Brawlout - version 1.1.0 is now available, list of changes and fixes

Version 1.1.0 for Brawlout is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Below is the list of new features and changes...

New features

Brawlout TV
Watch live and recent matches from players worldwide!
Check out your own online match history and watch replays of your previous online battles.

Smarter AI
AI opponents are now able to use DI (Directional Influence), both to escape combos and to dampen the impact of otherwise fatal blows. In general they should be a little harder to combo and KO.
In Practice Mode, players can now set the training dummy to DI in a specific or random direction, DI to escape combos, or to DI for survival.

New Achievements
Tons of new achievements, which give players extra rewards to help speed up the process of acquiring pinatas.

Mastery Skins
We’ve added two special cosmetics for each character that will unlock when players reach Mastery Levels 10 and 15 with them.

Exclusive character gear items
Special cosmetics have been added that are obtainable by redeeming codes given out during special events.

New Taunt Emotes!
Special credit to Hellphy and Nova for providing some of the first community-created emotes!


Heavy optimizations to get rid of the ‘frame stutters’ reported by players.

Online matchmaking improvements, for smoother online 1v1 matches

Added region locks, so players from different continents won’t join the same session.
Added initial tests for ping between players on the “accept match” prompt, with a connection quality indicator to show players what kind of connection they can expect before accepting a match.
Short hop improvements

It’ll be easier to perform short hops, as the input window has been extended to 4 frames for the entire cast.
Currency reward tweaks

Tweaked how rewards are given out for local matches and in online matches with friends.
Fixed character select and stage select navigation when surrounding characters/stages are locked.

Fixed certain inputs not mapping properly to specific buttons (such as mapping jump to a trigger button)

Fixed daily login bonuses not progressing as intended.

Fixed players losing access unlocked stages in certain situations.

Character balancing

Reduced the range on her sprint attack by 20%
Reduced the damage and knockback of back air after the first couple of frames
Up tilt -> Up tilt part 2 is no longer spammable, as the second part now has a 15 frame landing lag

Olaf Tyson
Removed the last hitbox on his jab special.

Forward air has sourspots, which deal less damage/knockback and send the opponent upward and out, instead of slamming them down
Forward tilt has less knockback growth, and slightly tweaked hitboxes (so it doesn’t hit opponents on platforms above him, or under him)
Less knockback on the second part of the up tilt when at the ledge, so it wouldn’t kill at very low percents

Chief Feathers
Less hitstun/knockback growth on up special (firebird).
Small reduction in dash attack damage.

The Drifter
His Side Charge attack only does one sword swing and deals less damage/knockback, when only charged half-way. When charged more than 0.5 sec, it deals the same damage/knockback as before.
His Up Special Part 2 (Downward Slash) does AoE damage when hitting the ground, even if he doesn’t grab anyone on the way down.

Increased Stormcall’s damage to 7%
Added another hitbox and an extra frame to the air forward attack
Increased knockback growth on up tilt

Extended up tilt’s hitbox to reach lower down, so it wouldn’t miss shorter opponents like Paco.
Extended the size of Rooster Uppercut’s hitbox to cover into Juan’s lower body
Increased the damage on Forward throw (Das Boot) to 7%
Increased the damage on Back throw to 5%
Increased the damage on Up throw to 4%

Reduced the damage and knockback of back air after the first couple of frames
Up tilt -> Up tilt part 2 is no longer spammable, as the second part now has a 15 frame landing lag

Reduced the range on her sprint attack by 20%
Reduced the damage and knockback of back air after the first couple of frames
Up tilt -> Up tilt part 2 is no longer spammable, as the second part now has a 15 frame landing lag

Senator Feathers
Less hitstun/knockback growth on up special (firebird).
Sprint attack now has endlag.

Condor X
Less hitstun/knockback growth on up special (firebird).

Increased Stormcall’s damage to 7%
Up tilt makes him jump higher and does more knockback

Reduced the knockback on aerial side special to be more in line with the grounded version of the attack.

from GoNintendo


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