linear), or the sandbox style which works best when you are primarily provided tools and it’s up to you to execute on them. This module is a mix of both theme park and sandbox, which ultimately is a joy for those who prefer dynamic gameplay, but is a flaw for those who prefer more in the connective tissue of the module.

The popular verdict is that this module is easy to run, it’s organized, but it does require a work from the DM to make it sleek for gameplay.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

(Although I’m not wholly comfortable with giving this a rating, as DMs can love or hate various things depending on their approach and their players.)

With Wizard only putting out these adventures and supplements every few months, throw this into your collection as soon as you can!

Dimensions – 8.5 x 0.7 x 11.2 inches
Hardcover, 256 pages
Full color

Storm King’s Thunder is published by Wizards of the Coast. Check out this link for more information:
You can purchase now at your local retailer, or Amazon.

The book was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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Tangled: The Series, a sequel to 2010’s Tangled, was announced late last year with Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi returning to their roles as Rapunzel and Eugene “Flynn Rider” Fitzherbert. But, before the series begins, Disney has announced a made-for-TV movie called Tangled: Before Ever After to set the tone for the new series, which airs in March.

After some magical forces, the hair is back and can’t seem to be cut. After many attempts by her friend Cassandra (Broadway star Eden Espinoza), Rapunzel is stuck with her long blond locks. Flynn isn’t too excited about it also.

The series may take place before the 2012 short Tangled: Ever Afer which featured Rapunzel and Flynn getting married – mainly due to the name “Before” Ever After.

Tangled: Before Ever After premieres in March on The Disney Channel.


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