Miitomo - content update for Dec. 31st, 2017

New items have been added to the Shop!

- celestial rings
- checkered kimono
- striped kimono

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Fire Emblem Heroes - Happy New Year! New Paralogue Map footage

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Poizonous Logik – Busted Barricades [Audio]

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Spend New Year’s Eve with Lex The Hex Master & Faygoluvers on the Faygoluvers Podcast

It’s New Year’s Eve and here I am chillin’ in my underground Faygoluvers headquarters recording The Faygoluvers Podcast. That’s alright though because I have a couple homies to keep me company. This is episode #30 and the last episode we’ll be dropping in 2017 (obviously)! We had to make this one special so we have our homie Lex The Hex Master joining us! Lex and I got over his latest album dropped on Majik Ninja Entertainment, Beyond Redemption, the recording process, working with other unknown artists, Las Roaches Suite, The Dojo, the hoodie, the messages in his music and a whole lot more! Tune in for that.

Also on this episode we have the ninja that now hold the record for most appearances on the podcast, Faygoluvers very own Scottie D. Scottie and I go over the 2017 Faygoluvers Music Awards, the new site design coming very soon to Faygoluvers.net, some 2018 resolutions, and thoughts on Lex The Hex Master.

In the news we have some Esham, some Razakel, some ICP, some Lil’ Rydas and more.

If you can’t tune in tonight cause you’re partyin’ ‘n’ shit, I understand. It is New Years after all. But at least check it out when you have that chance, ninja.

You can check out the episode by CLICKING HERE or check out the player below:

Host: Rosco
Guest: Lex The Hex Master
Segment Guest: Scottie D
Written by: Rosco, Scottie D, Punk Rock Juggalo & Rachel Paul
Edited by: Rosco
Original Music by: King Lucem Ferre
Intro Performed by: Sketchez

You can check out The Faygoluvers Podcast on iTunesStitcher RadioSpreakerTunein & YouTube.

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News Segment – Insane Clown Posse & Juggalos Lose Appeals Court Fight

News Segment – Dates Announced for Path of Destruction Tour with Lex The Hex Master, AMB, SCUM

News Segment – The New York Times’ Music Critics Includes ICP’s “Great Milenko: 20th Anniversary Edition” in their “The Year in Boxed Sets” Article

News Segment – Esham Speaks on Hallowicked, Murder Dog Magazine, Chance the Rapper and More on the Murder Master Music Show

News Segment – Details Announced for the 2018 DCG Con in DENVER, CO!

News Segment – Possible “Lil Rydas” Album from Ouija and Lyte?

News Segment – The Underground’s 8th Annual “Album of the Year” Voting is Officially Open!

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Download the 2018 Sexy Juggalettes Calendar for FREE [brought to by Faygoluvers & Get Hashly Photography]

Watch “Grindin” by Axe Murder Boyz

Watch Hopsin- Simon Says (freestyle)

Watch Mars “Creatures Of The Night” feat Tech N9ne & Twiztid Commercial

Watch D-Loc – Sorry for the absence. New music 2018! KmK4Life

Watch “Beyond Redemption” by Lex The Hex Master

Check out LexTheHexMaster.com

Check out A New Year’s Eve Message from Psychopathic Records

Watch “Broken” by Lex The Hex Master


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Favorites, Disappointments and Surprises of Gaming in 2017

2017 saw many great games along with lots of controversy surrounding microtransactions. The Nintendo Switch has become a big hit with exclusive titles that you can take with you anywhere on the go, and EA has been under fire with its Star Wars Battlefront II microtransactions.

2018 is coming, and that means it’s time to look back at our favorite games of 2017. There have been many great games released, including ones that have surprised us. Of course, there are games that have disappointed us, and those will be included as well. In short, a few of us have come together to share our favorite, most disappointing, and surprising games of the year.

