CS Plays: Ghost of Tsushima — Kurosawa Edition!

Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima comes with a wide variety of unique features, one of which allows the player to apply a filter to the gameplay that makes it resemble one of those old Akira Kurosawa chambara classics from the 1950s and 60s (Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, etc). The filter essentially just makes the visuals black and white with some film grain added for good measure. Jason Connell and Nate Fox, the creative directors behind Tsushima, recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly the level of detail that went into making this feature possible.

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“It’s not just a black-and-white filter,” Connell clarifies. “We actually did some research on the curves that may have existed on that kind of film that [Kurosawa] might’ve used.”

It proved difficult to translate that directly into a game like Ghost of Tsushima with current film-mapping technology, so Connell took various black-and-white samurai films and analyzed scenes from various times of day and weather conditions to track “how deep were the blacks? How bright were the whites?”

For final touches, the team added a film grain to make the mode appear as though it had just emerged from the age of Kurosawa, as well as an increased wind function. In Ghost of Tsushima, the wind serves as the player’s navigational tool; Jin actually follows the wind to find his next destination. In the Kurosawa Mode, the wind is “cranked up,” says Connell. “And lastly,” he adds, “we actually toyed with the audio a little bit. Our audio team have an internal tool that mimicked sounds of old TV and, specifically, megaphones, radios, TVs back to the ’50s.” It all makes for a game with the feel of theatrical entertainment.

Pretty cool, eh? Well, if you need further convincing, here’s a brief video demonstrating that feature in action. It actually fits the game extremely well, though it does rob the viewer of the colorful visuals; and it does make the gameplay a little harder as players can no longer see which attack — red or blue — is coming. At any rate, the look is quite astounding and serves as a fun addition to an already amazing game.

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María Mercedes Coroy as Alma

Sabrina De La Hoz as Natalia

Margarita Kenéfic as Carmen

Julio Diaz as Enrique

María Telón as Valeriana

Juan Pablo Olyslager as Letona

Ayla-Elea Hurtado as Sara

Co-Written and Directed by Jayro Bustamente; Co-Written by Lisandro Sanchez

Click here to watch La Llorona

La Llorona Review:

The legend of The Weeping Woman has been utilized to varying degrees on both the big and small screen over the past 50 years and while the James Wan-produced The Curse of La Llorona was a fun enough jump fest, it suffered thoroughly from a story jam-packed with clichés and flat characters, especially the backstory for the titular entity and now she has finally been brought to life in powerful and compelling fashion with Jayro Bustamente’s latest effort.

Indignant retired general Enrique finally faces trial for the genocidal massacre of thousands of Mayans decades ago. As a horde of angry protestors threatens to invade their opulent home, the women of the house—his haughty wife, conflicted daughter, and precocious granddaughter—weigh their responsibility to shield the erratic, senile Enrique against the devastating truths being publicly revealed and the increasing sense that a wrathful supernatural force is targeting them for his crimes. Meanwhile, much of the family’s domestic staff flees, leaving only loyal housekeeper Valeriana until a mysterious young Indigenous maid arrives.

So often when it comes to a story centered on the titular entity, we are treated to a strict recreation of the legend of a woman who is unloved by her husband and violently drowns their two children after finding him sleeping with another woman and then drowns herself, but is denied entrance to heaven and wanders the Earth crying for her lost sons and taking children and drowning them in either a nearby river or the river she drowned her sons in. It’s not a bad story, if done right it can be really interesting to watch this devolution of the woman who would become the wandering spirit, but the problem is she’s too often used as a lackluster scare tactic lingering in the background of an even more boring story.

Thankfully, Bustamente and co-writer Lisandro Sanchez have found a way to not only deliver a moving present day story with a chilling horror tale, but also doing so while hardly using the titular entity — and that is by no means a flaw of the film. Strictly playing out in either its courtroom setting or Enrique’s home, the script allows audiences to actually find themselves drawn in to the chilling anti-war critiques, delving into an oft-unexplored and heartbreaking subject of the Guatemalan filmmaker’s home country. While some of its moments of non-movement dialogue feels a little too much like an exposition dump, the plot and character history being revealed at least proves to be intriguing enough to forgive its delivery.

