, for our latest weekly poll, asked What's your favorite alien species? The reply options include Klingons, Cardassians, Romulans, Ferengi and Vulcans. Well over 4,000 fans voted and they made the logical choice. The results are as follows:

Vulcans (45%)

Klingons (31%)

Romulans (10%)

Cardassians (7%)

Ferengi (6%)

And where did YOUR favorite alien species land among the results?

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Didn't snag that Star Trek: Mission New York merchandise you wanted at the show, either because you ran out of time or they ran out of products? Well, it's not too late. Now through September 30, the ReedPop Supply Co. online store will be taking orders for a variety of Trek and STMNY items, including t-shirts, hoodies, field bags and pins.

Go to for details and to purchase.

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By Kaung Set and Stephanie Monica

By this time, it’s been two weeks since Dragon Con – one of the largest multi-genre conventions held in Atlanta, GA. Cosplay photos are starting to surface, showcasing some of the best talent that cosplay has to offer. But what you don’t get to see is what it’s like to be an attendee at Dragon Con, an experience unmatched by any other convention.

What Makes Dragon Con Different?

As someone who’s been to a handful (a large handful) of conventions, you start to notice a trend. Most are mapped out the same: a large hall with vendors, artists, and/or exhibitors, a section for celebrity photo ops/autographs and a few large rooms for panels. The convention floor will close sometime in the evening and guests will either go home or attend an after party somewhere offsite.

Dragon Con, on the other hand, is the convention that never sleeps. It is held within the span of 5 host hotels, whose doors never close as long as you have a badge and/or a hotel key card. Official programming runs almost 24 hours from the start of the 4-day event, from the earliest event, like this year’s Good Morning Energizer Dance Party (7:30 am), to after hours events like the infamous Dragon Con Rave (3:00 am). Outside of official programming, attendees are free to roam and party for as long as their heart’s (or tolerance’s) desire. You can choose to amass in the common area of the hotels, or wander into one of the many hotel room parties.

Dragon Con has often been referred to as “the Nerdy Mardi Gras.” I’ve been to Mardi Gras, and I will tell you that the comparison is irrefutable.


So What Is It Like To Be an Attendee?

Do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure novels from the ’80s? That’s what it’s like to be an attendee at Dragon Con. You can choose to attend a panel from the 3,500 hours of programming, hang out with your favorite celebrity in the Walk of Fame (and maybe grab a selfie in the elevator), eat a pizza with a Jedi, join the conga line of 30 Deadpools, dance with a 12ft Gundam, grab a drink with the Flash… I could go on forever.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. But if you go in with an open mind, a loose schedule, and no expectations – you’ll have an unCONventional experience.


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I don’t usually do marathons, but this is one I may do. This is not your normal marathon; there is not much running to do (if any), and you probably don’t even need to leave the house. FXX will be running a 600-episode marathon of The Simpsons.

The event will span 13 days starting in the most obvious holiday to hold it on, Thanksgiving. The best holiday to just kick back and watch the episodes unless you are making food like I am. This is set to be the longest marathon in TV history, beating out the previous one by one day.

The previous title was held by FXX, which did a 12-day marathon of The Simpsons in 2014. (552 episodes, to give the channel some brand recognition.) By the way, the 600th episode of The Simpsons will be Treehouse of Horror XXVII on October 19th, which will be shown on Fox.

Are you brave enough to do this marathon? Let us know.

Via: EW

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It'll be a Crusher mother and son reunion at Destination Star Trek Europe next month, as Gates McFadden has just been confirmed for the event, and she'll join her screen son, the already announced Wil Wheaton, on stage. And, for those who can't get enough of the Dr. Crusher-Wesley combination, McFadden and Wheaton are set to pose together for photos.

Star Trek's Gate McFadden & Wil Wheaton

Destination Star Trek Europe will be held October 7-9 at the NEC Birmingham. In addition to McFadden and Wheaton, other celebrity guests will include William Shatner, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Christopher Lloyd, Terry Farrell, Marina Sirtis, Robert Duncan McNeill, Alexander Siddig, Nicole de Boer, Martha Hackett, Max Grodenchik, Robert O'Reilly, Armin Shimerman, Jeffrey Combs, Casey Biggs, Eddie Paskey, Eric Pierpoint, Vaughn Armstrong, Connor Trinneer, Alice Krige, Dominic Keating, Garrett Wang, Chase Masterson and Bobby Clark. All of the stars will talk on stage and be available for autographs and photo ops.

