Disney live-action adaptation of their animated films have been big hits with audiences, but their live-action adaptations of beloved children’s books haven’t caught on yet. Although Oz: The Great and Powerful did well, Steven Spielberg’s The BFG was a colossal failure. That hasn’t stopped Disney from trying further as Sam Mendes is in early negotiations to direct Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of James and the Giant Peach. Both The BFG and James and the Giant Peach were both books by Roald Dahl.

Nick Hornby (High Fidelity) is slated to write the screenplay, but talks are still relatively early. There’s no guarantee a deal with Mendes and Hornby goes down, let alone gets turned into a movie.

James the Giant Peach follows young English orphan boy who enters a gigantic, magical peach. There he encounters seven magically-altered garden bugs during his time in a surreal adventure. They set off on a journey to escape from James’ aunts, Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge.

Disney released an animated version of the film back in 1996 which was directed by Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before ChristmasCoraline). Unfortunately, the film was a total bust, accumulating a total box office gross of $28.9 million in its lifetime.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments section below!

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By Anastasia Washington & Nathan Lichtman


There is a phenomena behind fans of the animated series My Little Pony. It’s not the massive little girls and boys who are brushing their pony’s hair. It’s not the teenagers who have stickers of each character on their school folders. No… these are adult men and they’re called Bronies.

There is nothing wrong with these guys. There are your average bros who just happen to like My Little Pony. They created a club – or basically a culture – to showcase how much pride they have as men who love a show meant for little girls.

What began as a simple meme, posted by fans, became a huge fanbase. Fans of the show would go on 4chan message boards and just post photos from the show. It’s no different than fans of Star Wars posting funny gifs to relate to a story (guilty!). It became a place for people to post artwork, quotes, fan fictions, and express their love for the animated ponies.


I know, this sounds creepy and a bit awkward, but hear me out.

My Little Pony is a great show with lots of hilarious commentary and just wholesome fun. It’s not hard to believe regular people would like it. No one should judge guys who just like a show and created a community surrounding their love for it. There’s even a convention BronyCon, which hosts over 10,000 people each year. Even the voice actors and crew have opened themselves up to these fans. Many of the voice actors attend the conventions every year and have grown to love their fans.

In an article by The Daily Beast, Brent Hodge, the filmmaker behind A Brony Tale said about the group, “What we realized when filming this is that Bronies isn’t about guys liking a girl’s show—it’s about the community they’ve created. That’s a big line for the Bronies: We came for the show but stayed for the community.’”

There seems to be a misconception about bronies because they do appreciate a show and toys that are marketed towards little girls. There may be some thoughts of pedophilia or being stuck in your childhood when it comes to bronies. But, that’s not the case for them at all. Bronies are not like that. In fact, overwhelmingly, they are friendly and just like a damn show. Give the show a go… you’ll see how good it is.

Don’t get me wrong… there are some awkward stuff I don’t understand like the erotica talks and images of animated ponies (which is a subsection of the group), but to each their own. Who am I to judge?

Pony on, bronies. Pony on.

Do you think it’s awkward? For more information on Bronies, check out the educational Brony site: http://ift.tt/14Sw0cE

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Edward Snowden is coming to a theater near you. We’re not just talking about Oliver Stone’s upcoming biopic, Snowden, but we’re talking about the real life man himself.

For one night only, Fathom Events and Open Road Films will be screening Snowden with a special Q&A conducted by Oliver Stone with Edward Snowden live from Moscow. The event will take place in select theaters nationwide on Wednesday, September 14 at 7:30 p.m. ET and tape-delayed 7:30 p.m. MT and PT.


Snowden Live will give audiences the opportunity to hear directly from Edward Snowden (via satellite in Moscow) and the Oliver Stone (live from New York City). The live interview will immediately follow the advanced showing of Snowden on the big screen.

“This is a very special event for a number of reasons,” said Fathom Events CEO John Rubey. “The cast is incredible, audiences nationwide get the opportunity to see this feature before anyone else, and Edward Snowden is going to be participating in an exclusive live interview. This is truly a can’t-miss event and Fathom is honored to help bring this to big screens nationwide.”

You can purchase tickets at www.FathomEvents.com or at participating theater box offices. To see a list of participating theaters, visit Fathom.

SNOWDEN stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and is written and directed by Oliver Stone. The script is based on the books The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man by Luke Harding and Time of the Octopus by Anatoly Kucherena.

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iBFree 0

With the ever growing trend of cutting wires from our lives, a common one is to cut cords from headphones, be it for the look when walking around or just the freedom to do more complex movements when working out. I have been looking for a solution to this when in the gym. There are brand names like JayBirds (I own the X2s and those are great) and smaller name brands with great specs on paper but fail to deliver. Even though 1More is a smaller brand, I can tell you they can stand up to the big names.