Like some of the best elevated horror movies, namely The Witch or The Blair Witch Project, when it comes to delivering on the chills and thrills Bustamente chooses to keep things ambiguous and the atmosphere palpable rather than endless sightings of the titular entity. While this may make the film sound more like a psychological thriller in the vein of Midsommar than a horror pic, it doesn’t remove any kind of menace from the atmosphere, with nearly every scene of its 97-minute runtime filled to the brim with dread over what we may or may not be seeing on screen.

Part of the success from this spawns from the framing of every scene in the film, be it a handheld walking shot, a slow dolly or Steadicam, every image put on screen not only looks beautiful but feels like a mystery in and of itself. Be it the daytime scenes in which there is so much white cloth and curtains blowing in the wind it’s hard to believe some of them aren’t the malevolent spirit or the nighttime in which characters wander around the empty mansion in the dark, Bustamente keeps audiences guessing on when and if something terrifying will grace the scene alongside the powerful performances on display from its cast.

While some of its conversations feel more like exposition dumps than authentic revelations, the story still proves compelling and powerful, the atmosphere haunting and intense and Bustamente’s direction is superb, resulting in arguably the best adaptation of the iconic legend on screen while also offering a wonderful twist to it.

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HBO Max & Ava DuVernay Partner for One Perfect Shot Docuseries

HBO Max & Ava DuVernay partner for One Perfect Shot docuseries

HBO Max and Ava DuVernay (When They See Us) are teaming up for a half-hour unscripted docuseries exploring the iconic Twitter account One Perfect Shot, with the Oscar-nominated director set to narrate and produce the series via her ARRAY Filmworks banner alongside Warner Horizon Unscripted Television.

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Each episode arms one acclaimed director with an arsenal of visual tools to pull back the curtain on their most iconic shots. Using state of the art technology, the directors will literally enter each shot, walking through the scene in 360 moments that allow viewers to join an immersive exploration of moviemaking. Filmmakers will share their obstacles, challenges, lessons and triumphs as they detail how they created their crowning cinematic achievements. Each helmer will also present one shot from an auteur who deeply influenced them, outlining the inspiration that catalyzed their own imagination.

“There is nothing more fascinating than witnessing the passion and creativity of a filmmaker discussing their craft and dissecting how they pulled off that jaw-dropping shot,” Sarah Aubrey, head of original content, HBO Max, said in a statement. “Narrated by the illustrious Ava DuVernay, this series is sure to ignite and inspire film and television enthusiasts at every level.

“Ava’s concept for One Perfect Shot and ARRAY’s attachment to any project intensifies the production value and story quality,” Mike Darnell, President, Warner Bros. Unscripted & Alternative Television, said in a statement. “As one of today’s most respected filmmakers, Ava is the perfect voice to narrate the journey through the immersive new technology created to showcase the most beloved films of all time,” Brooke Karzen, Executive Vice President and Head of Warner Horizon Unscripted Television, added.

Winner of BAFTA, Peabody and Emmy Awards, Academy Award nominee Ava DuVernay’s directorial work includes the Oscar-winning civil rights drama Selma, the Oscar-nominated social justice documentary 13th and the Disney children’s adventure A Wrinkle in Time, which made her the highest-grossing Black woman director in American box office history. In 2019, she created, wrote, produced and directed the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning limited series When They See Us. She is currently producing the fifth season of her acclaimed series, Queen Sugar. She is the winner of the 2012 Sundance Best Director Prize for her second independent film Middle of Nowhere.

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“I’ve long wanted to create a series about the art of directing,” DuVernay said in a statement. “To chronicle the craft of great filmmakers is a dream come true for me and all of us at ARRAY Filmworks. We’re thrilled that our partners at Warner Horizon Unscripted Television embraced this idea and look forward to fully geeking out over movies with our friends at HBO Max.”

One Perfect Shot is produced by Warner Horizon Unscripted Television, ARRAY Filmworks and One Perfect Shot, and executive produced by Ava DuVernay, Lee Metzger, Neil Miller and co-executive produced by Bruce Robertson. Sarah Bremner and Paul Garnes will co-executive produce for ARRAY Filmworks.

