Outsiders 2×02 ‘Shadowside’ review

Outsiders’ second episode is already giving us some good drama that is about to unfold – Big is alive, the Farrell clan has newcomers that we don’t know if they could be trusted, the fate of Asa is revealed, and what’s happening to Lil Foster in the system.

Let’s recap:

During an Emergency meeting for the town, Matt Meyers recommends to everyone that they block access from the mountain to prevent the Farrells from coming down. They will add extra protection to the town. Wade is angry about the funds in the town being used to build a fence around the mountain rather than the health clinic, which does sound quite familiar to real life if you think about it. Haylie does a bit of PR for the town praising Meyers for his job and comments on Lil Foster being locked up.

There are officers trying to get Lil Foster to admit for the death of Breece. Lil Foster denies it every time. Wade tells the detectives he’ll take it from here only to be rejected by Meyers. Meyers tells Wade that the state police will handle it and have enough evidence against him for arraignment. Meyers thanks Wade for his cooperation.

Lil Foster is taken to the courthouse for his hearing. Lil Foster is given an inept defense lawyer and pleads ‘not guilty’. Bail is denied and Lil is stuck in jail. Wade looks defeated. It is obvious that the town rigged it for Lil Foster to go to jail, which happens quite often for people who don’t have the means to defend themselves.

Wade returns home with Ledda asking him about the Farrell that was caught. Wade tells her that he doesn’t think Lil Foster did it. Ledda begins to berate him about his comment. She tells him she’s done defending him and leaves.

Wade goes to the courthouse and talks to defense attorney Gardner about fair representation for Lil Foster. Gardner says to let the system take care of it. Wade asks him to help, but Gardner tells him to avoid this case as much as possible. Wade takes Lil Foster to the country jail and tells him he’ll do whatever he can to help Lil. Lil is placed into a jail cell.

Wade returns home and finds out Ledda has cancer. He is in shock.

Meanwhile, Big Foster wakes up to find himself being tied up by a family of four.The woman of the home, Corine, tends to Big Foster’s wounds and feeds him. She is shown to be abusive towards her youngest son. Big Foster wants to go to his home but is trapped.

Big Foster sees the young son being abused and tells Corine to let him be. She begins to tend to Big Foster and touches him inappropriately. She tries to seduce him, but he isn’t interested. Her husband comes down and doesn’t care that she’s on top of Big Foster. Corine tries to get with him, but Big can’t get it up.

The next day, Big hears Corine and her husband arguing and he is able to untie himself. The little boy watches him. Big offers the boy some crackers. He goes back to the corner and keeps quiet. Big finds a gun and sneaks up from the basement and attempts to leave. The husband sees him and yells for him. Big walks out and is knocked out by Corine’s oldest son.

He is now in chains and Corine says she’s going to teach him a lesson. She has her oldest son stitch him up without any painkillers. Later on, the youngest son unchains Big Foster. Big tells the little boy to go outside and run as far as he can and never come back. Big grabs a knife and kills the three family members and heads back to the mountain.

Back on the mountain, we see a group of women making the trek through the mountains. Led by Moregon, the group are the Kinnah tribe, another mountain clan consisting of only women. They gather in the Farrells town hall where Moregon asks for asylum from G’win due to the water being drained from their side of the mountain due to the Outsiders. G’win provides them water and talks to her elders about what to do with them. Many of them want to  turn them away except G’win.

G’win calls on Hasil to set up a patrol around the mountain and requests for Lil Foster. He tells G’win he doesn’t seem to trust the Kinnah tribe. G’win trusts them too easily because they speak the same language and are family. Hasil gets his cousins to monitor the mountain without using the ATVs. His cousins don’t listen and one end up losing the ATV over the newly built fence placed by the town. His cousin tells Hasil he lost the ATV. Pissed off, Hasil goes to get the ATV back, but finds Asa’s severed arm. He takes it to G’win who tells him to bury it in between the mountain and the town.

G’win brings food for the Kinnah as they begin settling into the community. Moregon and G’win converse about her leadership and Moregon begins to talk about the Kinnah family history. G’win asked about the men. Moregon says men bring pain and only use them to build their numbers.

Later on, Emely reports to G’win that there is a situation. Moregon and the Kinnah are emptying out Big Foster’s home. Moregon said some time has passed and they would be allowed to claim it. She then comments that G’win has not finished grieving and will find someplace else. G’win pauses and says it is fine for them to use it.

