All My Life

A lot of movie watchers will go into All My Life with the mindset that they’re walking into a manipulative tearjerker expertly planned to appeal to sentimental audiences. For the most part, these pundits are right. All My Life uses a can’t-fail combination of attractive, charming young stars and a sympathetic, heartbreaking story of love and anguish to help manipulate audiences. The film is every bit a product of the genre, but it offers much more than that. It’s also bravely earnest and undeniably life-affirming, which assists in streamlining the film’s themes of guilt, perseverance, and undying love for the big screen.

All My Life follows Jennifer Carter (Jessica Rothe) and Solomon “Sol” Chau and their journey after discovering some devasting news about Sol. With their wedding in doubt, Jennifer and Sol decide to cancel their wedding. However, thanks to an outpouring of support from people around the world, Jennifer and Sol only have a limited amount of time to hold their dream wedding. 

The key selling point of All My Life is its unsentimental normality of interracial love. Yet the film doesn’t look to exploit the tragedy that fell upon Jennifer and Sol or that they’re a charming interracial couple. Instead, it celebrates the unbending love that they have despite their awful situation. The film works hard to make you cry, but its gradual manipulation is too lighthearted to justify any contempt. Director Marc Meyers gives the story a believable embodiment of every loving couple’s worst nightmare: What would you do if your significant other had cancer?

All My Life - Harry Shum Jr. and Jessica Rothe

The film capably explores Sol’s plight by highlighting the fear of mortality plaguing these characters and the catharsis involved in defying that fear. However, despite the film’s usage of stereotypical tropes, the film never seems to fall apart mainly because the actors bring a visible conviction to their roles.

Of course, it also helps that there is delightful chemistry between Rothe and Shum Jr.. They’re so great together that their relationship makes other relationships look pedestrian. Thankfully, this isn’t a rapidly developed relationship. Meyers spends time letting the pair get to know each other and their tendencies. Jennifer and Sol’s love is rendered all the more compelling by their real dialogue, unwavering support for each other, and the fact that they love each other no matter what.

At times, their relationship feels pleasant and amusing, but occasionally, it comes across as too perfect. That’s not to say that they don’t argue and have disagreements. Anyone who’s ever had to watch a loved one go through cancer is met with a barrage of fears and emotions. After all, we’re only human. We act out, we run out, and we give up hope. Yet we see more of the good (and the love) than the tough times between Jennifer and Sol. It’s clear early on that Marc Meyers is mostly concerned with showcasing the intimate, tender relationship between the two so he can destroy you later.

It’s hard to stop when it starts, but overall, All My Life is pretty blatant in its efforts to make you tear up, but the tears come from a real place. All in all, the film is a poignant romantic film that doesn’t look to exploit the tragedy that fell upon Jennifer and Sol or the fact that they’re an interracial couple. Nevertheless, even though the film’s manipulative tendencies make it unlikely to win over cynics. On the other hand, hopeless romantics will be brought to tears. Bring the tissue box.

Rating: 3.5/5 atoms

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The Official First Single Off the album PHAT N8V! Coming 2021

KMB The Sexy Ninja
The Price
Album: PHAT N8V
Directed By: FEARGEAR
C+ Studios
Aleister Couture Records
1259 Production

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Courtesy of Universal

All My Life is based on the true love story starring Jessica Rothe (Happy Death Day films) as Jennifer Carter and Harry Shum Jr (Glee, Shadowhunters) as Solomon Chau, an engaged couple who sped up their wedding date after finding out Chau had cancer. We’ve had the chance to chat with both actors about the film, which hits theaters this Friday on December 4th.

Nerd Reactor: What was the audition like, and did you have chemistry right away?

Jessica Rothe: I have to say, I think we did have the chemistry right away. I was lucky enough to be cast in the film first. I don’t even know if that’s the right way to say it. I got to audition.

Harry Shum Jr: It’s because you’re super talented!

Jessica Rothe: What I’m going to say is Harry knocked it out of the park. For our chemistry read, he was the only person who not only brought so much humor, love, warmth, and intelligence to solve, but also the emotional complexity and depth of someone who is facing a terminal illness. And that’s something that is so integral to telling this story and understanding the complicated and heartbreaking journey that these two people go on.

And so I fell in love with his acting, but then I also fell in love with him as a human being. He is just such a bright, wonderful ray of sunshine. He’s so funny and goofy. As you know, I cry quite a bit in this film, just a little bit. It was so nice that at the end of every scene, Harry and I had each other to comfort each other and check-in and make sure we were both okay. We had a blast.

Harry Shum Jr: You know, Jess is a special human. You really are a special human. I wasn’t familiar with Jess’ work, only through hearing how wonderful of an actress she was and then getting to act with her. After I watched all the Happy Death Days, I became a Jessica Rothe fan in that element.