Jada Griffin

Favorite – Nier: Automata

In a year where we got both a Legend of Zelda and a Super Mario game, I would never have thought that my Game of the Year choice would have been anything other than one of those two. While Breath of the Wild and Odyssey were easily two of the best Nintendo games that I have ever played, my Game of the Year would have to to go to Nier: Automata.

Nier: Automata features multiple campaigns, each somehow more interesting and overall satisfying than the previous. The combat is intuitive, fast, fluid and is a perfect mixture of challenging and rewarding. It has probably my favorite soundtrack of the entire year with hypnotic lows mixed with upbeat battle sequences that consistently had me humming and singing along. We are given three excellent protagonists, each with their own personality and skill-set that makes them feel completely unique. At the heart of Nier: Automata is a game about a few androids learning about what it’s like to be human, and Platinum Games has captured that essence perfectly.

Most Surprising – Echo

Every once in a while a game comes around that makes me question my decisions about how I play games. Echo, the third-person sci-fi adventure game, feels and plays unlike anything else recently. Echo is indie developer Ultra-Ultra’s first game, and its approach was to make the player ask questions they normally wouldn’t ask. To make things more interesting, the enemies echo your movements, so you’ll have to switch your style to get ahead.

Echo starts out intuitively, and for the most part, is easy to manipulate in the early stages of the game. Later segments though made me pause and take moments to plan out how I would get from point A to B in one piece. The game’s campaign is short, sweet and has a fitting narrative that becomes a tad predictable at times but still manages to make the payoff at the end worth it. The game suffered from a lack of variety but makes up for it with its use of puzzles and evolving difficulty. Echo isn’t a total revolution, but its ability to make me question my actions in the game was enough for it to stick out in 2017.

Most Disappointing – Okami HD

I never thought that one of the most beautiful games ever released would be on the bottom of my 2017 list, but here we are. I remember my first time with Okami during its initial release on the PS2 back in 2006. The colorful airbrushed world made me light up with excitement every time I powered it on. The style and use of calligraphy were unlike anything I had ever seen in a game.

11 years after Okami’s initial release, I came back to this game with the expectation of feeling what I felt all those years ago. And for the first five hours, I did. After that, I slowly began to lose interest in the story of the god Amaterasu and her legend of defeating the evil 8-headed Orochi. While I enjoyed the combat (and it is excellent), it began to feel repetitive. My biggest issue with Okami HD is the garbled sound effects they used for the dialogue and how much narrative that they tried to cram into the game at the end.

While Okami HD is by far not the worst game to release in 2017, its decade-old mechanics and decision choices are just something that I couldn’t get past. I found myself trying to force my self to enjoy it based on the past rather than organically developing any enjoyment.

John Nguyen

Favorite – Assassin’s Creed: Origins

The last time I truly had fun with an Assassin’s Creed game was Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Sure, it felt more like a pirate game, but it was different enough and I felt like a badass as I boarded ships and sailed the open seas. Ubisoft took a year off in 2016, and I think that helped with creating a very exciting experience with Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

I was very worried about the new combat system, but after diving deep into it after a few hours, I appreciated the tactical aspect. (I still miss the simple reversal moves since I felt a master warrior.) Egypt’s Ptolemaic era simply is the perfect setting for an Assassin’s Creed game. The big open world is filled with cities like Memphis and Alexandria, vast deserts, lively oasis, and more. Assassin’s Creed: Origins revitalizes the series with a lush open world filled with adventure. Plus, sliding down the Great Pyramid of Giza is the best thing ever.

Most Surprising – Nier: Automata

Platinum Games is known for making some intense hack-and-slash adventure games like Bayonetta, and with Nier: Automata, they expanded on that by setting the action in an open world filled with interesting characters and one of the best soundtracks ever courtesy of Keiichi Okabe and his studio band, Monaca. Jada has already praised the game for its intuitive combat, and I agree. The way 2B and the other heroes move is addicting and fast.