Krake talks to G’win about the winter surplus. He’s not sure if they could feed everyone, including the Kinnah. G’win gets upset that Krake is questioning her decision. Krake tells her he’s heard stories about them being thieves. G’win tells him they are family. A party is thrown for the Kinnah where everyone is dancing and having a good time – except the Kinnah. They are just sitting around being quiet. Moregon thanks her for her kindness and kisses her cheek, sensually.

Just then, Big Foster interrupts the celebration and calls for a circle before collapsing on the ground.

Final Thoughts

I understand the show tries to move away from anything political. The creators have even said they don’t mean to be political when it comes to their show. Life just reflects the show and not the other way around. But, after reviewing the series and the themes around the show, you could see some parallels – intentional or not.

There is a new emergency manager in town and he wants to cut off the people of the mountain by building a fence around the mountain and hiring more patrol – even if it’s cutting funds for the town’s most needed resources. Wade must listen to this new manager or face the scrutiny of losing his job and his face, even if he knows it’s not right. With Lil Foster being wrongfully imprisoned, which breaks so many laws, and given a poor defense, Lil Foster is automatically given a ‘guilty’ verdict. Because of who he is associated with, he is automatically not given a chance to explain himself.

With Lil Foster being wrongfully imprisoned, which breaks so many laws, and given a poor defense, Lil Foster is automatically given a ‘guilty’ verdict. Because of who he is associated with, he is automatically not given a chance to explain himself. This scene is often played out in our society regarding people of color and the poor who cannot afford an attorney. Even their public defenders are overworked and given little notice about these cases. The injustices of the court system are biased against certain groups of people and Outsiders presented that very well.

I’m not sure what to make of the Kinnah folk. They do seem to have something up their sleeve for being so quiet and distant. It looks like Moregon has taken an interest in our bren’in and may be a bad influence on her. Although I am all for women leadership, I can’t help but think this is going to lead to something horrible for the Farrells. But, if Krake and Shurn doesn’t trust them, then I don’t trust them.


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Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell wouldn’t mind playing the Doctor

With the announcement of Peter Capaldi sadly leaving the TARDIS at the end of 2017, many people have begun speculating who the next Doctor should be. Fans brought up a POC Doctor and/or a female Doctor, but this time, fans resurfaced a now-deleted-tweet from Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell, who was asked if she’d ever want to be on Doctor Who. Her response: “I’d like to BE Doctor Who.”

Of course, the tweet is from 2015 after Peter Capaldi debuted as the 12th Doctor. But that has not stopped fans from imagining the British actress as the 13th Doctor.

There has been no word from BBC regarding Doctor casting. Plus, it has been just a day. Capaldi announced yesterday he would step down as Doctor after this year’s Christmas Special, leaving an empty spot for new showrunner Chris Chibnall a new Doctor to play with.

Doctor Who returns April 15th on BBC America/BBC One.

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A divided war for Nassau begins – Black Sails XXIX Review

The final season of Black Sails is finally here, and it starts off with a bang! Since the last we saw the pirates, Long John Silver was revealed to Nassau as the true threat, due to Billy’s plans. The Spanish gold had been buried with only a handful of people knowing it’s whereabouts, and the battle that pushed the pirates closer to Nassau was won. Woodes Rogers has been desperate for the gold ever since knowing that Spanish spies are aware of it and want it back, with him being held responsible. And with the black flag being raised, one last time, we finally get to see the conclusion that has been building up ever since the start of Season 3.

Everything that Flint has been fighting for is now within his grasp. Once he has Nassau under their control, they’d control the Caribbean and English trade to the Western Colonies. All that stands in his way now is Woodes Rogers, who was dealt a heavy blow thanks to Eleanor Guthrie, who is now his wife, with the execution of Charles Vain. Now, the most feared pirates are down to two, with Flint and Edward “Blackbeard” Teach accompanied by Long John Silver, and Madi the Island Queen and her freed slaves. Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny sail with Teach in hopes for revenge of Vain’s execution. And the beginning of the Battle of Nassau begins in the harbor, as the pirates sail to attack, Flint notices Woodes ships are empty, and none of the guns are out in the fort. With one of the ships turning sharply, they discover a trap just as their ship hits a downed ship, and beings to capsize. As the ship tilts toward the water, Rogers begins to shoot at the ships as he signals his sloops to engage. With a last ditch effort to steady the ship, Flint fires at the fort directly, with enough hits to begin to abandon their ship.

