6 Iconic Jurassic Park Dioramas: A Roaring Good Series of Collectibles

Courtesy of Iron Studios

A Jurassic Park diorama is perfect to capture the attention of any fan familiar with the phrase “When dinosaurs roamed the earth.” However, deciding what aesthetics best match one’s personal taste, as well as weight and height concerns regarding the display area, can be a daunting task.

Thankfully for those interested, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top producers and their products that are sure to appease the carnivorous hunger of any hardcore Jurassic Park fan. From dramatic scenes evoking iconic memories to cute and adorable dinos at play, picking out a Jurassic Park diorama for yourself or the ultimate dino-fan in your life just got a little bit easier.

1. T-Rex Attacks Dr. Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm Scale 1/10 (SET A + SET B)

Courtesy of Iron Studios

This marvelous Jurassic Park diorama arguably stands as the (tyrant) king of them all! At an impressive 55 centimeters across and 160 centimeters in length, the diorama brilliantly displays one of the most classic scenes from the franchise.

A terrifyingly imposing Tyrannosaurus Rex roars in the presence of a stunned Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm, who have absolutely stunning facial expressions in one of the most accurate human depictions of confidence in the face of danger displayed in any diorama. The inside of the classic flipped Jeep even features two small water glasses in order to symbolize the scenes of Dr. Malcom explaining Chaos Theory, complete with water, maps and all!

An LED glows from inside, highlighting the strewn park paraphernalia from around the flipped vehicle and foliage with intricate chlorophyll lines peek from outside of the fencing. Unique physics of splashing puddles and electrical wires snapping add to the dramatic atmosphere captured by this diorama which easily ranks quite high on the list as an easy must-have for any serious diorama collector who appreciates the franchise.

It is the combination of two separate sets in order to recreate the scene with the most accuracy and integrity. It’s a real investment, however, and limited to a mere 292 pieces.

2. Velociraptors in the Kitchen Diorama Art Scale 1/10 – Jurassic Park

Courtesy of Iron Studios

This Jurassic Park diorama contains yet another classic scene from the first movie in the franchise; a hungry pair of velociraptors stalk a young Tim Murphy in the labyrinth-like kitchens of the park.

Based on the original references, this hand-painted diorama includes accurate kitchen appliances down to the exact utensil layout as featured in the movie! Pots and pans rest akimbo thanks to the stomping anger of the dinosaurs chasing their clever prey. Great attention to detail was given to the faces of both the raptors and Tim; the former inquisitively stalking and investigating the sources of various audio disturbances while the latter silently holds their breath, nervously glancing from side-to-side for an escape.

This particular Jurassic Park diorama weighs in at 10 pounds, allowing for great stability for the characters displayed while not being too heavy to move around if needed, which saves the backs and shoulders of collectors who like to rearrange their displays often. Even the minute details of Tim’s cuts and scrapes from his previous escapes from danger are present down to the very dirt on his knees and blood on his right eye! This diorama is limited to only 600 pieces.

3. T-Rex Attack BDS Art Scale 1/10 (SET A) – Jurassic Park

Courtesy of Iron Studios

Is your favorite character from the series the Tyrannosaurus Rex? If so, then this Jurassic Park diorama is for you! Set A features the T-Rex on its own, highlighted in dinosaur glory mid-roar.

This primal beast is featured stomping on the wreckage of one of the park’s many self-driving Jeeps, with shattered glass and highly realistic puddle effects scattered around the bottom. The Jeep has functioning LED lights that replicate the effect of the car alarm sounding off into the dark knight; it casts an eerie glow over the scattered park maps and other paraphernalia and reflects off of the stainless steel beams.

As always, this diorama is hand-painted with loving care. However, it’s important to note that it weighs a whopping 70 pounds! This “SET A” Jurassic Park diorama is limited to only 456 pieces.

4. Triceratops Diorama Deluxe Art Scale 1/10 – Jurassic Park

Courtesy of Iron Studios

Veterinarians and herbivore fans alike will remember this scene well; this Jurassic Park diorama features the team caretaking a sick triceratops after it consumed poisonous berries found in its waste.