The story of how androids and machines have taken over the Earth is intriguing, and seeing the world filled with machines feels almost haunting. Nier: Automata is definitely one of Platinum Games best titles, and it’s not hard to see why after plunging yourself into the post-apocalyptic world.

Most Disappointing – Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor gave us a very fun and tight combat system made popular by the Assassin’s Creed and Batman: Arkham series. Watching orcs die by your blade felt very satisfying, and getting to visit the open world of Middle-earth is a dream come true for Lord of the Rings fans, even if it’s just a section of Mordor. Although Middle-earth: Shadow of War gave me that same awesome combat (if it ain’t broke, why fix it?), the story felt dull and the setting, for the most part, was more of the same.

The Nemesis system was a treat in the first game, and here it has been expanded. However, it can get tiring dealing with orc chiefs everytime you encounter one due to the dialogue that breaks the combat flow. And it gets more annoying when you have to deal with three at the same time, each with their own forced intro dialogue, as you’re in the middle of a battle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad game, but it can get repetitive very fast, especially during the fourth act with its grind.

Mark Pacis

Favorite – Horizon Zero Dawn

Creating a new IP in the video game industry is incredibly hard. It’s even harder for a developer to create an engaging and rich open world that players are eager to discover. Guerrilla Games did just that with Horizon Zero Dawn.

The graphics in this beautiful game is some of the best you’ll see on the PS4, especially when you’re playing in HDR 4K. It isn’t just the graphics, the game also has a compelling storyline and an enjoyable battle system. I’ve never played an open world game where battles never feel repetitive. It’s a perfect blend of everything you want in a video game.

Most Surprising – Xbox One X’s Price Tag

Although the last console generation was dominated by both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, this console generation is being dominated by the PlayStation 4. And it’s not even close. That’s why it’s surprising that the Xbox One X was listed at such a high price tag ($599).

If there’s anything that we learned from the last generation is that price matters. When the PlayStation 3 came out, it came out with a pricey $600 price tag. The much cheaper 360 went off to a blistering start and the PS3 barely recovered when it dropped its price tag. That’s why it’s a surprise when Microsoft announced its price tag. The specs may be better than the PS4 Pro but that’s about it. There are certain features like backward compatibility and UHD player that’s also found on the cheaper Xbox One S. At this point, the Xbox One may never recover.

Most Disappointing: Dead by Daylight

Yes, the game came out in 2016, but it has been getting lots of updates, and it was new to me this year. Dead By Daylight had the opportunity to be a great multiplayer game. It has a great concept where you’re in a horror scenario and you play as either the killer or as one of the survivors. What we got is a clunky and slow game that’s as idiotic as the victims in a slasher film.

The game goes at an incredibly slow pace and it’s by design. The game feels like it’s only half done. The controls are clunky and its responsiveness is slow too. This hot mess is as frustrating a game as you can imagine.

So what was your favorite game of 2017? Your biggest disappointment and most surprising? Comment below!

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Boundary Break - Good Golly!! Low Poly?!

In today's video we're taking a look at some intentionally low quality models and answering why developers need to do it!

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Medabots Classics - more footage

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Mighty Gunvolt Burst demo gives you a free DLC character

If you grab the Mighty Gunvolt Burst demo on either 3DS or Switch, you can also net yourself the Ekoro character DLC for free. All you need to do is transfer your save data from the demo to the full game. Details on how to do that are below.

Ensure that the retail version is updated to the most recent version of the game.
Start up the retail game, while there is save data for the demo version on the system.
Choose the “DATA TRANSFER” option from the Title Screen.
Follow the instructions on-screen to select the save data from the demo version, then copy it to the file slot of the retail version.
In order for the transfer to work, you need to download the latest version of the game: Ver. 1.3. This update adds several new DLC characters: Ray, Copen, and Kurona. It also fixes a couple of issues for the game: you can find more details about it on this page!