The box was designed very well and is simple and elegant. In front is the picture of the item and company branding, and inside are 2 smaller boxes. Two earbuds are sticking out of a small white box, so it contrasts with the color container. In an even smaller box below the earbuds, you have your earbud accessories and USB cable. There are different sizes of buds and silicone wings for ears. Once you remove both boxes, you will discover the instruction manual.

iBFree 3

The headphone itself is stylish, and depending on the color you get (Red/Green/Blue/Gray), it really pops. I received a blue unit and it stands out for sure. The earphone unit is a dual-colored item that contains the color you ordered and black. The cord is black and the in-line controls are mainly black with colored trims. On the earbud is a polished aluminum to make the color pop when you look at it up close.


I’ve had this earphone for just over a week and it has been a good backup to my X2s when those run out of battery. I usually charge this a day after I use my X2 because I can usually get 2-3 days of use. Afterward, I just switch to the 1More earphones. I do not miss the days of ignoring outside noises in the gym. One of my favorite things on here is the little tab in the middle of the cord which can tighten the slack between the earbuds, which I have only seen on my Jaybirds. I prefer it a bit tightened so the slack does not bounce too much behind my head.

iBFree 2

When I use 1More earphone, I can get 2-3 days of workouts in without losing a day and can charge my X2. I had an issue when I first received this item because it would not stay in my ear. I tried all the different accessories and it still would not sit in there. I have big ears but did not think the ear hole was an issue. After a couple of hours after the gym, I finally found a correct spot where it sits perfectly without falling. If you have large ear holes, you may need to mess around a bit to find the right spot.

I had two more issues, with one being the microphone when I was on a call. Since I had to mess around a bit to find the proper setting for my ear, the mic was behind my ear and far from my mouth. It was struggling to pick up my voice and I had to drag the mic closer to my mouth for people to hear me. It is not too bad since I did not use the phone much when I was at the gym. Since I have a few of these wireless earphone, I have gotten used to the layout of the in-line controls. I am a big person with fat fingers, and sometimes I would skip a song but end up hitting the “Pair” button and shutting down the earphone. I just wish they made the placing of the buttons more pronounced. Other than those 2 things, this is an awesome earphone.

iBFree 1

The sounds are good but not the best, and it is better than most in its price range. The bass is not too heavy, so if you’re looking for a good bass earphone, you will need to look elsewhere. After listening to a few songs that ranged from rap, classic rock, and classical music, these earphones are pretty impressive. They tend to be on the quiet side, but turning up the volume a bit can fix that.

Final Reaction

For those looking to cut the cord and can’t afford pricey earphones, 1More iBFree is the way to go. At its price range, you can’t go wrong. This would make a great gift to give to someone or just to yourself. You can get it here.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

The iBFree In-Ear was reviewed using a retail unit provided by 1More.

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rosewill case

By Arvin Santiago

Calling all PC builders! In your continuous strive to build the best gaming PC, online computer megastore Newegg.com has a great upcoming sale for those of you looking to upgrade your PC case. On September 4th, the online retailer will have a one-day sale for a Rosewill THOR V2 Gaming ATX Full Tower Computer Case. Currently the case is priced at $149.99, but if you can hold out until Sunday, September 4th, Newegg will have a special on the case for $84.99.

So crack open that piggy bank, check under those couch cushions and save your lunch money, because you don’t want to miss this sale!

Check back soon for a full review of the Rosewill THOR V2 Gaming ATX Full Tower Computer Case.

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The new J.J. Abrams Star Trek universe has given our classic characters an entirely new reboot and story, but one video creator decided to have fun with the idea that we can never forget the original. Using the audio from Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond, Dark Blender grabbed some clips from Star Trek: The Original Series and meshed it together… and it’s pretty cool.

It makes you realize how close the new film is to the original series, which many Trekkie fans appreciated. THE GORN!!!

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Image Credit: Madmind Studio

Image Credit: Madmind Studio

Every once in a while I will hear about a game being developed that instantly piques my interest. Being a big fan of the unsettling and all things horror, I immediately became fascinated with Agony.

Agony is a first-person survival horror game that takes place within the bowels of Hell. The play begins their journey as a lost and tortured soul, forever stuck in the absolute worst parts of Hell. Without any memories of his past of how he got there, the player will need to journey across wastelands of death and despair, constantly fighting for survival. By exploring this hostile environment and taking advantage of a special ability allowing you to possess other souls and simple minded demons, the player will eventually learn that there is only ONE way to escape the fires of Hell. But to find out exactly how this is possible, he will need to meet with the mystical Red Goddess.

Image Credit: Madmind Studios

Image Credit: Madmind Studios

Fans of Witcher and Dante’s Inferno, this game is for you. Be ready to play with the lights on and your teddy bear by your side, this game is not for the faint of heart. With excessive violence, gore, and nudity there is no telling what kind of rating this game is going to land… and that’s just how I like it. The game is currently still under development by Madmind Studio and consists of veteran developers who worked on other popular titles like The Division and Witcher 3.

Image Credit: Madmind Studios

Image Credit: Madmind Studios

Check out the Agony website or find more information on Steam.