Wil Wheaton in Star Trek

Beyond the guests, fans can enjoy a galaxy of parties and other activities. Following a day of convention fun on Friday, fans can slip into their finest Starfleet attire and beam over to the Federation Ball, to be held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole (a five-minute walk from the venue). Then, on Saturday, William Shatner will perform his popular one-man show, Shatner's World, for the first time in the UK, with the performance taking place on The Enterprise Stage at the NEC.

Destination Star Trek Europe: Quark's Bar and Casino

Saturday will also boast the Saturday Night Party at Quark's Bar and Casino, which will feature entertainment by the fan-favorite Star Trek Rat Pack, a/k/a Armin Shimerman, Max Grodenchik, Vaughn Armstrong, Jeffrey Combs and Casey Biggs. The party will take place at Hilton Birmingham Metropole. Tickets for the Shatner performance and parties are on sale now, both as separate admissions and as part of various packages. Other activities will include the opportunity to explore interactive exhibits and learn about Star Trek’s impact on science, space and technology.

For additional details and to purchase tickets to DSTE, go to

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Not much is known about the Doctor Who spin-off Class. It is based out of Coal Hill School, the school where Clara Oswald taught at (as well as the first two companions – Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton). The school has been known to have supernatural forces surrounding it and now, sans the Doctor, the students must deal with it somehow. There have been many teaser trailers, but nothing quite concrete that shows us what the students will actually deal with.


It has been confirmed that Peter Capaldi aka The Doctor will be in the premiere episode to introduce the characters. The cast talked about working with Capaldi on the set. We will probably see more of our famous monsters and characters throughout the season as well.

Check out the Facebook Live chat below:

For updates on the series, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Class premieres on October 22nd on BBC Three.

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"Where No Man Has Gone Before" aired 50 years ago yesterday. And following on yesterday's guest blog by David Tilotta and Curt McAloney, which explored the making of the episode, takes another deep dive into the episode today. As most fans know, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" was not the first Star Trek: The Original Series hour to run. "The Man Trap" and "Charlie X" ran first. However, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" was a vitally important hour, as it was Gene Roddenberry's second pilot for Star Trek, and the one that convinced NBC to green light the series after having rejected Roddenberry's first stab at a pilot, "The Cage."

Some facts, figures, thoughts and quotes pertaining to "Where No Man Has Gone Before" --

The poem "Nightingale Woman" was written by Gene Roddenberry about... the plane he flew during World War II.

Gary Lockwood, who played Lt. Commander Gary Mitchell, had previously worked with Roddenberry on The Lieutenant. Lockwood, of course, went on to greater sci-fi fame in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Sally Kellerman, who portrayed Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, went on to star as Major Margaret "Hotlips" Houlihan in the film M*A*S*H.

The phaser rifle made its one and only appearance in this episode.

Bees swarmed the set on July 23, 1965, the fifth day of production. They stung William Shatner and Sally Kellerman.

Memory Alpha notes that "the aired version of this episode features a different version of the first season opening credits, which does not have William Shatner's opening narration, and uses a different orchestration of the main and end title themes. These orchestrations were used until mid-season during the original run and the initial syndication showings."

One of the best lines in the episode was Kirk's frustrated plea to Spock: "Will you try for one moment to feel? At least act like you've got a heart."

Another memorable bit of dialogue, uttered by Mitchell to Kirk: "You should've killed me while you could, James. Command and compassion are a fool's mixture."

Though the captain's name is James T. Kirk, the gravestone Mitchell erected for him reads James R. Kirk.

The writer Samuel A. Peeples handed in his first story outline for the episode in April, 1965. That's not a typo. The year was 1965.

According to Memory Alpha, "the voices of damage control personnel responding to the emergency situation were reused many times in subsequent episodes. These voices were provided by Gene Roddenberry, Robert Justman, Majel Barrett, Herb Solow, and other production staff members, including some from Mission: Impossible. Roddenberry can be heard saying, 'Communicator, we need more lines to the impulse deck!' in subsequent episodes.'"

The episode did not include DeForest Kelley as Dr. McCoy, but rather Paul Fix as Doctor Piper. Eddie Paskey appeared as Lt. Leslie, but went uncredited. Nichelle Nichols was not in the episode, either.

Director James R. Goldstone helmed one other TOS episode, "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" He passed away on November 5, 1999 at the age of 68.