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Nintendo on maintaining Zelda: BotW's freedom for future Zelda titles, and the notorious Korok Seed reward

IGN continues to share snippets from their interview with Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma and game director Hidemaro Fujibayashi. You can see their answers to the latest questions below.

On shrine and other in-game shortcuts

HF: “That was definitely one of our goals. That's totally all according to plan. A big theme of this game was that there should be multiple answers, multiple methods, multiple ways of doing anything. All the dungeons, we wanted to make it so that the players would be able to solve problems in any way they wanted to without us even being able to know what they would do to solve it.

It had to be an environment where they could do things we couldn't predict if it would work. So we have a lot of fun watching the videos and seeing people do things that we didn't actually predict and things that are totally unique. So yeah, it worked out.”

On maintaining Breath of the Wild's freedom for future Zelda games

EA: “You know, I can't speak to what other people, other companies will do in their own games, but I think for me, especially just in terms of the Zelda series, the incredible freedom that this game offers you and how well that's been received…to me, it means that freedom, that level of freedom is something that needs to be maintained in Zelda games going forward. My eyes have been opened to how important that is. So one of the things that we definitely consider is that we always wanted to make sure the player could understand what their challenges or what their hurdle is. We always wanted to make sure the challenge could be challenged. So we always wanted to make a linear way of [overcoming] a hurdle."

"So for example, if there was like, ‘you can't do this because you don't have the right tools' or 'you don't meet the certain requirements,’ players are going to not want to do that anymore. So we wanted to very much incorporate that. Going forward, I think we would definitely consider that way of thinking when we create something in the future."

On the reward for collecting all 900 Korok Seeds

HF: "We just kind of thought it would be funny to make that a big joke. It's just the backstory, the kind of hidden kind of thing in the game the whole way is that the Korok seeds are actually Korok poop.”

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A Look Ahead: Star Trek in 2018

What’s on the way for Star Trek fans in 2018? StarTrek.com previews the events, anniversaries and more set to occur over the next 12 months. Check it out:

Discovery Returns

star trek discovery, captain lorca, jason isaacs

Chapter Two of Star Trek: Discovery’s first season will continue on January 7 with “Despite Yourself.” Trek alum Jonathan Frakes directed the episode, the show’s 10th hour. And here’s the official synopsis:

While in unfamiliar territory, the U.S.S. Discovery crew is forced to get creative in their next efforts to survive opposing and unprecedented forces and return home.

Keep any eye on StarTrek.com for an exclusive preview interview with Frakes.

Star Trek: The Cruise II

Star Trek: The Cruise

Thousands of fans will set sails on not one, but two Star Trek-themed cruises in 2018. Star Trek: The Cruise II will welcome fans aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Jade from January 5-11 and 11-17, 2018, and set sail from Miami to Roatan (Honduras), Harvest Caye (Belize) and Costa Maya (Mexico).

Star Trek: The Cruise, Robert Picardo and Jordan Bennett

Each six-day voyage will feature special Trek-themed shows, events, programs and even drinks, while celebrity guests will include Brent Spiner, Nana Visitor, Karl Urban, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden and many more. StarTrek.com will be aboard both treks and posting highlights each and every day.

A Troika of Cons

Fans around the world will be treated in 2018 to a trio of official Star Trek conventions, to be held in Dortmund (Germany), Birmingham (UK) and Las Vegas.

Destination Star Trek Germany, L'Rell, Lorca, Kirk, Dax

Destination Star Trek will return to Germany on April 27-29, 2018, at The Messe Westfallenhallen in Dortmund. William Shatner will headline the event and be joined by a 25th anniversary reunion of many of the main cast from Deep Space Nine, and other fan favorites, including Jason Isaacs, Kenneth Mitchell, Mary Chieffo, Robert Duncan McNeill and Walter Koenig. Along with autographs, photo ops and panels, fans will be able to see props and costumes in the Destination Star Trek Museum. Go to Destination Star Trek Germany for details and to purchase tickets.