Rackham witnessing the carnage sees as an opportunity to flee with their best ship, the Spanish Man o’ War, but not as a means to escape, but to draw Rogers’ ships away from Flint’s to allow them to escape. Before they can, Rogers’ sloops enter near Flint’s damaged ship, and fire directly at the pirates, while being hit from cannon fire. Flint and Madi manage to reach a row boat, but as Silver attempts to escape, his fake leg is caught in the rope ladder. Suddenly, as a cannon ball launches, the cannon falls in to the water, pulling the rope ladder down. Under heavy fire, Flint and Madi can only watch as Silver is dragged underwater, as their ship sinks. Captain Barringer, a new adversary, requests permission from Rogers to pursue the Spanish Man o’ War, to which Rogers agrees. With the remaining pirates on land and gathering whatever resources they have, Flint and Madi begin to cope with their loss. Billy arrives with his men and is confronted by Flint, since they weren’t warned about ambush, but he claims his messenger, Mr. Featherstone, never delivered the message. Although defeated, the remaining pirates leave with Billy to his camp, Billy explaining some recent events since the Battle at the Maroon Island, the arrival of Captain Barringer, and the threat he poses.

With a new victory under his belt, Rogers attempts to gain information from the prisoners to where Flint would have fled, including the Shipmaster, De Groot. Despite being offered leniency, De Groot refuses, and Barringer steps in. He reveals that he was at the Battle on the Maroon Island and saw his men get slaughtered, but that as soldiers of the King, he was instructed to return to England. He refused, mainly to get revenge from the battle. He proceeds to cut De Groot’s ear off after hearing that children of the island did the same to keep as trophies. At Billy’s hideout, they contemplate their next move, and disagree who will be leading the men since Silver is dead. Flint feels his worth threatened and tries to push his control over the pirates by withholding the location of the buried gold. Madi steps in, claiming she also knows the whereabouts of the gold and exclaims that there will be no “Pirate King” leading the men, implying her rule over them.

After a failed attack by Rogers’ ships in pursuit of Teach, Bonny reveals to Rackham that there are different motives brewing among the crew, and that Teach plans to send a message to Rogers with the prisoners they captured, by executing them on the deck. The message being that the war will end if he receives Eleanor Guthrie. As the night grows dark, Silver survives the battle and washes on shore. He sees an unknown man walking among the washed up men and killing those that are still alive. He attempts to crawl away but is spotted and attacked. The man recognizes his fake leg and proclaims to Silver, “Welcome home.”

And from here we are left to wonder what is in store for Flint and his crew. Rogers has dealt a heavy blow to the pirates, one that may have divided them all. Billy and Flint are nearly at each others throats, seeing as Billy has amassed his own crew who was meant to follow Silver. Not knowing that he is alive, a struggle to maintain the crew is brewing, and Madi seems to be the only one who can keep them in check. Rogers appears to have it easy, so far, but the pressure is mounting on the island to fully restore order. The pirates he has captured will be tried, which pushes Max into wondering about her dues for the services she is providing to Rogers’ men. Loyalties are being tested on both sides as the goal is shifting. Flint and Billy want Nassau, and Teach has shown he only wants Eleanor. Who has captured Silver and what plans does he have for him? We’re off to a great start, and it’s looking bad for the pirates. Can Flint keep the crew together long enough to rejoin Silver and reclaim the island? With Captain Barringer on Rogers side, it doesn’t look good for them.

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Star Trek Discovery is in production

Production for the long-awaited new series Star Trek Discovery has begun.

Netflix has posted a sneak preview trailer for the new series which includes clips of creator Gene Roddenberry’s legacy from the previous Star Trek series. It then showcased the latest ship concept art, the set, the uniforms, alien armor, and the new Captain’s chair.

Produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Alex Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout, Bryan Fuller’s Living Dead Guy Productions and Roddenberry Entertainment, the cast consists of Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Michelle Yeoh, Chris Obi, Shazad Latif, James Frain, and Mary Chieffo. Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Fuller, Heather Kadin, Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harberts, Akiva Goldsman, Rod Roddenberry, and Trevor Roth serve as executive producers.

Star Trek Discovery will premiere later this year in the U.S. on CBS All Access and internationally on Netflix.

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Game & Talk Ep. 31: Enter the Survival Horror

Last week, Capcom came out with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and it was a glorious return to form for the franchise. You can check out our review of it here. When you’re done with that, come back and listen to Episode 31 of our Game & Talk podcast where Alan Plummer, Chris Del Castillo and I go over what we liked, what we didn’t like, and so on.

At the beginning we talk a little bit about our excitement for the Square Enix Avengers game and the unfortunate passing of Masaya Nakamura.