It features more human characters than most dioramas from the series, all with their signature items and details. Dr. Grant rests on the beast’s stomach, listening as it begins to breathe with a smile on his face. Ellie Sattler at the front inspects the eyes of the triceratops with a small pocket flashlight.

Courtesy of Iron Studios

Careful attention was placed even in the bulb area; the eyes of the triceratops behave accordingly and appear dilated. Lex and Tim Murphy stand in awe of the scene, although it’s debatable if it’s because of the sheer majesty of the ill giant or seeing their paleontologist heroes in action. A park worker, detailed down to the individual hairs on his moustache, kneels in the front at the ready.

Weighing in at 17.19 pounds, the diorama is 74 centimeters long and 23 centimeters high, and is limited to less than 400 units. It will be released on December 30, 2020.

5. Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm Art Scale 1/10 – Jurassic Park (SET B)

Interested in the more human side of things? This Jurassic Park diorama features the reactions of Dr. Ian Malcom and Alan Grant, frozen in place and fresh in the rain. Standing 57 centimeters by 90 centimeters, the diorama weighs about 4.4 pounds.

Droplets feature on their Jeep’s windows and on the clothing. Alan Grant waves his flare, while Dr. Malcom decides what it is he wants to do with his own. Fine attention to detail is present down to the chain link that sits to guide the Jeep forward; specks of dirt and rust contrast against the industrial steel. Even the CD-ROM program LED lights up, allowing the car to shine. Wires from the dinosaur enclosure flop and fray as the foliage (the least dangerous of all the things to escape the fencing) begins to coil its way free.

More exclusive than set A, this “SET B” Jurassic Park diorama is limited to only 384 pieces and is available for pre-order.

6. “Welcome To Jurassic Park” Diorama 1/20

Courtesy of Sideshow and Iron Studios

“Welcome to Jurassic Park” is one of the classic lines from the park’s visionary creator and innovator Dr. John Hammond and is stunningly captured in this still Jurassic Park diorama.

This piece features the proud brachiosaurus standing on its hind legs and reaching for a snack atop a tall tree, much to the stunned reactions of Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler. Dr. Hammond is highlighted with his signature smirk of amusement, captured perfectly in polystone with details down to the texturing of the very hat on his head. The grass and foliage blow, uneven and multiple shades of green, highlight the natural feel of the environment in which these dinosaurs roam.

The anatomical accuracy of the brachiosaurus can’t be overstated; the fine lines and wrinkles that occur as it stands up droop naturally as one would expect with the result of gravity pulling on such a monstrously heavy dinosaur. Its eyes glisten as it looks hungrily at its snack. Dr. Hammond’s amber cane glistens in mild contrast to his own surroundings, holding the crystalized mosquito containing the first instance of dinosaur DNA found by humans.

Much like a brachiosaurus itself, this diorama is actually quite heavy, weighing approximately 73 pounds and standing at a tall 31.5 inches. Limited to less than 125 units, this diorama will be collectible for decades to come and is available to pre-order.

Bonus: Crash McCreerys Baby Raptors Diorama

Experience the miracle of birth with this Jurassic Park diorama as a trio of newborn baby velociraptors play innocently and their incubator. The only diorama on the list to not be from Iron Studios, this Chronicle Collectibles, this piece nonetheless captures in stunning detail all of the anatomy that any dinosaur fan or Jurassic Park fan would come to appreciate from any collector’s piece.

An exact 1:1 scale of what it would have been in the film, each raptor is featured performing a different pose. One uses a talon to delicately scratch behind its left jaw, while its siblings play with one another and almost mock hunting scene.

The gloss and coloring of the eyes of each baby dinosaur are unique as well as the placement of each tooth and the texture of each bit of skin. Also unique to this list is the fact that this scene was actually cut from the original movie; the velociraptors were deemed too terrifying to be portrayed in such an adorable manner as if they were practically domesticated shortly after hatching from their eggs.

At 9 inches tall and 18 inches across, this diorama would easily fit on most displays and be a cornerstone for anyone who is a true mega-fan of the creatures in the film.

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