But when working with her, I remember that chem read that we had, and I instantly felt this connection. Sometimes you’re like, “Well, I’m trying to do my thing and never felt like the other was trying to just do their thing,” which happens a lot. We were trying to support each other and trying to make each other look good. And that was really, really special. Because to have that right away, I was like, “Oh, this could work.” And we could keep making some really great moments. As Jessica said, we always made sure that we were in a good place. And at least we were doing everything we can to help the other get to that place, whatever it was needed. So a lot of crying, a lot of hugging, and a lot of making sure that we had each other’s back, which was a big part of this movie and the theme of this movie as well.

Nerd Reactor: Did you feel nervous about tackling a project that’s based on a true story?

Jessica Rothe: Oh, 100%! It was very nerve-wracking, but we were both very fortunate that we had the opportunity to talk to the OG Jen Carter. I actually spoke with her for almost three hours the first time we talked, and she, in an incredibly generous way, gave me permission to create whatever character I wanted to… to not feel beholden to her or worrying about what she would do or what she would think of the character. It was more about honoring the essence of the relationship and honoring their love and honoring the the way that they fought for each other. And so because of that, I was able to step onto set and just be completely present with Harry, and we were able to find the love story that existed within this script and between us. That was such a joy.

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Eddie Murphy made his big-screen debut with 1982’s 48 Hrs., a “buddy cop” movie that launched his career as a movie star. Two years later, he continued that tradition with Beverly Hills Cop, another classic buddy cop film known for Murphy’s comedic talents, the theme music, and the banana in the tailpipe gag.

The movie has seen many home video treatments, and now it’s finally available on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. The 4K presentation and DTS-HD audio are pretty good for an ’80s product, and the film is an instant classic with performances by Murphy, Judge Reinhold and John Ashton, and the catchy music.

Beverly Hills Cop is the first in the Beverly Hills Cop series that continued to push Eddie Murphy’s popularity as a movie star. He plays Detroit undercover cop Axel Foley, who is on the hunt for the men responsible for the death of his childhood friend. This leads him to Beverly Hills, where he uncovers an illegal operation. He’ll have to reveal this plot while also dealing with the Beverly Hills cops, which operates strictly by the books.

The story is simple with the typical cop investigating a criminal operation front, and it’s the actors and setting that make the film entertaining. Murphy shines with his fast-talking and loose code, and Reinhold and Ashton are a welcome addition as the goody-two-shoes cops who get dragged along for the ride. It’s a nice blend of humor and action and a fun take on a fish out of water formula.

The music of Beverly Hills Cop has a soft spot in my heart, and the Axel F theme gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. It even spawned a popular remix of a frog singing ding dong. The film’s soundtrack is also another high note with “The Heat Is On” by Glenn Frey and “Neutron Dance” by The Pointer Sisters included in the mix.

Video Quality

It’s not the most impressive of 4K presentation, but for an ’80s film, it’s as good as you’re going to get since there are hardly any signs of artifacts and particles. However, the video is grainy and many of the scenes don’t really shine in Ultra HD resolution. The ones that do show off the power of 4K is the climactic battle at Victor Maitland’s house where you can see the details in the trees, plants and buildings. Dolby Vision HDR is included, but it didn’t blow us away with its colors and range.

4/5 Atoms

Audio Quality

There’s a lot of clanking and tinny sounds from car crashes and gunfire, but the audio is clear from the dialogue to the sputtering of the tailpipe getting clogged by bananas. The standout is the ’80s music and pop-synth score by Harold Faltermeyer. The soundtrack really puts the DTS-HD track to work with the bass, mids, and highs.

3.5/5 Atoms


The bulk of the extras are in the HD Blu-ray disc, with a few in the 4K disc. There’s a director’s commentary, few short interviews, a 30-minute documentary, a 10-minute casting process featurette, deleted scenes, a music featurette, a theatrical trailer and more.

The highlights are definitely the director’s commentary, the 30-minute documentary, and the music featurette with composer Faltermeyer. The behind-the-scenes content gives us some insight into the casting choice, including the original plan to hire Sylvestor Stallone as the main lead instead of Murphy.

Score: 3.5/5 Atoms

Final Reaction

Beverly Hills Cop is the film that started the series, and it’s a highly entertaining buddy cop film with fun performances by Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, and John Ashton. The 4K presentation and HD audio aren’t out of this world, but it’s a good transfer for an ’80s film. The extras aren’t as robust, but it’s adequate and gives viewers enough info behind the scenes of Beverly Hills Cop.

Final Score: 4/5 Atoms

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The new album featuring Lex The Hex Master, Myzery, Fury, Cage, Project Born, Pacewon, and Mastamind is out now!