We dive briefly into spoilers at 38:18 and at 55:28, Alan and Chris recap Royal Rumble 2017 for a good 30 minutes just to spite me. Then Alan’s mic cuts off at the very end because karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?!

Also find us on iTunes and Google Play! Leave us a review as well to tell us what we could do better and what you’d like us to talk about.

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Conan Exiles allows you to change your character’s breast… or penis size (NSFW)

Warning, not safe for work.

There are many games that have allowed gamers to customize their characters, with a few even allowing them to change a female character’s breast size. (Saints Row for example.) Conan Exiles is now available in early access, and it allows you to change your female character’s breast size… or your male character’s penis size. The game also gives you the option of being clothed, half naked or fully naked. With the option of going fully naked, I’m pretty sure many are tempted to use that option.

Check out PCWorld’s Hayden Dingman playing around with his character’s penis size. Move the slider to the right to get a giant junk.

Here’s his naked character in action.

Then there’s PC Gamer’s Chris Livingston messing around with his naked character.

And doing squats…

Of course we can’t forget the ladies. Here’s the boob slider in action.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Via Destructoid

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Giveaway – Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Best Buy Steelbook prize package

Nerd Reactor has partnered up with Paramount to offer readers the chance to win a Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Best Buy Steelbook, Lee Child’s signed EVERYONE TALKS booklet and a bag. (Three lucky readers will be chosen.)

Synopsis: Tom Cruise returns as Jack Reacher in this sequel based on Lee Child’s best-selling 2013 novel, Never Go Back. This time around, Reacher works to exonerate Maj. Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders) after she is accused of treason, and his quest leads him to a conspiracy involving the murder of soldiers.

To enter, simply follow the directions below.

3 lucky winners will win a Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Best Buy Steelbooks, Lee Child's signed EVERYONE TALKS book… in Nerd Reactor's Contests on LockerDome

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The Get Down’s Yahya Abdul-Mateen II cast as Black Manta in ‘Aquaman’

It looks like Patrick Wilson has some help in beating the King of Atlantis. Despite the discouraging news about The Flash and The Batman recently, we finally have some good news coming out the DCEU. Variety is reporting that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Cadillac from Netflix’s “The Get Down”) has been cast as Black Manta in Aquaman. Abdul-Mateen II beat out a short list of actors that included Corey Hawkins (Fox’s “24: Legacy”) and Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight).

Interestingly enough, Abdul-Mateen II was also a finalist to play Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo spin-off film.

What do you think of the news? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Aquaman stars Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry/Aquaman), Amber Heard (Mera), Patrick Wilson (Ocean Master) and is directed by James Wan (The Conjuring 2).

Aquaman hits theaters on October 5, 2018.

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Official Starships Collection Shuttles Available Take Flight

The latest products from the Star Trek The Official Starships Collection are available now, and StarTrek.com is pleased to present a First Look. And it’s a very detailed look at that. The second set of highly detailed Star Trek shuttles in the collection brings fans the executive shuttles used to transfer personnel from Earth's surface. Included in the set are:

  • The Executive Shuttle from Earth Spacedock
  • The Type-7 shuttle from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D
  • The Type-15 shuttle from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D
  • NX Shuttle POD from the Enterprise NX-01.

These amazingly detailed Star Trek shuttles are finished in metallic resin and include display stands and specially commissioned Okudagram schematics, created by Mike Okuda, exactly as would have been used on the TV shows.

The latest Plaque 7 is the Enterprise NCC-1701-A Dedication Plaque, engraved with the Star Trek motto, "To boldly go where no man has gone before." Make your home, or office walls and doors pop with décor inspired by Star Trek.

The next special issue is an exclusive U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701 11-inch model. An oversized version of the iconic ship from The Original Series with the ship that started the whole ball rolling, this detailed and faithful replica has been sculptured, die-cast and painted using references from CBS Studios' own archives of designs, physical and CG models.

The Official Starships Collection is available online only. Each issue can be delivered directly to your door, enabling you to form a fleet of ships in the comfort of your home.

For information on the other ships in the collection, visit http://ift.tt/2jRFt1N. And keep an eye on www.startrek.com for more updates and imagery.

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Discovery Begins Production, New Logo Revealed

Production on Star Trek: Discovery officially began last week in Toronto, Canada, CBS Television Studios announced today in a press release. Discovery will be the sixth live-action Star Trek series and is the first to start rolling since Enterprise commenced production on May 14, 2001. 

The network also released a photograph of a camera slate/clapper board from one of the very first Discovery scenes to be filmed and unveiled an updated series logo featuring a new delta shield.