Memory Alpha notes that "Where No Man Has Gone Before" is both the only episode of the series in which James Doohan (Scotty) appears but DeForest Kelley (McCoy) does not, and is also the only episode where Spock and Scotty wear gold and tan tunics instead of their better known blue and red, respectively.

Talking to about the episode, Trek's longevity and her and Lockwood's enduring association with Trek, Kellerman said, "(Lockwood and I) had no idea we’d be talking about it (50) years later, but it’s really great. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. We really had nothing to do with it. We just happened to be in the episode."

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When some Federation Captains find a dilapidated old spaceship floating out in the void of space, they scrap it and think nothing more of it. But a more insightful Captain might see that old broken down wreck as more of an opportunity to restore a piece of history from a bygone era. Time may pass, but a classic will always be just that: a classic. In terms of scale, a ship is far too small with what will be coming soon to Tribble: let’s talk about space stations. More specifically, let’s talk about a new (old) fleet holding.

Star Trek Online Fleet Leader Characters

Fleet Leaders will soon find themselves the proud new owners of a somewhat neglected piece of 23rd century history in dire need of some TLC, located high in orbit above a picturesque alien planet. But why update a space station to look like all the others, when your fleet could restore it to its former glory? Technology has certainly improved since those days of old, and it will be up to Fleets to retrofit old aesthetics with new capabilities.

Star Trek Online Technology

A space station that serves as homage to the past wouldn’t be complete without retrofit technologies from that era. As Fleets fix up the space station, they will gain access to an armory of era appropriate weapons and kit modules. Cryo-tubes and stasis-pens hold Federation and Klingon officers waiting to be released and put back into duty, and are eager to lend their old school ingenuity to your galactic restoration efforts.

Star Trek Online Space Station

This old space station once held the distinction of studying alien biology and technology, and information gleaned from those studies still exist on data banks waiting to be repaired and put to use in defending the quadrants from exotic threats. Fleets will find blueprints and schematics to new Engineering ship consoles, as well as some interesting weapons encountered in The Original Series.

We hope you and your fleet will enjoy restoring this classic piece of technology, and reliving the aesthetic of a bygone age. It’s time to bring this beauty back to life, and you have the keys.

For more Star Trek Online news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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Ever since The LEGO Movie, the Warner Animation Group is starting to establish themselves as a potential force in the crowded theatrical animation department. Its next film, Storks, is the studio’s last original animated until Smallfoot in 2018. Does Storks continue the streak that started with The LEGO Movie or is Storks a steep decline for the rising studio?

Fortunately, Storks is a step forward albeit a small step forward for the studio. Storks isn’t the generic family comedy that you expect but a high-concept, hilarious, and outrageous film that should please your family.

Storks is set in a world where storks at one time delivered babies to families around the world. Now, the storks deliver packages instead of babies. Junior, on the verge of becoming the boss of, is tasked with firing the only human on stork mountain, Orphan Tulip. However, a series of events bring together these two unlikely allies to deliver a baby to a family.


While Storks doesn’t seem like the animated film to feature complex characters, writer/director Nicolas Stoller made sure that Storks delivered on the laughs as well as the sentimental moments. Storks isn’t just able to appeal to children but parents too. In this day and age where people are deciding not to have kids, Storks defends the idea of having a family in a resolute and heartfelt manner.

Unfortunately, to hammer this idea home, Stoller fills Storks with an excess of storylines. By my count, there are at least 5 storylines that play out during the 87-minute runtime. That’s not a lot of time for a film with this many storylines. Much like the film’s pacing, the jokes come in at a frenzied pace with the Looney Tunian gags hitting more often than not. But this frenetic pace, combined with the overstuffed storylines, result in some disjointed editing.

The animation isn’t as realistic as Disney/Pixar or as outrageous as Illumination Entertainment but Storks is just as good as the top-tier animation studios out there. The candy-colored palette allows the filmmakers to create this nonsensical world where the rules of physics don’t really apply (see: the wolf pack).

Yet the best and most important aspect to Storks is its all-star comedic voice talent. Essentially there are four sets of actors that are grouped together and the chemistry between each set is palpable. Chief among them is Andy Samberg and Katie Crown who both carry the film together. The comedic timing between Samberg and Crown are fantastic, with each actor playing off each other with high energy.