Destination Star Trek Birmingham, Kol, Kirk, Riker

Destination Star Trek Birmingham will be held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, England, from October 19-21, 2018. Guest so far will include William Shatner, astronaut Fred Haise, Walter Koenig, Jonathan Frakes, Mary Chieffo, Kenneth Mitchell, Nana Visitor, Armin Shimerman, Marina Sirtis, Rene Auberjonois, Terry Farrell, Linda Park, Nicole de Boer, and more. Along with autographs, photo ops and panels, fans attending both events will be able to take command of the bridge on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 and NCC-1701-D, plus see props and costumes in the Destination Star Trek Museum. For additional details and to buy tickets, visit Destination Star Trek Birmingham.

star trek las vegas, sarek, kirk, seven of nine, data

Star Trek Las Vegas will take place from August 1-5, 2018 at the Rio Suites Hotel. Creation Entertainment has already locked in more than 50 guests spanning the entire franchise, including William Shatner, Jeri Ryan, Wilson Cruz, Mary Chieffo, James Frain, Kenneth Mitchell, Michael Dorn and Brent Spiner. Among the announced events so far, the Nevada Pops Orchestra will return to perform a Saturday night concert, while Gary Graham and his group, The Sons of Kirk, will once again serve as the house band. Keep an eye on StarTrek.com for news of additional guests and events, and go to Star Trek Las Vegas for more information and to purchase tickets.

Deep Space Nine Turns 25

star trek deep space nine 25th anniversary

Star Trek fans the world over will be spending much of 2018 celebrating the 25th anniversary of Deep Space Nine, which debuted on January 3, 1993. Look to StarTrek.com throughout the year as we interview the show’s makers and cast, looking back at specific episodes and building up to the release of the documentary, What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. According to the doc’s producers, What We Left Behind will take a detailed look at the historic series and consider the reasons DS9 went from a family outcast to Trek mainstay. The film will also contain a “what if” segment in which the original writers brainstorm a theoretical 8th season of the show.

Shatner Returns to the Set

star trek the original series, william shatner, set tour

It'll be "Captain on the bridge!" once again when William Shatner beams down to Ticonderoga, New York for a special appearance at the Star Trek: The Original Series Set Tour this spring. Shatner will be on hand on May 4th and 5th, and is set to sign autographs, pose for photo ops, and participate in a unique meet-and-greet event and a Q & A. Go to Star Trek Original Series Set Tour for details.

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Retro-Bit releasing R-Type Returns to SNES, Holy Diver to NES

R-Type Returns

- includes Super R-Type and R-Type III: The Third Lightning
- both games on one cart
- includes box, instruction manual, sticker, lithographs, a pin and a certificate of authenticity
- first run which is limited to one thousand units and you can choose the desired cartridge color

Holy Diver

Holy Diver

- includes box, instruction manual, sticker, lithographs, a pin and a certificate of authenticity
- first run which is limited to one thousand units and you can choose the desired cartridge color

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Happy New Year's messages from across the industry

It's that time of the year again, when game developers and publishers send out special messages for the New Year. You can check out some of the special art and comments from various game industry heads below!

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Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Dec. 31st, 2017

[Summoning Focus] The latest Summoning Focus is now available: “Happy New Year!”. It includes several New Year-themed Special Heroes: Azura, Takumi, and Camilla. Characters added to this page (available until January 31st).

[Maps] The latest Paralogue Story is now available: “Happy New Year!”. It includes the following maps: “New Year’s Greetings”, “Princesses at the Shrine”, and “Wishes for the New Year” (no end date)

[Quests] A new set of Special Quests is now available: “Happy New Year!”. It allows you to get bonus Orbs for clearing the new Paralogue Story maps on Lunatic (available until January 31st)

[Maps] The 8th Daily Special Map is now live: “Daily – Part 8”. You can clear it on Normal and Hard, and get 1 Orb for each difficulty level (only the first time) (available until January 7th)

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Japan - Four more Switch eShop games go on sale

The following games now have special sale prices on the Switch eShop in Japan.