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During the Dead or Alive Festival last month, Koei Tecmo Games revealed that Dead or Alive 5 Last Round would be receiving quite a bit of downloadable content including an Attack on Titan-themed stage along with various Attack on Titan outfits for the fighters.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round will also see a crossover with the recently released King of Fighters XIV. Mai Shiranui will be available as a playable character. While she won’t be available until next month, she was made a playable character in the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade location test in Japan where we got to see our first look at how Mai will play in the fast-paced 3D fighter.

Koei Tecmo did a great job of bringing Mai into the Dead or Alive series as she retains all of her signature attacks and shows off some pretty impressive and devastating combos. At the end of the trailer, we also see various costumes Mai will have in the games, along with various King of Fighters-themed costumes for the Dead or Alive female cast.

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If you happened to watch Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV all the way until the end, you may have noticed that the voice actors for Noctis Lucis Caelum, Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Scientia, and Prompto Argentum were revealed in the post-credit scenes for a few brief seconds. 

While the game has been delayed until November 29th, Square Enix still has a few surprises in store which includes a recently uploaded video that reveals the voice cast for many of the game’s important characters, including the voice actors for Luna and King Regis that will be used in the game (sorry guys, no Sean Bean and Lena Headey).

While there may be a few more surprises in store, so far only one character from Kingslaive will be reprising his role in the game with Darin De Paul voicing Ardyn Izunia, the chancellor of Niflheim and Aldercapt’s chief advisor.

The video shows off a few new scenes from the video game and gives us a better look at the characters.

Kingslaive Final Fantasy XV will be released digitally on August 30th with the Blu-ray and DVD versions coming October 4th. You can also get the film with the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One when it’s released in November.

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In what is among the most fascinating extraterrestrial discoveries in the past few years, astronomers at the European Southern Observatory in La Silla, Chile have discovered an Earth-sized planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, our nearest neighboring star. This new planet is roughly 4 light-years away (essentially right next door to Earth in space terms). But the most astounding discovery is the fact that star lies within the star’s “habitable zone”, meaning that its distance from the star is such, that it could potentially support liquid water.

But before we all start going Interstellar on this new discovery, it’s important to note that there are a variety of unknowns that have not yet been resolved. For one, there is no evidence as to whether the planet has an atmosphere. In addition, the planet is exposed to a high level of radiation that could prevent human life.

Still, the discovery is landmark one in the field of astrophysics and gives hopes to the notion that there really are countless planets that are capable of supporting human life. Now the next step is for a scientist to develop a warp drive. Where’s Zefram Cochrane when we need him?

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John Cho has just locked in his next project, and Star Trek's current Sulu won't be the only familiar Trek name in it. Columbus will also feature Michelle Forbes -- Ensign Ro from Star Trek: The Next Generation -- as well as Haley Lu Richardson, Parker Posey and Rory Culkin. The film marks the writing-directing debut of the filmmaker known as ::kogonada.
Cho and Forbes as Sulu and Ensign Ro
According to the press release announcing the project, Cho plays Jin, the estranged son of a prominent architectural critic, who suddenly finds himself in the middle of nowhere. Forbes portrays Maria, a recovering addict and the single mother of Casey (Richardson), a young woman who finds solace in the architecture that surrounds her.

Columbus is currently shooting in Columbus, Indiana.

from Star Trek Latest News


Halloween is slowly approaching… which means we’ll soon have our favorite witches back on screen on WGN America’s hit supernatural thriller Salem.

WGN America just released new character portraits featuring the lovely Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery), rugged John Alden (Shane West), now-possessed Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel), blinded Tituba (Ashley Madekwe), sweet yet deadly Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant), sinister Mercy Lewis (Elise Eberle), Truthsayer Isaac (Iddo Goldberg), the wicked Baron Sebastian Marburg (Joe Doyle), and of course, Little John aka The Devil reincarnated (Oliver Bell). Included in the mix is newcomer Samuel Roukin who plays The Sentinel, a fallen angel sent down to protect Little John and his plans to bring hell on earth.

Season three of Salem has the witches celebrating their plans for the New World with Salem as their capital, but the Devil has his own plans. Now, the witches must work together to bring him down. The only one who could do it is Mary Sibley, who died last season. But, this being Salem… anything could happen.

Created by Brannon Braga and Adam Simon, Salem is executive produced by Braga, Simon, Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson and The Firm’s Jeff Kwatinetz and Josh Barry. Nick Corpus returns to direct the premiere episode ‘After the Fall’.

Salem returns Halloween week on November 2nd on WGN America.


For more on the season, check out our coverage from San Diego Comic-Con.

Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) John Alden (Shane West) Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel) Tituba (Ashley Madekwe) Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant) Mercy Lewis (Elise Eberle) Isaac (Iddo Goldberg) Baron Sebastian Marbug (Joe Doyle) Little John (Oliver Bell) The Sentinel (Samuel Roukin)

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