Andy Samberg still sounds like Andy Samberg in the film, but this seems to fit so well with his character. It’s very reminiscent of his Jake Peralta role on “Brooklyn 99.” Samberg may get top billing, but Crown steals the show with her many years of voice acting. She’s able to use her voice to create multiple characters and be charismatic enough for audiences to get attached to her.

Ty Burrell, Jennifer Aniston, and Anton Starkman definitely have a family vibe going. But the big standout is Starkman who hilariously is able to guilt trip his parents into helping him rebuild the house to make it “stork friendly.” In their parental roles, Burrell and Aniston do well working with Starkman despite their limited time on screen. The biggest highlights in the film come from the Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s wolf pack. Although most of the laughs come from the ridiculousness of the wolf pack, Key and Peele revel at the ridiculousness of it all. Trust me when I say that the line: “Wolfpack! Form of [insert vehicle here]” will be the one thing you’ll remember the most out of this film.

Unfortunately, the villain set is a bit lacking and a bit obnoxious. Kelsey Grammer uses his iconic voice to bring a villainous gravitas to the role. Yet as menacing as Grammer sounds, he’s still left with a one-dimensional role. Stephen Kramer Glickman’s Pigeon Toady is an odd choice as a character because he feels out of place compared to the rest of the film. His bro personality and weird workplace banter don’t play well for the audiences that Storks is aimed at. Not only that but Toady’s scenes are also weirdly placed and dragged on more than it should.

Overall, Storks is a good addition to Warner Animation Group’s ever growing list of theatrical films. Despite the several missteps, there’s enough wit, warmth, and fun here to have you excited for the future of the house that Bugs and Daffy built.

Rating: 3.5/5 atoms
NR 3_5 Atoms - B-

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The Patronus Charm, first introduced in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, was a defensive spell that produced a silver, animal guardian used to protect a wizard from Dementors. It is a powerful positive force that comes from your happiest memories. Each Patronus takes form as a different animal. Harry’s Patronus was a stag, Hermione’s was an Otter, and Ron’s was a Jack Russell Terrier. Of course, the most popular Patronus was the doe that belonged to Lily and Snape (Always).

Now, you can have your own Patronus, brought to you by Pottermore. Once you sign into Pottermore, you could take the test to determine what your Patronus is. Hyperable has listed all the possible choices, but don’t think you could trick the system. It’s as random as the Houses test.

J.K. Rowling revealed hers earlier today:

Find out what yours is today.

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creep la

I’m inside a lounge stocked with alcohol, and around me are patrons chosen to enter the darkness. The alcohol may help with venturing down the dark path. Creepy individuals roam around and chat up the guests. Some give massages and others perform disturbing acts, like putting a nail inside their nostril. A lovely and beautiful young woman sat on my lap as she tries to make me feel uncomfortable. A young man asks me questions on how I got chosen to enter the darkness. I told him that one should embrace it and he went off to cause a disturbance in the room. Welcome to Creep LA, and this was just the waiting area for the immersive theatre that’s back for its second year.

Creep Los Angeles is currently bringing the creep factor into the immersive theatre community just in time for the Halloween season. We had the chance to check out the 45-minute experience (time may vary depending on the group). This year’s theme is the dark mind of ’70s tortured artist, Erebus Burwyck, and attendees will go from one creepy room to the next as they experience all kinds of weird scenarios. It’s a very intimate experience, as your group is limited to 6.

Before entering the lounge, you’ll have to walk through a very dark maze. It’s a nice start for the rest of the journey. The rooms after the lounge have a disjointed feel, with one bizarre scenario after the next. You’ll be guided around by actors, taken away from your group, witnessing sensual events, walking blindly in a mirrored hallway and many more.

I advise those attending to wear comfortable clothing and be willing to do the weird things asked of them. (Pretty much don’t have a stick up your ass.) Oh, you won’t have to do anything too extreme, like being touched on your arms in sensual ways, either from a male or female actor.

Here’s the info for CreepLA:

  • Location: 2316 N. San Fernando Rd in Los Angeles.
  • Tickets range from $40 – $50.
  • @CreepLosangeles #CreepLA #Creepitreal

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If you missed Dragon Con this year, then let Beat Down Boogie take care of that. The team has finally released its Dragon Con video titled “Let’s Forget Who We Are,” and it features plenty of awesome cosplay. If you haven’t been to the con, this video will surely make you want to go next year. If you did attend, the video is also good at giving you the con blues.

Source: Beat Down Boogie

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