Star Trek Discovery Logo

Discovery will debut later this year and be available in countries around the world:

Star Trek Discovery CBS All Access


Star Trek Discovery Space Channel CraveTV


Star Trek Discovery Netflix 

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Namco founder Masaya Nakamura passes away at age 91

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that Masaya Nakamura, the man who founded Namco, passed away at the age 91. In 1955, Nakamura would create Nakamura Manufacturing, a company that made amusement rides for children in department stores. Years later, the name of the company would be changed to Nakamura Amusement Machine Manufacturing Company, and eventually changed simply to Namco. The company would add a focus in video game development with Nakamura seeing a rising interest in the entertainment medium.

The company would go on to release Gee Bee in 1978, its first internally designed arcade game designed by Toru Iwata, the man who is known as the father of Pac-Man. It was followed by a huge library of games that would go on to shape the video game industry as we know it. It’s also interesting to note that at one point in time, Namco owned a controlling interest in Atari back in 1985, which were one of the two companies responsible for distributing Namco’s titles in the West before selling off the shares after interest in operating an American subsidiary.

Nakamura would step down as the CEO of Namco in 2002 but would stay as a part of the company in a ceremonial role, even after the merger with Bandai in 2005. In 2007 Nakamura would be honored with the “Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette” for his contributions to the Japanese industry and in 2010, he was inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame.

Thank you for everything, Masaya Nakamura!

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Framerate slows down Mega Man Mobile (Android review)

By Reinier Macatangay

Earlier in January, Capcom kindly released the first six Mega Man games on smartphones. Critics balked at the initial announcement, as touchscreen controls can be tricky with platformers. Surprisingly though, the controls were not the main fault when reviewing Mega Man Mobile, the Android port of the 1987 original series entry.

First of all, this game was played using a Moto Z Play smartphone, which came out last summer. It is not the best phone in terms of specs, but it handles the Sonic the Hedgehog Android ports with no issues.

Therefore, it is a shock the same cannot be said of Mega Man Mobile on a Moto Z Play because of the shoddy framerate. Most platformers require smooth gameplay because they require precise timing. Mega Man Mobile, while still playable, does not feel as smooth as it could be. The average player will simply feel there is something not right when moving Mega Man across the screen, and it will inevitably cause frustrating moments.

One specific example comes in the Gutsman stage, where Mega Man must make carefully-timed jumps in order to get from one moving platform to the next. The platforms move fairly quickly, and there are three levels of them. There are traps on the rails too, so taking a long time to think about the jumps will not work.

The part is hard enough on the original NES, or any of the other Mega Man ports on various consoles, but with a virtual gamepad it is almost infuriating. On a positive note, the other stages were not as difficult.

Also, the position of the buttons can be changed in the menu, which somewhat helps the controls. The default position of the jump and fire buttons are diagonal from each other. It feels more natural with them horizontally right next to each other, like they were on the NES controller, but this preference is possibly different for each person.

Besides the jump and fire buttons, there is one button above to change Mega Man’s weapon, which makes it a lot more convenient than having to access the menu in order to shift powers in the original.

The auto mode is on by default, so gamers can hold down the fire button in order to shoot consecutively, as opposed to pressing the virtual button one by one. For those who miss the old style, auto mode can be turned off.

Indeed, some control changes do work in favor of the gameplay. The virtual directional pad is a bit slippery, and if given a choice, most would choose physical buttons. But, it is the tradeoff for the convenience of smartphones.

Stuck in a long line? Take out the smartphone and play a Mega Man stage. If players can handle the framerate, the length of most stages is not too long. To help, the game saves automatically after each one.

Furthermore, the sound is good. Mega Man 2 had the best tunes of any Mega Man game, so do not expect this entry to reach the standard. Still, Mega Man Mobile music fits the game, even if not as memorable as the sequel.

To put things in a larger perspective, the game is Mega Man, and an unsmooth, jerky Mega Man is more enjoyable than plenty of other games out there. The Yellow Devil Boss in the Dr. Wily stage remains next to impossible for the average gamer without help, but that is not the port’s fault. Mega Man is a hard game from another generation.

Hard does not equal unenjoyable. It is just a shame the framerate will give people second thoughts.

For $1.99 on the Google Play store, gamers can do worse. Give it a download and relive old memories.

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Mario Sports Superstars to break out of the gate this March

By Reinier Macatangay

Nintendo is known for releasing sports titles featuring Mario characters, but usually not as a compilation of different sports (unless Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games counts). Luckily on March 24th, 3DS gamers can get their hands on Mario Sports Superstars, which features soccer, tennis, golf, baseball and horse racing. Horse racing?