Check the tracklist below:

  1. Psychomachy
  2. Hell Iz Ovacrowded
  3. Gethsemane
  4. Confessionz of a Killa (ft. Project Born)
  5. Ghost Breath (Ft. Mastamind, BstMstR)
  6. Leprosy
  7. Dog Backwardz
  8. Mephibosheth the Broken
  9. 177 Feet Per Second (ft. Lex The Hex Master & Fury)
  10. That’z Unphortanate (ft. Pacewon, Apollo Suns)
  11. Shane O’max
  12. Caleb and the Mountain
  13. Thursday the 12th (ft. Myzery, Eidolon, Mattrix)
  14. Addict (t. Ryan B Hyeeze, Nada-Lez)
  15. Sleeper Hold (ft. Jules Baxter, Cage)
  16. Rad Sandstone
  17. The Year Without a Summer
  18. Uncrtnty

Listen via Spotify here:

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Who’s ready for a brand new month of Wicked Clown flavor?  It’s already December, and tomorrow starts a FULL MONTH of shows and podcasts that you can access via the Insane Clown Posse Patreon!

If you didn’t unsubscribe, you were probably charged the $66.50 (+tax) today, and with that purchase you’ll get to view over a dozen exclusive shows including Big Ballas all being broadcast from Violent J‘s house!

Tomorrow night at 9 PM EST, we’ll get our first show which is the Clown Cookoff Show!  All we’ve been given is the following info:

Tomorrow night at 9pm EST we kick off ICP’s HELLA FRESH HOLIDAYS!! Watch as Shaggy 2 Dope, Jumpsteady and Violent J go head to head to head in the ultimate cooking competition! Sign up

You’ve got the info and you’ve got the link…don’t sleep on these shows!

Click to purchase ICP’s Patreon!

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Eric Bischoff on working with Insane Clown Posse during their time with World Championship Wrestling: 

“I had no problem with them, I mean they were whack, they were different, but it’s the wrestling business, at least back then! It’s a little more civilized now than it used to be, but yeah, they lived their characters. They were the real deal so they brought a lot of that backstage with them but I stayed as clear from it as I possibly could.”


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The brand new  video for the scorching Lex the Hex Master  MNE collabo titled “Insane” featuring Boondox, Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Jamie Madrox! P.S. Ninjas! Be sure to check out “Insane” on Episode 2:  of Lex’s Haunted Mansion here:

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Madd Maxxx’s “D.o.A.”(Dying on Acid) from the forthcoming album “Kaleidoscope”! Music video directed by Lo Key.  

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Keanu Reeves Cyberpunk 2077
Credit: CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 is shaping up to be one of the biggest games out there, and with the game being delayed many times, it hasn’t gone well with impatient fans. On the plus side, CD Projekt Red wants to deliver a very high-quality game. For those still looking forward to the big world of Night City on the PC, the updated recommended system configurations have been revealed, and the GeForce RTX 3070 is shown as the recommended GPU for ray tracing. Additionally, Nvidia and CD Projekt Red released a video showcasing new RTX gameplay.

What can fans expect from Cyberpunk 2077 ray tracing? In the video, DirectX Raytracing (DXR) and Nvidia DLSS are on display, and the CD Projekt Red team is talking about how ray tracing can help with building a lively and vibrant world. The day and night cycle is improved along with RTX features like ray-traced reflections, improved shadows, and diffused lighting on buildings and streets.

CD Projekt Red previously released the recommended system configurations for Cyberpunk 2077, but the updated version includes the recommended GPUs for RTX On. The GeForce RTX 3070 is the official GPU for the recommended ray-tracing GPU.

Here’s the updated recommended system configuration for Cyberpunk 2077:

The RTX GPUs are still hard to come by, but you can try your luck when they become available at retailers including Amazon, Best Buy and Nvidia’s site.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on December 10, 2020. The game will have a free upgraded version for the consoles, so if you get the PS4 version, you can get the upgraded version at a later date, and the same goes for the Xbox One upgraded to the Xbox Series X/S.

If you don’t have an RTX GPU, you can still play with RTX On via GeForce Now, Nvidia’s cloud gaming service. As long as you have a good connection, you can experience ray tracing just like those with the RTX GPUs.

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As we roll into the final month of 2020, I think all of us would welcome a bit of good news.  Something super fresh came across my timeline today that I didn’t think I would EVER see.  Former CEO of the now defunct Funk Volume record label posted a picture and short message on all of his social media platforms.

The picture featured him and Hopsin, who I’m sure most of you know has had some extremely negative things to say about his former manager.  Seeing them smiling in a picture together in the same room really took me by surprise.

So, what does this mean?  Will there be a Funk Volume resurrection?  Is this just a friendly meeting to squash whatever beef there still was?  Here’s what Dame had to say about it:

From Damien Ritter’s Facebook:

I sat down with 


 and recorded a 4 hour podcast last night.

I’m not sure when it will be released…BUT when it is…I hope that you watch it.

There is a lot to be learned from our experience.


Damn…I hope that podcast drops sooner than later!  Come on Dame…spill the details!

We’ll make sure to let you know when this drops and give you the highlights!  Stay tuned for more soon!

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