(Photo Credit: Danielle Levitt, August Images)

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CS Video: Sabrina Carpenter and the Work It Cast!

CS Video: Sabrina Carpenter, Liza Koshy & Jordan Fisher talk Work It!

Netflix provided ComingSoon.net with the chance to chat 1:1 with the cast of Laura Terruso’s coming-of-age dance comedy film titled Work It, including former Disney Channel star Sabrina Carpenter, YouTube sensation Liza Koshy, and Jordan Fisher. Check out the video in the player below!

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In Work It, when Quinn Ackerman’s (Sabrina Carpenter) admission to the college of her dreams depends on her performance at a dance competition, she forms a ragtag group of dancers to take on the best squad in school…now she just needs to learn how to dance.

The film stars Sabrina Carpenter (Girl Meets World The Hate U Give), Liza Koshy (Liza on Demand), Jordan Fisher (To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You), Keiynan Lonsdale (The Flash, Love, Simon), Michelle Buteau (Always Be My Maybe) and Drew Ray Tanner.

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Work It is directed by Laura Terruso from a screenplay written by Alison Peck. It is produced by Alicia Keys, Leslie Morgenstein, and Elysa Koplovitz Dutton. This film will also mark Carpenter’s second collaboration with the streaming giant after appearing in last year’s rom-com film Tall Girl.

Produced by Grammy winner Alicia Keys, Work It is now streaming on Netflix!

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Docuseries Cursed Films Renewed For a Second Season at Shudder

Docuseries Cursed Films renewed for a second season at Shudder

Shudder has officially renewed director-creator Jay Cheel’s documentary series Cursed Films for a second season which is expected to premiere in 2021. This renewal comes after four months since the half hour-long series had debuted its 5-episode first season which became the streaming service’s second most-watched series.

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“Season One of Cursed Films captivated audiences with its thoughtful but unflinching exploration of the often tragic events surrounding some of history’s most notorious productions, becoming an instant hit for us and earning rave reviews from both critics and viewers, Shudder’s General Manager Craig Engler said in a statement. “Since its debut, the number one question we’ve been asked is: Will there be more, and how soon? We’re delighted to say that we’re partnering with Jay once again for a second season of Cursed Films that will be even bigger and better than the first.”

In addition, Cheel has also revealed that the upcoming new season will feature some episodes that will explore stories outside of North America. “Filming Season One of Cursed Films was an amazing experience, so I’m thrilled to have the chance to interview a new group of talented filmmakers and film critics while exploring the stories behind five more legendarily ill-fated film productions. This time around we’ll be heading outside of North America for a few episodes, which will not only widen the scope of the series but offer an exciting collection of stories connected to a diverse group of movies.”

Cursed Films is a five-part documentary series which explores the myths and legends behind some of Hollywood’s notoriously “cursed” horror film productions. From plane accidents and bombings during the making of The Omen, to the rumored use of real human skeletons on the set of Poltergeist, these stories are legendary amongst film fans and filmmakers alike. But where does the truth lie?

The docuseries reveals the events that haunted these productions through interviews with experts, witnesses and the cast, directors and producers who lived through the real-life events. Were these films really cursed, as many believe, or just the victims of bad luck and bizarre circumstances?

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It is created by Jay Cheel with Andrew Nicholas, McCann Smith, and Laura Perlmutter serving as executive producers. Season 1 centered on classic cult films including: The Exorcist, The Omen, Poltergeist, The Crow, and Twilight Zone: The Movie.

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HBO Unveils The Third Day Trailer Starring Naomie Harris & Jude Law

HBO unveils The Third Day trailer starring Naomie Harris & Jude Law

Shortly after announcing a September premiere date for the British mystery miniseries, HBO has debuted the first trailer for The Third Day starring Naomie Harris (No Time to Die) and Jude Law (Captain Marvel). The trailer can be viewed in the player below!