The official website gives a brief overview without offering much more details:

“Power up to stomp the competition with five full-on sports—Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, and Horse Racing—that bring the challenge and depth you demand to Nintendo 3DS systems. Plus, collect all of the cards in the Mario Sports Superstar amiibo™ card series to recruit powered-up versions of characters.”

Nintendo promises local and online multiplayer. Plus, the games are “full-featured” sports in case anyone wondered if these were watered-down versions.

Daniel New of Thumbsticks wrote, “Each game promises to be a full-fledged experience, with 11 a-side football matches, and the return of game mechanics previously used in Mario Golf: World Tour and Mario Tennis Open.”

Do not forget the horse racing.

“The most fascinating inclusion is Horse Racing, with its carrot collecting gameplay evoking, of all things, The Legend of Zelda. That particular sport also includes a Stable Mode that features petting, feeding and grooming.”

This is a dream come true for anyone who loves horses and Nintendo.

On a final note, Camelot is the developer for Mario Sports Superstars, so longtime Nintendo gamers should be familiar with their work. In addition to Mario Tennis and Mario Golf, the company also made well-known titles such as the Shining Force series, Hot Shots Golf, and the excellent RPG Golden Sun and its sequel.

Giddy up this March on the 3DS.

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Markiplier raises $128,000 in 20 hours for LGBTQ+ rights

As we progress into 2017, a lot of hope for a majority of people has slowly degraded. It’s a hard time for many, but it’s the people we love and the people we look up to that are pushing us through. One of those people for a great deal of the general public is a YouTuber called Markiplier.

If you haven’t heard of the YouTube sensation, Mark Edward Fischbach has slowly taken over the gaming network on the site. With about 16,300,000+ YT subscribers, he’s become one of the most popular YouTubers. And with that popularity, comes a lot of fans.

Recently, Fischbach reached out to his fanbase and called them to action. By setting up a GoFundMe account, Markiplier was on a mission to raise $100,000 to donate to the Human Rights Campaign, and support the LGBTQ+ community.

“Today we stand by our LGBTQ+ friends to ensure equality for EVERYONE! Please help us raise $100,000 for the Human Rights Campaign to ensure the future stays bright and open for all!” (From the GoFundMe page.)

In just a little under 24 hours, he did just that and raised about $128,000. Now, the campaign stands at $129,480 and was raised by 6,211 people in 8 days.

It’s not the first time Markiplier has done something like this, as he often donates and raises money for various charities – including the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance!

If you want to donate to the cause and show your support, you can do that here. And, a big thank you to Markiplier for showing his support, and to everyone who donated! We need more people like you.

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Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger finds its actors

Looks like Freeform and Marvel have finally come to a conclusion on who will be playing Cloak and Dagger.

If you are unaware of this superhero duo, Tyrone Johnson (Cloak) has the ability to access the darkness dimension and engulf people in it. He also has the ability to teleport to different locations utilizing that dimension. With his ability also comes a hunger. Tyrone feeds on light and anyone he traps in the darkness dimension, he feeds on their light.

Tandy Bowen (Dagger) has an opposite ability to be able to create daggers of psionic light. These daggers can drain her targets of their vitality if they’re struck by them. She also has the ability to cure addictions and can feed Cloak’s hunger for light. Both Oliva Holt and Aubrey Joseph will be playing both these respective characters in order to bring them to life.

This series has been in the planning phase for quite some time, and it’s great to finally hear something about this. Joe Pokaski, the executive producer, had some choice words about these Marvel characters and actors who are about to portray them.

“The characters of Tandy and Tyrone have always stood out to me ever since I first met them in the pages of Marvel comics when I was a boy. When Olivia and Aubrey read for the roles, these characters leaped off the page. We’re so excited to see what these talented young actors bring to the Marvel Universe.”

I’m going to go out and say this right now: an interracial couple has always been questioned in the past. In our current social climate, a show of this magnitude that displays this kind of a bond between two human beings is always going to be beautiful. I’m not exactly sure what Freeform and ABC have in mind for the series as sometimes the characters and powers can be adjusted, but let’s hope that they show the difficulties of what an interracial couple experience, along with the bigotry some superheroes encounter as well. In a way, it’s double jeopardy for this superpowered couple as they not only have to combat some of society’s judgments but also have to face scrutiny for being superpowered.