- FIFA 18 reduced from ¥6,264 to ¥4,196
- Armed Blue Gunvolt Striker Pack reduced from ¥4,900 to ¥3,920
- Mighty Gunvolt Burst reduced from ¥980 to ¥680
- Blaster Master Zero reduced from ¥980 to ¥680

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Nintendo LINE account - update for Dec. 31st, 2017

- Kinopio-kun dressed as a dog (2018 is the year of the dog)
- new year hanafuda cards

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Mercenaries Saga Chronicles coming to Switch

All three games in the Mercenaries Saga franchise are coming to Switch in a single package. Circle has revealed Mercenaries Saga Chronicles as on the way, but we don't have any details on when it's launching. Circle says more info is coming soon, so we'll be sure to share the details with you.

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ARMS - New Year's artwork

The ARMS dev team shot out a tweet to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Helix takes the center stage in the special artwork that goes along with the message. Helix is the one character in ARMS that always confounds me. I can't even seem to follow him when a competitor is playing as him. I need to get back into ARMS and learn his moves!

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Grimm Gutter – Destroy, Rebuild (Audio)

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Karaoke Joysound - more Switch footage

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Fan-made Newer Super Mario Bros. DS now available

80 all-new levels, the return of some classic power-ups, new gameplay mechanics, and a lot more! Newer Super Mario Bros. DS is one heck of a fan-made revamp of New Super Mario Bros.. If you want to learn more about the game, check out this link.

Thanks to Geoshi for the heads up!

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Rain Games' cancelled World to the West 3DS port, and early Switch tests

The dev team behind World to the West took to Twitter to answer a few questions about their various projects, and an interesting tidbit came up about a scrapped 3DS port. At one point, the team was planning to bring World to the West to the 3DS. It ended up requiring a remake from the ground-up, and the dev team just didn't have the budget to make it happen, so the project was shelved.

The team then turned their sights to the Switch, which was another platform they wanted to bring the game to. Instead of diving right into World to the West on Switch, the devs decided to test the waters with Teslagrad. Bringing the first game to Switch was a way for the team to familiarize themselves with the Switch, just to see how difficult it would be to bring World to the West over. Thankfully, the hardware was more than capable of playing both games with ease.

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Amazon adds placeholders for 18 Switch games

Something is up over at Amazon. Today they've added 18 different placeholders for Switch games. The listings don't have any details about what the games are. Obviously, the listings have only added to the speculation about a Nintendo Direct in January. I guess we'll find out if that's true soon enough!

Thanks to ContraNetwork for the heads up!

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The Last Jedi Passes the $1 Billion Mark, Jumanji in a Close Second

The Last Jedi Passes the $1 Billion Mark, Jumanji in a Close Second

The Last Jedi passes the $1 billion mark, Jumanji in a close second

Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm‘s Star Wars: The Last Jedi has crossed the $1 billion mark after three weeks of release with $1.040 billion through December 31!  The film has passed Despicable Me 3 ($1.033 billion) to become the No. 3 global release of 2017 and is now the No. 24 global release of all time as it continues its worldwide run ahead of its debut in China on January 5th. Earning $52.4 million domestically from Friday to Sunday, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has passed Beauty and the Beast ($504 million) to become the No. 1 release of 2017 in North America with $517.1 million through Sunday. The film, which is at No. 8 on the all-time domestic list, is expected to pull in $65.6 million for the four-day weekend, including New Year’s Day.