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The Third Day is divided into two parts: “Summer” and “Winter.” In “Summer,” one man visits a mysterious island off the British coast and discovers a group of inhabitants intent on preserving their home at any cost. In the second half, aka “Winter,” a strong-willed outsider comes to the island seeking answers — but instead causes a battle to decide its fate.

The miniseries stars Jude Law (The New PopeThe Talented Mr. Ripley) as Sam, Naomie Harris (Moonlight) as Helen, Katherine Waterston (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) as Jess, and Freya Allan (The Witcher) as Kail. It will also feature Emmy and Golden nominee Emily Watson (Chernobyl), Paddy Considine (Hot Fuzz, The Outsider) and John Dagleish.

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The Third Day is co-written and executive produced by Dennis Kelly, who has already worked with Jude Law on the 2014 disaster film Black Sea. It is directed by Marc Munden and Philippa Lowthorpe with Kit de Wall and Dean O’Loughlin serving as writers. The series is executive-produced by Barrett, Kelly, Dede Gardner, and Jeremy Kleiner. The Third Day is a co-production between Sky and HBO.

The miniseries is set to debut on HBO on Monday, September 14 at 9 p.m. EST.

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The Owners Trailer: Maisie Williams Stars in New Thriller

The Owners Trailer: Maisie Williams stars in new thriller

RLJE Films has debuted the first trailer for the upcoming home invasion thriller The Owners starring Maisie Williams (The New Mutants) as one of a group of friends who have the tables turned on them when they try to rob a house. The trailer can be viewed in the player below!

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Based on the French graphic novel Une Nuit de Pleine Lune by Herrmann and Yves H, the story centers on a group of friends think they found the perfect easy score – an empty house with a safe full of cash. But when the elderly couple that lives there comes home early the tables are suddenly turned. As a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues the would-be thieves are left to fight to save themselves from a nightmare they could never have imagined.

The cast for the film includes the Game of Thrones alum, Sylvester McCoy (The Hobbit franchise, Doctor Who), Jake Curran (Spotless, Stardust), Ian Kenny (Solo: A Star Wars Story, Sing Street), Andrew Ellis (Teen SpiritThis Is England) and Rita Tushingham (The Pale HorseVera).

The adaptation has been scripted by Matthieu Gompel (The Dream Kids) and Julius Berg (The Forest, Mata Hari) in collaboration with Geoff Cox, with Berg making his directorial debut on the project.

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The Owners is set to hit select theaters, digital platforms and VOD on September 4.

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Exclusive Creem Documentary Clip on Boy Howdy Beer

Exclusive Creem Documentary Clip on Boy Howdy Beer

Indie film distributor Greenwich Entertainment has provided ComingSoon.net with an exclusive clip from  the upcoming documentary Creem: America’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll Magazine focused on the R. Crumb Boy Howdy beer logo. Check out the clip in the player below!

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Capturing the messy upheaval of the ’70s just as rock was re-inventing itself, the film explores CREEM Magazine’s humble beginnings in post-riot Detroit, follows its upward trajectory from underground paper to national powerhouse – spotlighting iconic features, interviews, and anecdotes along the way – then bears witness to its imminent demise following the tragic and untimely deaths of its visionary publisher, Barry Kramer, and its most famous alum and genius clown prince, Lester Bangs, a year later. Fifty years after publishing its first issue, “America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine” remains a seditious spirit in music and culture.

The documentary will feature interviews with Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament, former Rolling Stone contributing editor and Almost Famous filmmaker Cameron Crowe, Alice Cooper, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, Joan Jett, MC5’s Wayne Kramer, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, KISS’ Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith and J. Geils Band’s Peter Wolf.

Creem: America’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll Magazine is co-written by Jaan Uhelszki and Scott Crawford and directed by the latter, with JJ Kramer and Uhelszki attached as producers while Jenny Feterovich, Raisa Churna, Svetlana Chistyakova, Connie Kramer, Margaret Saadi Kramer and Todd Edinger executive producing.

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The documentary is available on virtual cinema today!

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Exclusive YOLO: Crystal Fantasy Clip for Adult Swim Comedy

Exclusive YOLO: Crystal Fantasy clip for Adult Swim comedy

Just in time for the animated comedy’s debut on Sunday, Adult Swim has shared an exclusive clip with ComingSoon.net for YOLO: Crystal Fantasy from the mind of Australian animator Michael Cusack. The clip can be viewed in the player below!