In addition, if Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger is in the same Marvel Cinematic Universe as the rest of the other characters, this could become an interesting roll call if these two are somehow introduced early in Avenger’s Infinity War. This is just a guess, though! I’m not saying they’ll show up in there, but they do already have a ton of the other heroes set to appear onscreen. Let’s just see what ABC and Marvel Entertainment decide to choose!

Source: Deadline

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Good Smile reveals the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link Nendroid

Good Smile has a new addition to the Nintendo Nendoroid line, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link. Originally announced during WonFest 2016 back in July, we finally get to see the figure in all of its cuteness and glory.

It was revealed that Link Nendoroid will be released in two different versions: a regular edition which will include a sword and shield, bow and arrows, quiver, and a Sheikah Slate, and a DX Edition which will include everything in the standard edition along with cloak and hood, axe, club, piece of meat and a horse. No release date was revealed, but pre-orders will be available starting tomorrow.

You can find more information about the BotW Link Nendoroid over at Kahotan’s English Blog. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be released on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii U systems on March 3, 2017.

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Superbeat: Xonic is heading to PS4 and Xbox One this April

Released in 2015 on the PlayStation Vita, rhythm game Superbeat: Xonic is heading to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one this April in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. Dubbed the ultimate edition, Xonic will include 65 songs, 10 being additional songs released as DLC for the Vita including songs from Arc System’s Guilty Gear Xrd and BlazBlue games. There will be more DLC songs added after the game’s release.

The news was revealed on the Superbeat: Xonic Official Facebook page, which revealed the game will be released on the Xbox One digitally with the PS4 version set to release digitally and physically.

The game is currently available to purchase on the PlayStation Vita. The Facebook page also reveals that there will be a special announcement coming for PlayStation Vita fans soon.

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Pokémon Sun & Moon set to add more Mega Stones via Pokémon Global Link events

Mega Evolutions, which were introduced in Pokémon X and Y, took a backseat with the addition of Z-Moves in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Being able to further evolve some of your favorite Pokémon was a nice addition to the game, adding an element of strategy and fun in battles. While Mega Stones do exist in Sun and Moon, you aren’t able to use them until the completion of the main game.

Starting in February, The Pokémon Company will be distributing new Mega stones as gifts for players who take part in online competitions via the Pokémon Global Link. The event will kick off in late February with Mega stones for both Mawile and Beedrill which will be obtainable, with more set to be released at later times.

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Hugh Jackman opens up about his early days playing Wolverine

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It’s hard to think of anyone other than Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine. After all, he’s been doing it, very well in fact, for almost two decades now and the actor and character have become synonymous with each other. As we prepare to see him in his final performance as the mutant with razor sharp claws and healing factor in the upcoming Logan, it’s easy to forget that he was virtually unknown when he stepped into the role and had very little experience.

E! News spoke to Jackman about the early days of Wolverine and the actor admitted getting into character wasn’t easy.

“I was kind of struggling, to be honest,” Jackman said. “It was the first movie I had ever done in America. I was pretty tight. I was nervous. I was average, to be honest, at best. No one was saying anything and I sort of thought I was getting away with it, but I wasn’t.”

It’s really shocking when you think about this considering how much he’s taken ownership of that character. Although Jackman stumbled, some blunt words from studio executive Tom Rothman helped get the actor back on track.

“He told me that he believed in me, that from the moment he’d seen my tape he had a gut feeling I was the guy, but watching my dailies was like watching someone put a lampshade over a light,” Jackman admitted.

And, as they say, the rest is history. I guess we have Tom Rothman to thank for encouraging one of the most iconic roles of our generation. It’ll be sad to see Jackman go, but I think most people would admit he did a hell of a job.

You can see his final portrayal of Wolverine, which should be significantly stronger than his first attempt, in Logan which hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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Final trailer for Beauty and the Beast looks absolutely stunning

Disney has released the final trailer for the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast live-action movie, and it looks simply amazing to say the least. Now the film is a re-telling of the animated classic, just with a major update to appeal to more contemporary audience. The trailer is jam-packed with so much to see, you’ll surely find yourself watching it multiple times.

In it, we get a much better glimpse at Emma Watson’s rendition of Belle. From what I can tell so far, she’s practically nailed it. Something else that was prominently showcased, was Dan Stevens’ portrayal as Beast, and it looks great. Others to note is seeing more of Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Kevin Kline as Belle’s father Maurice, Luke Evans as Gaston, and Josh Gad as Lefou.

Being a huge Disney fanatic, I can say that the film looks to do the original animation much justice. Everything feels like it literally was lifted off the pages of a book. I am greatly looking forward to being their guest watching this tale as old as time in the theaters.