Internationally, Star Wars: The Last Jedi grossed $68 million for the three days to push its overseas total to $523.3 million. The top international territories include: UK ($91.5M); Germany ($62.0M); France ($45.6M); Japan ($40.4M); Australia ($35.1M); Spain ($19.9M); Brazil ($15.9M); Italy ($15.8M); Russia ($13.4M); Sweden ($12.2M); Mexico ($12.1M); Poland ($10.7M); Denmark ($9.2M); and The Netherlands ($9.0M).

Star Wars: The Last Jedi was written and directed by Rian Johnson (BrickLooper) and continues the storylines introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, welcoming back cast members Mark Hamill, the late Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Lupita Nyong’o, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Gwendoline Christie, and Andy Serkis. New cast members include Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro, Academy Award nominee Laura Dern, and newcomer Kelly Marie Tran.

In a close second place domestically, Columbia Pictures‘ Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle earned $50.6 million from Friday to Sunday to take its two-week total to $169.8 million. For the four-day holiday weekend, Jumanji is projected to top Star Wars: The Last Jedi with $67 million. Directed by Jake Kasdan, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle stars Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas, and Bobby Cannavale. The film was made for about $90 million.

Remaining in third place was Universal Pictures‘ Pitch Perfect 3, which added $17.8 million this weekend (it’s expected to earn $22.7 million including New Year’s Day) and has a total of $69.2 million after two weeks. The film’s international total is up to $28.6 million, for a worldwide sum of $97.8 million. The sequel, made for $45 million, was directed by Trish Sie and stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, John Lithgow, DJ Khaled, Hana Mae Lee, Ruby Rose, Alexis Knapp, Chrissie Fit, Ester Dean, Shelley Regner, Kelley Jakle, with John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks.

Fourth place belonged to 20th Century Fox‘s The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, and Zendaya. The musical earned $15.3 million for the three-day weekend (it should make $20.3 million for the four days) and is now up to $48.8 million after two weeks. The Greatest Showman collected $28.5 million from 58 international markets, bringing the overseas total to $35.2 million and global sum to $84 million. Next week, the film opens in 16 more markets. The Greatest Showman, directed by Michael Gracey, was made for $84 million.

20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios’ Ferdinand, based on the book by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson, rounded out the top five its third weekend with $11.7 million ($15.2 million for the four days) and the animated film has grossed $53.8 million after three weeks. Overseas, Ferdinand brought in $23.1 million from 64 markets to take its international total to $71.9 million and worldwide total to $125.7 million, with 21 more markets to come in January. Directed by Carlos Saldanha, the $111 million-budgeted film features the voices of John Cena, Kate McKinnon, Anthony Anderson, Bobby Cannavale, Peyton Manning, Gina Rodriguez, Miguel Angel Silvestre, David Tennant, Flula Borg, Jerrod Carmichael, Daveed Diggs, Gabriel Iglesias, Juanes, Boris Kodjoe, Karla Martínez, and more.

Disney•Pixar’s Coco added $6.6 million in its sixth weekend in sixth place and has now earned $178.9 million domestically. Internationally, Coco brought in $21.4 million and has grossed $359 million, for a worldwide total of $537.9 million, with $173.3 million coming from China and $57.7 million from Mexico. Directed by Lee Unkrich and co-directed by Adrian Molina, Coco features the voices of Anthony Gonzalez, Benjamin Bratt, Gael Garcia Bernal, Edward James Olmos, Alanna Ubach, and more.

Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World (TriStar Pictures) debuted in seventh place with $5.5 million from 2,074 theaters, an average of $2,628 per location. Starring Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer, and Mark Wahlberg, the movie started playing in theaters on Christmas Day and has grossed $12.6 million. STXinternational released the film overseas, where All the Money in the World earned $1.4 million from six territories this weekend.

In the last three spots of the Top 10, Focus Features’ Darkest Hour took eighth place with $5.3 million for a total of $17.9 million, Paramount’s Downsizing was ninth with $4.6 million and a total of $17 million, and Warner Bros.’ Father Figures got tenth with $3.7 million and a total of $12.7 million.

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