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Created by Cusack, the quarter-hour series follows two Australian party girls, Sarah and Rachel, as they are on the hunt for fun times, new experiences, positive vibes and optimistic horoscopes in the bizarre town of Wollongong, with Sarah on a quest for love while Rachel strives for chaos. Their desires often cause conflict between the two as they encounter surreal Australiana, strange bush creatures and eccentric nomads.

Cusack went viral his his YouTube hit “Ciggy Butt Brain,” sparking the interest of Rick and Morty co-creator and star Justin Roiland, who asked Cusack to craft an Australian version of his Emmy-winning sci-fi comedy resulting in “Bushworld Adventures.” The 11-minute special aired on Adult Swim on 2018 April Fool’s Day, one year after the surprise season 3 premiere of Rick and Morty.

YOLO: Crystal Fantasy is produced by Cusack alongside Mike Cowap, with Cusack also executive producing with Greta Lee Jackson and Emma Fitzsimons and produced by Princess Pictures and is expected to air later this year on Adult Swim.

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The fourth season of Roiland’s acclaimed sci-fi comedy Rick and Morty began airing on November 10, with the five-episode first half concluding on December 15 and the remaining five episodes expected to air later this year. Thanks to its large viewer following and rave reviews from critics, Adult Swim made a major deal with Roiland and co-creator Dan Harmon two years ago for a 70-episode order to bring the total episode order to 101 episodes.

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Small Axe Trailer: Letitia Wright Stars in Steve McQueen's Anthology Series

Small Axe trailer: Letitia Wright stars in Steve McQueen’s anthology series

Amazon Prime Video has released the first-look trailer for Oscar-winner Steve McQueen’s forthcoming anthology drama series titled Small Axe, providing us a preview of one of the episodes titled “Mangrove” which will be led by Black Panther star Letitia Wright. Based on true events, the trailer for the timely episode also comes in honor of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Mangrove March which saw the unlawful arrest of nine Black activists. Check out the video in the player below!

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Directed by McQueen from a script he co-wrote with Alastair Siddons, the official synopsis for the episode reads: “August 9th marks the 50th anniversary of the march of 150 protesters of West Indian, African and South Asian heritage in Notting Hill, West London who marched to local police stations in protest of police harassment in their communities including the Mangrove restaurant. Nine protest leaders were arrested and charged with incitement to riot: Frank Crichlow, Darcus Howe, Altheia Jones-LeCointe, Barbara Beese, Rupert Boyce, Rhodan Gordon, Anthony Innis, Rothwell Kentish and Godfrey Millett.

McQueen’s Mangrove tells this true story of the Mangrove 9, a group of Black activists who clashed with London police during a protest march in 1970, and the highly publicized trial that followed. The trial was the first judicial acknowledgment of behavior motivated by racial hatred within the Metropolitan Police.”

Small Axe is an anthology comprised of five original films set from the late 1960s to the mid 1980s that tell different stories involving London’s West Indian community, whose lives have been shaped by their own force of will despite rampant racism and discrimination. This title is derived from the African proverb, “If you are the big tree, we are the small axe.” The five films featured in addition to Mangrove are Lovers Rock, Alex Wheatle, Education and Red, White and Blue. It is also the title of a Bob Marley song from his album Catch a Fire.

The series stars Wright and John Boyega (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) along with Malachi Kirby (Roots), Shaun Parkes (Lost in Space), Rochenda Sandall (Line of Duty), Alex Jennings (Victoria) and Jack Lowden (Mary Queen of Scots).

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Small Axe was created by McQueen alongside Alastair Siddons and Courttia Newland. Alex Wheatle is serving as a writing consultant. McQueen will also executive produce along with Tracey Scoffield and David Tanner for Turbine Studios. Turbine Studios is producing with Lammas Park, alongside Anita Overland and Mike Elliot for EMU Films. The series will premiere on BBC One with BBC Studios handling international distribution while Amazon has acquired the U.S. rights.

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