Beauty and the Beast releases everywhere on March 17.

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Eidos Montreal puts Deus Ex on hiatus to develp Guardians of the Galaxy game

Recently, publisher Square Enix announced a new partnership with Marvel to bring forth a new series of Marvel-inspired games. What we knew at that time was that we’d be seeing an Avengers game coming sometime in the next few years. It seems that isn’t the only thing that Square Enix is bringing to the table. Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal, which is under Square Enix, has reportedly put the Deus Ex series on hiatus according to Eurogamer.

It doesn’t seem like that’s such a big deal, given that Mankind Divided launched to underwhelming sales in comparison to its predecessor Human Revolution. Granted, it did well in the UK, topping charts upon release, but it just wasn’t as strong elsewhere. The interesting part is that Eidos Montreal will now be working on a brand new Guardians of the Galaxy game.

Now I must say that as a big Deus Ex fan, it’s a little disheartening to know that we won’t see another game in the series for a while. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m not enthusiastic to see what Eidos will do with GotG. If you really think about it, the world of Deus Ex is very similar to many environmental themes we see in the Guardians universe. I really think that it was genius to have Eidos handling that particular franchise.

So far, there really isn’t any other information eluding to any particulars on the game nor anything else, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Are you excited to see a Guardians of the Galaxy game by Eidos Montreal? Let us know in the comments below.

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Here’s a close look at the new and improved Nvidia Shield

Meet the brand new Shield from Nvidia. When I say new, it’s actually a much welcome update to the original streaming device that functions as your all-in-one device for gaming and/or streaming movies.

At CES, we had a chance to see the new device in action. The device itself is 40% smaller than the original Shield, which was released in 2015, and runs on an Android 7.0 Nougat-based operating system, redesigned UI for content and has the ability to stream 4K HDR content. If that’s not enough to get you interested, Nvidia also announced that Google Assistant will be coming to the Shield a few months after launch.

It was impressive to see just how much has been improved in the system since its original release back in 2015. Much like the original, the system is powered by the Tegra X1 processor and offers amazing quality when it comes to gaming and video, which you can see in the video below. Nvidia announced it would be bringing more AAA titles to the system along with the Uplay library, making it the only console you’ll need for gaming and video streaming.

The Google Assistant Application was still in development, but we saw a bit of what it could do from controlling the lights in your room to finding a show to watch. The application will have many benefits for the smart home, but since it’s still some has some time to be completed since there were a few hiccups here and there.

The improved controller felt leagues better with its new design. Yes, it looks very similar to the Xbox One controller, but it will feature haptic feedback (something that was missing from the previous controller) and boasts 60 hours of gameplay on a single charge.

Overall, the improved Shield is something to look forward to that offers so much for an affordable price starting at $199.99. It’s cheaper than a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and offers quite a bit more content that makes it a better choice for an all-in-one system for their living room.

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Ben Affleck steps down as director of ‘The Batman’

The Batman is in need of a new director. Variety is reporting that Ben Affleck has stepped down as director of The Batman to focus primarily on the strenuous role of Batman.

Here’s what Affleck had to say:

“There are certain characters who hold a special place in the hearts of millions. Performing this role demands focus, passion and the very best performance I can give. It has become clear that I cannot do both jobs to the level they require. Together with the studio, I have decided to find a partner in a director who will collaborate with me on this massive film. I am still in this, and we are making it, but we are currently looking for a director. I remain extremely committed to this project, and look forward to bringing this to life for fans around the world.”

There were rumblings and rumors that Affleck wasn’t fully locked down to direct The Batman despite Warner Bros insisting that he was going to direct it. There isn’t word yet on whether the script for The Batman is completed yet either.

Ben Affleck recently finished work on Justice League and is preparing to go into prep for The Batman in the summer.

What do you think of the news? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

The Batman hits theaters sometime in 2018.

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Mario and Nintendo invade the Los Angeles Public Library

Everyone’s favorite Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom recently visited the Los Angeles Public Library recently not to read books but to let attendees kick back, relax and share functions of the recently released Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo 3DS.

The event held by Nintendo was a fun way to enjoy a few hours of gaming, as friends and family members played together until a special guest made his appearance for photo opportunities. Even I got in the mood after building a few levels and taking on the course challenges for the first time. It was definitely a fun few hours.

Everyone who attended had a chance to win some cool prizes including a Nintendo 3DS system, get some cool swag and even hang out with Mario. You can’t beat the smiles of kids hanging out with such an iconic character.

Even I had to get in on that with my trusted Luigi hat.

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